In With The Old – Out With The New

So, why did I do it

From yesterday I put a blanket ban on seeing new clients and many people are interested as to why I took that decision.  It’s simple, the timewasters won and I decided that after 17 years I would only see men I had seen before.

This industry has served me well, it’s afforded me luxuries, I have travelled all over the world to see guys, I have met everyone from a gentleman who saved £1 a week for two years (and paid me in pound coins) to multi millionaires and on the whole 95% of men are fine and dandy and always totally randy but with this business comes the twats and when they want to waste your time they do it spectacularly.

I still see my gentleman from Russia and late last year I told him that I was considering retiring but that I would only see men I had seen before, he welcomed this change.  Over the past six months I have told my regular guys that my adverts would start to disappear but that I would still be available and on the same number indefinitely.  This was a change that I had to make in order to move on with other aspects to my life.

Never say never and you never know, I might change my mind but for now I only see men I have seen before.  It’s where I want to be and therefore this is a positive change.

If you have seen me before, nothing will change.  If you want sex chat, nothing will change and for now, I will advertise as normal.

Please respect this decision.

Steve x

Dark Sexy Bearded

OMFG, I had the best client in yesterday.  New guy from Darlington.  He sounded nice on the phone but I couldn’t judge his age.

He arrived, he was super smartly dressed, sexy as fuck.  Bald…….short very dark beard, hairy chest and a very big cock and about 34 years old  Sadly he didn’t want to fuck, I really could have done with that giving me a good seeing to but he’s was loads of fun and he shot the biggest load I have seen in a while.  It actually hit the back wall !!!!!!

What a stud

Been Doing Sex Chat But It’s Getting Back To Normal

Rain is due tonight and hopefully that will shift the show and maybe some of my delicious men can come and visit.

It’s been a bit of a lonely week, sitting her on my tod with no cock.  I did get quite a bit of work done with my day job.  Been doing quite a bit of sex chat via Adultwork.  It ticks it along nicely and covers my phone number being displayed however I find some of the requests to be distasteful.  When I do my own private sex chat by credit or debit card I tend to get nice horny respectful guys who just want to get their rocks off and get those balls drained.  The adultwork ones often want rape chat (and much worse stuff) which I always decline.  They’ll usually ask you in advance by email, it’s rare they just ring wanting really heavy stuff.

I suppose it’s kept me ticking over in this bad weather.


No Men – Just Snowmen

My god, I could do with some cock ……….. come on boys, my arse has scabbed over.

A bit of snow and you all disappear.

Remember, I live on a main road, the snow plough goes past 3 times a day and it’s got buses too.

Don’t be afraid to visit


No, You Can’t Have Free Sex

Last week was one of those weeks. It started with a text from a regular with “I am desperate to suck your cock in the morning……… are you around”  Yes I was around but for an appointment.  Last I heard of that.  Last night, another text, this time from a different person.  I was wondering if you fancied some wine and some fun.  Yes if you are going to book.  His reply “I thought with it being Sunday you might be having a night off”.  Nope sex is never free at Stephen’s Pad.


When men get to know you and have been to see you on a number of occasions, they ask you personal questions about yourself.   I don’t mind answering them but they usually do this without offering any information about themselves.  Why should I reveal personal aspects of my life when I have never asked your name in the first place. I do not have a clue what the names of some men are and I seen one guy called Phil who used to be called Peter and  I could have seen them 20 times and never asked them any personal details, even a name because it’s not relevant to my life.  I am not hiring you for a service, the same as the shop assistant never asks your name in the store but you might ask theirs.  It’s the same principle.

Please remember, just because someone is familiar with you it does not mean you’re going to get something for free, so don’t ask because for a freebie because  then you won’t spoil the relationship and arrangement.  If you pop into your local Esso garage, do they let you fill up for free just because you use that forecourt regularly.  Nope and my tank doesn’t empty for free either.

Steve x

Another Old Regular

My lovely regular from Darlington visited last night and brought some wine it started off as a relaxing appointment.  I forget just how thick his cock is too.  It’s not big as in long, it’s probably average size but it’s twice the thickness of most men and the head is a normal size, it just gets bigger as you go down the shaft.  It’s nearly as thick as a wine bottle at the base.

Great time was had and he fucked me so hard I thought I had been catapulted into next week.

I am hoping for more big cock today


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Sexy Speedos

My army Major came to visit me on Wednesday and it’s two years since I have seen him so it was good to have him back.  He had lost my number and then did a search for me online.

He loves my black speedos and to get me in the shower with them on, where he fingers my arse and then deep rims my hole under the rain shower.  He’s such a dirty bastard.

It’s onto the bed where the rimming continues.  It’s then time to fuck him, so he gets into position and as I had not been top for a while I fucked him into next week.  Quick break and a chat, about the cost of squirty cream in Asda compared to Aldi and it was back for round two.  My god could he suck for England and he loves his nipples bitten.  He wouldn’t be sad if you bit them off.

He made me cum a second time and it wooshed out all over his face.  Another quick chat about holidays, a quick shower and a Marks and Spencers bag for his wet speedos.

Filthy Man

Thicker Beard – More Cum


I am back…………………………………………………

I am growing a thicker beard, a sort of nice hairy place for your to dump your cum.  Many men like to  cum over my arse crack and see it dribbling down my balls but I thought it would be nice to see it dribble down my thick beard and down my chin.

I was astonished to learn that semen is 1% sperm and 99% nutrients.  I must have had all sorts of exotic nutrients from all over the world then !!

If you’d like to make my beard all messy and sticky, you just need to give me a call on 07854 146783 or email

I am in Newcastle, near the Three Mile Inn

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Newcastle Gay Escort


If you have found me from a google listing then please visit my website at

I offer gay escorting appointments in Newcastle.  Give me a call to book on 07854 146783

I am around every day from 7am to Midnight and offer incalls in Gosforth.

Steve x

I Hate Texters

I really do, why can’t guys who text just send one or two texts, why does it have to be 22 messages.  Last night I was sat watching TV and a guy started texting asking for prices and details.  Almost every advert I have online has everything in the one place…… my details, location, prices, age, likes, services, yes it’s all there but they don’t seem to be able to read any of that.

The conversation went back and forth with him asking about services and then he started asking what a blow job would feel like…………….feel like ????  He was curious to know if it was different.  How would I know and then even more texts came.  The conversation ended with me asking him to go away, it was obvious that he was getting off on the texts and the he said “It says on the advert you’re 38 but can I ask if you live alone or not”.  That was enough, why did he have to ask all of those questions when the advert was right in front of him and what does my home life have to do with him and why did he want to know if I lived alone or not, it’s not exactly any of his business.  It’s certainly not the business of someone on the other end of a text message who I have never seen nor spoken to before.

Another recent example came on Sunday when I was asked what time I was clocking off because this texter “didn’t pay for it”, you can see my candid response below

Please tell me why men seem to think that a sex worker would be interested in recreational sex after they’ve probably already had sex a few times that day.  I prefer a hot bath, TV, a tub of pringles and a glass of chardonnay.  I don’t finish at night and then think it’s a great idea to go trolling online for even more cock.  No I want to relax with my doggie and cats, watch some tv and catch up with family and friends !!!

I think many men think that sex workers are just an easy lay and that we’ll succumb to their charms, but we hear this every day and we’re simply not impressed with a text message picture of your cock, we’re not interesting in hearing how “hot” you are and last week I didn’t wish to see a porn video that one guy sent me of him getting sucked off by an escort twink, yeah……. that’ll be me secretly filmed and banded about next week by you to other people without a care in the world, so no thanks, I will pass on that.

Another favourite text message is the request for a face picture.  Nope I ain’t marrying you !!!  This isn’t e-harmony, I choose to disclose what I want to disclose and it’s not up to you to expect it.  When you say no they’ll say “Well I sent you mine”………..yeah but I didn’t ask for it.

Texters don’t realise how annoying they are.  All they can see is their side of the interaction but after 7pm on an evening I can easily have four or five men texting me.  Most texters never amount to an appointment, yes some are enquiries but many are just wanting cheap amusement of some kind whilst getting off on the excitement of speaking one to one, by text, with a real sex worker.  They don’t realise that they’re one of four that evening and we’re getting a bit bored with it now.

Texts that start with “Hi!”…….. well you can just ignore them.  Hi what ? Hi are you available, Hi are you around tomorrow, Hi are you the pizza man.  I usually respond with “Bye”.  If you are a texter and wonder why sex workers become unresponsive after text number five, please bear this in mind………..GENUINE CLIENTS WILL CALL or they’ll keep their text enquiry to maybe three or four messages asking if you are available tomorrow or if you could see them on Thursday at their hotel, they’ll sometimes ask if you have specific toy or item of clothing but never much more than that and they’ll often confirm the rate.  Genuine clients will not ask if you live alone and they will not ask what a blow job will feel like.  Genuine clients will also get a respectful and personable response from a sex worker, where as texters just get stored as a text tosser with today’s date next to it and banished to the block section of our escorting phone, never to be thought about again.