The Journal Of A Newcastle Gay Escort

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Getting Back To Normal

April 4th, 2021

It seems like it’s starting to return to normal now after the latest government lockdown. Guys are starting to make enquiries again and a lot of the adult population have been vaccinated, including me, having had my first jab in February.

Obviously I am trying to be super covid friendly. I have a number of top sheets for the client bedroom, it has solid wood flooring and top sheets and towels are washed on a 90 degree wash after every single client. I wash everything down afterwards with dettol spray and wash the floors with zoflora ( a floral version of dettol) which is as good today as it was 40 years ago. It is important that you feel comfortable if you come along to visit me post-lockdown and that I am doing as much as I can to make it as clean and sanitised as possible.

I am lucky, where I live, that my incall accommodation is separate to my main house and that I am able to keep a separate home life with my pets away from the visits from clients. I am not really overlooked as I live on a main road but if you feel conscious about parking then I have plenty of parking on my rear driveway which is private and not overlooked by another other property. I am also on an Arriva and Go North East bus routes. The Q3 Quaylink service passes by my door from the fashionable Quayside and the city centre every 20 minutes.

So now things are starting to get back to normal, it’s time you could also get back to normal and come along and visit one of the longest established gay male escorts in the United Kingdom, right here in leafy middle class Gosforth.

Super Horny Sex Chat

April 1st, 2021

Blimey he was horny. Bloke from Northern Ireland who seen that I did sex chat, so he toddled down to his local corner shop and bought a £10 voucher for 02 and I called him when he was sorted and we had a proper filthy chat.

He started off quite quiet but within a few minutes he was telling me how he wanted my hole wide open and after a couple of strokes of his hard cock, how he wanted it to stay open so he could get his tongue right up there. He insisted that he had to use a condom so at the end he could empty the load all over my face. That way he had the sensation of dumping the load deep up my arse and then getting the satisfaction afterwards that it was emptied all over my face and then I was made to clean him up afterwards. Living out his total top fantasy over the phone.

What a filthy man


PS, if you want to pay for a sex chat, I accept top up codes for 02 (£10 minimum) which I use to pay for my phone account online or a £3 minimum by bank transfer, amazon gift card or paypal.

Paying by 02 Top Up Code is totally anonymous, you just purchase the code at a payzone/paypoint and text it to me and I credit it to my 02 phone account online and then call you back

Hiya Darlin’

March 20th, 2021

Goodness me …… At 3.45pm this afternoon, my phone rang and it was a new number. I answered it and said my usual opening line of “Steve Speaking” and he said in a very camp voice “Hiya Darlin’, how’s it hanging”.

If your opening line is going to be taking the pee then the only hanging going on, will be me hanging up. I’ve stored his number as “TB Hiya Darlin March 2021” and blocked the number. I always add a label like TB (totally barred) because when I have upgraded my iPhone, because I use google address book it doesn’t always copy the blocked numbers successfully, so this is a back up plan incase that happens.

Callers who behave like this are never genuine clients and I am not here to amuse them during the Coronavirus Pandemic.


Do I Have To Pay

February 20th, 2021

I have an advert online, offering sex chat for £1 a minute. I have adverts targetted at major cities and areas, one being Portsmouth, another being Belfast

Last week a guy contacts me, asking me to visit his home in Antrim (yep Antrim) for a half hour for sex with no condom…………… the advert states that I am offering sex chat over the phone

Today, I get a text, asking if I am in Portsmouth and when I mentioned that this was for sex chat, he asked if he had to pay. Well of course you do, I don’t do sex chat for nothing. Goodness me. I know times are hard but I am not offering free wank chat to blokes.

Some people !

Bloody Withheld Numbers

February 13th, 2021

What is it with Witheld Numbers at the moment. At least 2-3 calls a day every day. I must remind you all that, I don’t answer any withheld calls under any circumstances. Withheld callers are not genuine.

I know that some of you are calling to make sex chat bookings, but why would you want to withhold your number when you are wanting me to call you back. Things are difficult enough during the pandemic without calling me on an anonymous number


Phone Chat

January 11th, 2021

I have simplified the phone chat to £1 per minute, it’s makes things much easier to understand

It’s now £1 per minute with a payment by Amazon Gift Card, 02 Top Up Voucher, PayPal or Bank Transfer

£10 minimum payment required if you use a phone top up voucher for all other payment methods you can pay for whatever you wish, so £3 if you want 3 minutes. If you spend £10 or over you can carry unused minutes over to another call

I also offer sex texts – 35 replies for £10. Text or Whatsapp can be used

Let me know if you wish to book one by texting me on 07854 146783

I am Back Today

January 4th, 2021

After another hospitalisation for 3 days, I am back and taken a good break over Christmas. Appointments available from 10am on Monday 4th Janaury 2021 for known clients ONLY

I am strict on the known clients bit, because we’re in Tier 4 and because I am offering bottom only appointments at the moment. I can top, but it’s not 100% guaranteed sorry that I can because of the medication I am on.

Hopefully that’s the end of hospitals for a long time as they’ve been able to regulate my medication properly

Please note that, due to my heart operation and ongoing treatments, I have lost my driving licence for 12 months so I won’t be able to collect you from the metro station or offer outcalls sorry. I am reliant on public transport myself now.

Hospital Again

December 17th, 2020

Goodness me, another day patient day in the RVI in Newcastle because of an irregular heart beat and extremely high blood pressure

I am back though and will be available from Saturday.  Just need a couple of days to pull myself around


Turned Someone Down

December 8th, 2020

I felt awful saying no, but at the moment, it’s better that I see guys I have seen before

It’s no disrespect to guys who would like to make an enquiry but it’s simply not worth it for me at all at the moment.  I can’t 100% perform and to many regulars, they are ok with that as they’ve been to see me before and have come along knowing that it might happen.  With new guys, there’s a level of expectation and I am not comfortable with that until the new year


Back In The Saddle

December 7th, 2020

Well, I am back in the saddle, bottom only of course as I can’t guarantee getting hard because of my medication

I put my adverts back on yesterday and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of clients that made enquiries.  All regulars, so that was a welcome start.  I’ve already had one regular in this morning who loves toys, so he’s sampled everything I have in the cupboard

I will be working all week  – To book please call  07854 146783


The Journal Of A Newcastle Gay Escort

Steve – 07854 146783