Caught Out With A Hoax Call

Yes, I got caught out.  I can usually suss out most people and the guy sounded ok on the phone.  There was nothing about the call to be suspicious about and the property was nearby in Annitsford, a few miles away from where I live, therefore I wouldn’t normally take a deposit.

I quickly jumped in the shower and phoned him as I was leaving home.  Sat Nav said I should be there within 10 minutes and I arrived within the agreed time.  As I approached the house, it was obvious that something was wrong.  It was a bungalow and all of the lights were off.  This seemed very suspicious but over the years I have had the odd guy who has booked who does have the lights off at the front of the house.  As it was 10pm I called him again to ask him to come to the door as I dislike knocking on private homes at this time of the night.

When I phoned, a woman answered and laughed very loudly down the phone at me.  Yes, it was a hoax call.  I was quite annoyed at this because not only had I been inconvenienced but whoever lived at the property, should they have come to the door, would have had the fright of their life and it would have unsettled them for the rest of the evening.  I never answer my own door unless I know someone is visiting or a friend is popping over.

As I drove away I received two calls from their number.  I ignored both calls and then came the abusive texts and threats to inform the police about me.  Inform the police about me, blimey that’s a good one.  The police are there to protect sex workers in this country not arrest them.

I have filed a report on Ugly Mugs, report 18222 which should appear quite soon.  I reported this, not only for the abusive texts but because I could have very easily frightened an elderly person who themselves may have called the police on me.


Formal Apology From A Hotel Group

Earlier this year, I was contacted by a national hotel chain but it was actually their branch manager who made the initial call.  She was quite uppity and very business like when she spoke to me.  She rang me to complain about a tweet I had made some 18 months earlier where I happened to mention a hotel group by it’s name.  The tweet was made in all innocence and I could understand their concern but she was downright nasty to me about it and spoke to me like I was a piece of sh*t on her shoe.  She had come across it when she took over the role and had been searching on twitter for any references to the hotel by its customers.

She informed me that

  • Escorts don’t frequent their hotel
  • I was not welcome to return to their hotel
  • They were considering legal action towards me by their solicitor
  • The tweet must be removed immediately

The tweet said “Fab appointment seeing a very horny hairy guy at the XXXX Hotel in Durham and nice drinks after

I was very annoyed at her attitude and general unpleasant tone.  I told her that there was absolutely no way that she could ban me from the hotel because she doesn’t know my full name, doesn’t know what I look like and has no idea who the client was or when the appointment took place.  I also informed her that I often change details to ensure that I do not identify anyone and although I understood her concerns about the tweet, she could quite simply have asked me to remove it instead of being a bitch about it, launching  accusations at me and threatening the use of legal action against me.  I agreed to remove the tweet, which I did so within a few hours after searching for it myself and trying to understand the issues around it.  After removing the tweet, I composed a strong email and made a formal complaint to their head office.

In my email I complained about the attitude of the manager, informed the company that had this been a tweet by any other member of the public then this phone call would never have happened.  If it had been an unpaid liaison between two men meeting on Grindr would there have been an intervention by the hotel manager in this manner.  The simple answer is no.  I also pointed the complaints department to the current law which surrounds this work and asked why the manager of this hotel ran the premises like a 1960’s boarding house in Blackpool.  Hotel guests can invite anyone they want to their hotel room, it’s not a crime.  I didn’t go to the hotel and try to solicit customers at the hotel bar, this was a guy who telephoned me and asked me to visit him at his hotel room.  As for escorts not frequenting the premises, even the complaints department agreed that their hotels are visited every night by escorts, pizza delivery men, family and friends, in fact almost anyone is welcome to visit the premises.

The thing that concerned me the most was the threat of banning me from a hotel and legal action.  I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t harm anyone and I left as quietly and discreetly as when I arrived.  I wasn’t even using the hotel room myself for an incall or advertising their venue for men to visit me.  I visited someone who was their paying guest.  We even had a glass of wine in the bar afterwards.

In all of the years I have done this work, I have never encountered any issues with hotel staff and even if some employees did guess why I was there, no one has ever stopped me from visiting a hotel room either.

Since this incident, I signed up to a twitter app which automatically deletes my tweets after one week.  This stops anything like this from haunting me in years to come, however no one should ever have to go through this again and certainly not in a country where sex work is legal.

The company formally apologised about the conduct of the hotel manager and they said that matters like this, do come up from time to time but they are not usually dealt with in this manner.  They thanked me for quickly removing the tweet and that basically should have been the end of the matter.  As the tweet was not defamatory in any way it would never have been subject to legal action and they admitted that I would be a difficult person to trace should I have refused to remove the tweet.  The whole matter was basically a cosmetic exercise by the hotel to disassociate themselves from an escort visiting their premises even though they can’t stop any escort from visiting any of their hotels.  I understand that perfectly, however I didn’t understand, nor appreciate the snotty attitude from the hotel manager from the moment that I picked up the call.

Lefties Boycotting A Gay Sauna ???

Oh, you all know how I hate the leftie, quinoa chomping loony lot.  I spend a lot of time challenging them over Brexit, but a few days ago, a different loony lot decided to troll me on twitter because I dared to disagree with them.  They’re such a kind hearted accepting lot.

The argument stemmed from a group of gender neutral twitter users trying to organise some sort of action or boycott against a Gay Sauna who asked a female to male transexual to leave their premises after their patrons complained to the management.  Although I am against any form of discrimination, the men frequenting gay saunas tend to be men looking for men or trans male to female (I know of some gay saunas who do a trans night) but this was a whole different ball game.

I tweeted them back and said “If a trans turned up for an appointment with me and didn’t have a penis I would ask them to leave too. To be fair I don’t do trans even if they had a penis anyway I hate this cis shit too. You don’t want labels but insist on applying them Lunatics the whole lot of you”

Now I stand by this statement because I reserve the right to refuse to see any existing client or potential new client for whatever reason I decide upon.  The response was as expected, I was prejudiced, I was anti-transexual and I was told that I “Shouldn’t turn away anyone because of their gender identity“.  Well for a start, I have never had sex with a woman and I have no intentions of having sex with a man who used to be a woman.  I do not see cross dressers or male to female transexuals so I am hardly being prejudiced.  I don’t see guys who like pup masks or leather men either.  Does this make me a person who actively discriminates against others ?

I admit, I don’t like being discriminated against but if I walk into Aldi, I don’t expect to be shunned because I am gay but I have been asked in another well known supermarket to move to a different till because the checkout assistant will not scan alcohol because of their religious beliefs.  I shun female to male transexuals because it’s not something I can participate in, the same as cross dressers and male to female transexuals, it does absolutely nothing for me and it’s a waste of your money and my time.  I have many friends who are trans, one in particular from the Wirral who is also a sex worker but she doesn’t think any less of me because I won’t see anyone who identifies with a different gender and I have never made fun of anyone like that.

I feel that the gay sauna was right in asking this person to leave, some transexuals are very convincing and it may not have been apparent when this person checked into the venue.  What is apparent is that the PC leftie brigade are triggered at things like this but it’s not them who have to deal with the situation.

I will admit, if I take an appointment from a brand new gentleman, he arrives, undresses and alights from my bathroom wearing a Vivienne Westwood basque and Chanel boots, I am unlikely to say anything and “get on with it”.  It’s an hour of my life and I can cope with it and I will not make it known that it’s not really great experience for me but instead I will smile, be nice and let the appointment go forth, but if they asked to book again, I would most likely make an excuse.  I can’t disappoint anyone when they are already here.

When you are dealing with sex, like I do as an escort, or a gay sauna does with it’s patrons, then you have to respect their wishes and what they feel is acceptable for them.  As I said, I do have problems with discrimination but when a female to male transexual enters what is a male/male environment where the other males are looking for sexual contact with other males then I feel that common sense should come into play.  Thirty years ago there were very few gay bars about and some pubs put on a gay night once a month, many saunas do this for trans patrons and even straight openminded party nights but if it’s a gay sauna, leave it to the gay men.

This might not be what you want to hear but when it involves a sexual encounter, you have to respect the wishes of the person providing the service, whether it is me or a gay sauna.

Heatwave Horny Men

It seems that the recent heatwave in England has made everyone even hotter and sweaty – which isn’t a bad thing.

The amount of sweaty sexy session has rocketed, some guys have even had to have a shower half way through but a session with Steve is a horny session indeed.


In With The Old – Out With The New

So, why did I do it

From yesterday I put a blanket ban on seeing new clients and many people are interested as to why I took that decision.  It’s simple, the timewasters won and I decided that after 17 years I would only see men I had seen before.

This industry has served me well, it’s afforded me luxuries, I have travelled all over the world to see guys, I have met everyone from a gentleman who saved £1 a week for two years (and paid me in pound coins) to multi millionaires and on the whole 95% of men are fine and dandy and always totally randy but with this business comes the twats and when they want to waste your time they do it spectacularly.

I still see my gentleman from Russia and late last year I told him that I was considering retiring but that I would only see men I had seen before, he welcomed this change.  Over the past six months I have told my regular guys that my adverts would start to disappear but that I would still be available and on the same number indefinitely.  This was a change that I had to make in order to move on with other aspects to my life.

Never say never and you never know, I might change my mind but for now I only see men I have seen before.  It’s where I want to be and therefore this is a positive change.

If you have seen me before, nothing will change.  If you want sex chat, nothing will change and for now, I will advertise as normal.

Please respect this decision.

Steve x

Dark Sexy Bearded

OMFG, I had the best client in yesterday.  New guy from Darlington.  He sounded nice on the phone but I couldn’t judge his age.

He arrived, he was super smartly dressed, sexy as fuck.  Bald…….short very dark beard, hairy chest and a very big cock and about 34 years old  Sadly he didn’t want to fuck, I really could have done with that giving me a good seeing to but he’s was loads of fun and he shot the biggest load I have seen in a while.  It actually hit the back wall !!!!!!

What a stud

Been Doing Sex Chat But It’s Getting Back To Normal

Rain is due tonight and hopefully that will shift the show and maybe some of my delicious men can come and visit.

It’s been a bit of a lonely week, sitting her on my tod with no cock.  I did get quite a bit of work done with my day job.  Been doing quite a bit of sex chat via Adultwork.  It ticks it along nicely and covers my phone number being displayed however I find some of the requests to be distasteful.  When I do my own private sex chat by credit or debit card I tend to get nice horny respectful guys who just want to get their rocks off and get those balls drained.  The adultwork ones often want rape chat (and much worse stuff) which I always decline.  They’ll usually ask you in advance by email, it’s rare they just ring wanting really heavy stuff.

I suppose it’s kept me ticking over in this bad weather.


No Men – Just Snowmen

My god, I could do with some cock ……….. come on boys, my arse has scabbed over.

A bit of snow and you all disappear.

Remember, I live on a main road, the snow plough goes past 3 times a day and it’s got buses too.

Don’t be afraid to visit


No, You Can’t Have Free Sex

Last week was one of those weeks. It started with a text from a regular with “I am desperate to suck your cock in the morning……… are you around”  Yes I was around but for an appointment.  Last I heard of that.  Last night, another text, this time from a different person.  I was wondering if you fancied some wine and some fun.  Yes if you are going to book.  His reply “I thought with it being Sunday you might be having a night off”.  Nope sex is never free at Stephen’s Pad.


When men get to know you and have been to see you on a number of occasions, they ask you personal questions about yourself.   I don’t mind answering them but they usually do this without offering any information about themselves.  Why should I reveal personal aspects of my life when I have never asked your name in the first place. I do not have a clue what the names of some men are and I seen one guy called Phil who used to be called Peter and  I could have seen them 20 times and never asked them any personal details, even a name because it’s not relevant to my life.  I am not hiring you for a service, the same as the shop assistant never asks your name in the store but you might ask theirs.  It’s the same principle.

Please remember, just because someone is familiar with you it does not mean you’re going to get something for free, so don’t ask because for a freebie because  then you won’t spoil the relationship and arrangement.  If you pop into your local Esso garage, do they let you fill up for free just because you use that forecourt regularly.  Nope and my tank doesn’t empty for free either.

Steve x

Another Old Regular

My lovely regular from Darlington visited last night and brought some wine it started off as a relaxing appointment.  I forget just how thick his cock is too.  It’s not big as in long, it’s probably average size but it’s twice the thickness of most men and the head is a normal size, it just gets bigger as you go down the shaft.  It’s nearly as thick as a wine bottle at the base.

Great time was had and he fucked me so hard I thought I had been catapulted into next week.

I am hoping for more big cock today


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