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Steve x

I Hate Texters

I really do, why can’t guys who text just send one or two texts, why does it have to be 22 messages.  Last night I was sat watching TV and a guy started texting asking for prices and details.  Almost every advert I have online has everything in the one place…… my details, location, prices, age, likes, services, yes it’s all there but they don’t seem to be able to read any of that.

The conversation went back and forth with him asking about services and then he started asking what a blow job would feel like…………….feel like ????  He was curious to know if it was different.  How would I know and then even more texts came.  The conversation ended with me asking him to go away, it was obvious that he was getting off on the texts and the he said “It says on the advert you’re 38 but can I ask if you live alone or not”.  That was enough, why did he have to ask all of those questions when the advert was right in front of him and what does my home life have to do with him and why did he want to know if I lived alone or not, it’s not exactly any of his business.  It’s certainly not the business of someone on the other end of a text message who I have never seen nor spoken to before.

Another recent example came on Sunday when I was asked what time I was clocking off because this texter “didn’t pay for it”, you can see my candid response below

Please tell me why men seem to think that a sex worker would be interested in recreational sex after they’ve probably already had sex a few times that day.  I prefer a hot bath, TV, a tub of pringles and a glass of chardonnay.  I don’t finish at night and then think it’s a great idea to go trolling online for even more cock.  No I want to relax with my doggie and cats, watch some tv and catch up with family and friends !!!

I think many men think that sex workers are just an easy lay and that we’ll succumb to their charms, but we hear this every day and we’re simply not impressed with a text message picture of your cock, we’re not interesting in hearing how “hot” you are and last week I didn’t wish to see a porn video that one guy sent me of him getting sucked off by an escort twink, yeah……. that’ll be me secretly filmed and banded about next week by you to other people without a care in the world, so no thanks, I will pass on that.

Another favourite text message is the request for a face picture.  Nope I ain’t marrying you !!!  This isn’t e-harmony, I choose to disclose what I want to disclose and it’s not up to you to expect it.  When you say no they’ll say “Well I sent you mine”………..yeah but I didn’t ask for it.

Texters don’t realise how annoying they are.  All they can see is their side of the interaction but after 7pm on an evening I can easily have four or five men texting me.  Most texters never amount to an appointment, yes some are enquiries but many are just wanting cheap amusement of some kind whilst getting off on the excitement of speaking one to one, by text, with a real sex worker.  They don’t realise that they’re one of four that evening and we’re getting a bit bored with it now.

Texts that start with “Hi!”…….. well you can just ignore them.  Hi what ? Hi are you available, Hi are you around tomorrow, Hi are you the pizza man.  I usually respond with “Bye”.  If you are a texter and wonder why sex workers become unresponsive after text number five, please bear this in mind………..GENUINE CLIENTS WILL CALL or they’ll keep their text enquiry to maybe three or four messages asking if you are available tomorrow or if you could see them on Thursday at their hotel, they’ll sometimes ask if you have specific toy or item of clothing but never much more than that and they’ll often confirm the rate.  Genuine clients will not ask if you live alone and they will not ask what a blow job will feel like.  Genuine clients will also get a respectful and personable response from a sex worker, where as texters just get stored as a text tosser with today’s date next to it and banished to the block section of our escorting phone, never to be thought about again.

A Week Of Timewasters

I woke up at 6.25am this morning, glanced at my phone and noticed a text message at 6.15am asking if I was available this morning.  As with most texters, it was vague (texters love to text but rarely text you anything helpful) so I enquired if it was to visit me, visit him, what time and how long for.  The reply was “Now, Gateshead for 15 minutes”.  I am sorry but I don’t do 15 minute appointments to Gateshead at 7am.

I got up, made a cup of tea and the phone rang, it was a different number.  Local geordie accent.  “Where’s you”, yes his opening line was where’s you.  I told him I was in Gosforth and quite astonishingly his reply was “Where’s that and how long will it take you to get to mine”, now excuse me for not being  Russell Grant here but how on earth am I supposed to know where he is, but before I could reply he then said again “So mate, where are you”.  Correct me if I am wrong here but if I am expected to make a journey to see someone does it really matter where I am coming from and I can understand someone with a Cornish accent not knowing where Gosforth is but this guy sounded like he’d never left Byker in his entire life.  Gosforth is a suburb of 55,000 people, it’s not a small place.  I said I couldn’t help and hung up.  I can’t be arsed with men like that at 7am, they’re tough enough when they’re awake and compos mentis but this guy sounded off his head and I am not far short off the mark when I say things like that.

This week was a toughie, it’s been busy but it’s had it’s fair share of timewasters.  On Wednesday I had a guy email me asking for an appointment and asking if he could do it all by email because he was worried about his wife checking his phone.  He couldn’t identify himself as being someone who had visited me before and so I refused to deal with him purely by email and asked him to phone me.  Regular guys who have seen me often can just email or text for an appointment, new guys have to adhere to my rules.  Eventually he had to give something away, in order to book and it was then that I realised why he didn’t wish to give me  his number……..HE WAS BARRED.  In the summer he made an appointment with me for 11am one morning and he cancelled ten minutes after his arrival time, claiming to have left his wallet at home.  Yes, it’s annoying especially as it’s ten minutes after his scheduled arrival time but he did apologise (by text I may add, he couldn’t seem to phone) and later that day he booked for 5.30pm, saying that an opportunity has arisen to allow him to leave home and visit me again.  At 4.55pm he text me with “setting off” and that’s the last I heard from him.  He didn’t turn up at 5.30pm and he ignored my text at 5.45pm asking if he was running late.  He claimed on Wednesday that he had apologised for that and yes he did……for the first instance that day but he’s never apologised for the second offence.  He then made it look like I was being unreasonable and did the usual “well if you’re happy to turn down my money” type nonsense.  Yes I am happy to turn it down mate because when you no show me I could have easily turned down someone else for the same time slot or similar time and so not only have I lost out on your money but more importantly their appointment too because they would probably have turned up whereas you didn’t and therefore cost me an income.  You wouldn’t like it done to you in your line of work, so please DON’T DO IT IN MINE.

Thursday was no different with a similar scenario.  A guy I had seen before from Ponteland wanted to visit for 4pm.  He booked it at 2.30pm earlier that day and just wanted me to confirm my door number over the phone.  I was looking forward to his visit.  On this occasion a new guy phoned who had never booked before and asked for an hour at 3.45pm which I had to turn down and I told him I wouldn’t be free until about 5.30pm.  This wasn’t suitable for him and then……………my 4pm didn’t show.  I text the Ponteland guy asking if he was running late and got the reply “Who is this”.  Yes……….pissed about again and lost a new client who may not call back a second time.   He might ring back but there’s no guarantee.  I get a lot of passing trade from being so close to the A1, some of my clients, even regular ones live in Scotland and Yorkshire and see me when they are on the road.  It’s dismays me that clients think so little of you, even ones you’ve seen before and so he was told he was also barred.  I can’t provide a sexual service to men who have no respect for other people’s livelihoods.

Anyway, it’s nearly 9am on New Years Eve and I am hoping for a busy day, so I had better get into the shower and get my slag rags on just incase someone rings and wants to pop over in ten minutes, because it happens……….all too often but I don’t mind because at least they turn up and don’t book for 2 hours time and then no show.  That’s MOST ANNOYING !!!!

Merry Christmas To Everyone


Sorry I have not posted very much this year.   I am still around as normal but I took on some extra work this year with my other job and I have been doing other work in the community so I have not had as much time on my hands as I used to.

I just want to wish all of my existing clients, those that read the blog, those that follow me on twitter and who take the time out to speak and say “Hello”, a Very Merry Christmas.

I will try and get the blog back up and running in the new year.  I try to only post about any significant events and to be honest, not much has changed in the last year.  I still have the same timewasters and the same no shows as normal, the same lovely married me visit me (yes……………they’re all married) and I am still seeing the Gentleman from the blog post “From Russia With Love”.  He invited me to lunch in Switzerland and bought me an expensive Swiss watch for my birthday and Christmas present.  I am a very lucky boy.  Yes I flew all the way to Switzerland for lunch and came back at 4pm !!!!!!!

Anyway, I hope you all have a great break for Christmas and don’t forget where I am.  I am only a phone call away.

Steve x

There’s A Lot Of First Time Clients Around

It’s a while since I wrote on the blog, I am very busy with my “other job” and I have a new doggie too, another addition to the family.  I have one dog and five cats now, so there’s always something going on at my house.

It’s been a funny few months.  Nearly all of the clients I have seen have been new and a few of my staple regular guys have dropped off and disappeared.  I had a lovely regular client from London but I haven’t seen him since last November.  He did have some health problems and I wonder if it’s returned and so it’s stopped him coming back.  There seems to be an awful lot of first time clients around at the moment and an awful lot of texters.  I do get increasingly annoyed with texters because none of them seem to be able to press the call button and speak to you personally.  No escort with any kind of sense or respect for their own health would deal with a first time client by text or email only.  I live in a nice area, as many of you know and I wouldn’t dream of handing out my address to men so they can decide afterwards if they wish to turn up or not.

A usual enquiry by first time guys is whether my home is discreet.  No there’s a neon sign in my downstairs window with the words Open and “Gay Escort Here” on my front door.  Of course it’s discreet !!!!   This gets me every time because it is  YOU coming to visit me and so it’s you that needs to be discreet for my benefit, I have to live here.  I wish they would understand this but it seems to be universal.  I do realise that they want reassurance but an escort who isn’t discreet isn’t going to be very popular.

The Keith Vaz scandal recently with the Eastern European rent boys has come up in conversation a few times with clients, especially new clients.  Personally…..I have no sympathy for Mr Vaz.  I would never have identified him if he was my client but to claim he was a washing machine salesman with a plummy voice and £500K flat in London, discussing cocaine and bareback sex was just asking for trouble.  I am sorry but Keith Vaz does not look like a Beko rep and did he honestly think that Eastern European male escorts would not read newspapers or watch TV.  I have spotted some of my clients on TV and in local and national newspapers but I don’t think any of them have ever claimed to be the bloke who reads the gas meter for N Power (which reminds me of a funny story I will mention at the end) and I have certainly never identified any of them.  Years ago, I stopped asking clients their names.  I only know a clients name if he offers it.  I don’t need to call them by their christian name if it’s a one off appointment, it’s not relevant and it’s not that I am disinterested, I just don’t need to know, plus in any case nearly every client is called Dave, Paul or Steve.  You don’t get many clients telling you their name is Tobias or Julian for some strange reason.  I have seen four Dave’s in one day and if you ring Dave when he’s lost or when you’re arriving at the hotel and it goes to voicemail you’ll usually hear something like “This is Tim Smith…………” so I didn’t see the point in needing to know that level of information.  I do think Keith Vaz was extremely naive when it came to booking male escorts and maybe he should have chosen guys with a bit more experience, with verified feedback and who have a very good online presence.

I have always been a people person, my father told me when I was 16 that if you can’t be sociable then you won’t get anywhere in life.  I try to put all of these new first timers at ease and then take it from there.  Most of the new first timers, that turn up, are in my normal catchment bracket of 40 to 60 years old.  The young ‘uns who contact me just want to text me and have a wank due to the excitement of speaking to a real life sex worker.  I had one the other week who did ring when asked but expected me to get from one side of the city to the other in 20 minutes at 5pm, it just wasn’t happening.  He had no concept of the pre-planning that goes into an appointment.  Yes I can leave in five minutes if I have to but I need to quickly get ready, sort out the pets and get the car out of the garage, I can’t do that in a few minutes and you can’t get out of Gosforth in 20 minutes, never mind travel to the west end of the city.

I suppose it’s quite nerve racking for the new guys when they call me for the first time but I always answer my phone when they call (unless I am entertaining), I am always respectful and I am always reliable.   I don’t mind a couple of calls before they pluck up the courage but I tend to get a bit bored of answering the same questions on the fifth such call.

Oh and finally………… that funny story.  A few weeks back a new guy phoned me for an appointment.  He got to my liaison point where I tell all new clients to get to before I give out my full address.  There was no parking in the street so told him to park on the next row down and walk up.   Stood behind the front door, ready and waiting for the front gate to open, which is my cue to open the front door and within a minute or so the gate opened, I opened the door and a guy in workwear uniform came in.  I didn’t think anything of it.  Lots of men visit me in work gear.  I led him into the bedroom and he said “I thought the gas meters in these houses were behind the front door”.  Oops……………………………..  Yes I was very nearly inappropriate with the gas meter guy.  I quickly said “Oh I thought you were here to look at the shower”, then the doorbell went and it was the client.  I am not sure if he believed that the man in the suit was here to look at the shower but I am not sure those Romanian lads thought Keith Vaz was an Indesit dealer either.  It was an embarrassing incident but I can laugh about it now.



The Cost Of Being An Escort

I roll my eyes when I read tweets by other escorts which imply that they’ve got money problems, the same boys and girls who will tell you about their overnight a few days ago and the lavish gifts that they were presented with. Many escorts let the money slip through their fingers like sand and need the fix of their next appointment to pay the bills that matter, however you need to invest in your service to gain new clients and by that I mean invest in yourself, not the latest bag from Mulberry or Michael Kors.

There’s a popular misconception in escorting circles that we’re all child abuse victims from divorced parents, in and out of childrens homes with a history of shoplifting, drug abuse and alcohol dependency, yes some are, but I have rarely come across anyone who fits that bill. The good looking escorts with the near perfectly written, well polished websites, tend to be university educated, had a good upbringing and want to do this work voluntarily. I certainly do. I have never met anyone who has been forced into sex work or trafficked for that matter, although some people do argue that if a driver takes me to Scotland for an outcall he is technically trafficking me.

I also work as an accountant, so I am very good at bookkeeping and guys wonder at times why someone with a nice house, like I have, with professional qualifications, would want to sell their sexual services to other men. I fell into this completely by accident, I didn’t just wake up one day and think “Gee….I think I’ll shag blokes for a few quid”, I played with it for a few years and then cranked up the steam when I realised that I was sat on a lot of untapped opportunities and potential. I quickly found out that you need to invest in yourself. I do quite a number of overnight appointments, I travel to see guys throughout the UK and Europe and I need to look good and that “looking good lark” costs money.

I don’t think I look my age, some men probably don’t agree with me, but I don’t think I do. I have used day and night cream for over fifteen years, I use eye cream, I keep my hair nicely groomed, I have a back wax once a month and try and keep myself as youthful as possible. I don’t have any lines or wrinkles on my face, I have a little bit of a belly which I have had my entire life, I don’t have a washboard stomach or live religiously in the gym. I watch my weight every day and appeal to guys as the guy next door or the normal bloke that they know at work.

Clients want the best price possible. I am always reading on client forums about what they consider to be a reasonable price to pay and generally speaking most men outside of London seem to expect to pay around £100 an hour for a gay male, transexual or female escort. There are male escorts for women around and their prices tend to be considerably lower and it’s a very specialised niche market too, I certainly don’t know of many who can make a success of it but obviously some do. I charge £90 for the first hour to visit me and £100 for an hour to visit a guy locally. I charge £500 for overnight, incall or outcall and £800 if I have to travel out of the UK. I think I have my pricing about right.

Not every working girl and boy has an incall premises and incalls are the most popular form of escort work. Most men want to visit you and if you can’t work from home then you may consider renting a flat, or hiring a serviced apartment or hotel for a few days. What the guys don’t realise is that in order to offer them an incall you have overheads, they forget about that. If you are using a hotel then you have the hotel, your food and refreshments to pay for. If you are touring from city to city you also have transport costs and you still have to pay the bills at home. This is why I never tour. Why should I go to Manchester to see six guys in one day, have three cancel on me and lose two appointments back in Newcastle. It would have cost me money to see those two or three remaining clients because their fee may just about have broken me even for the day and I could have just stayed at home, seen two guys and been better off.

Clients will say from time to time “Well it can’t cost you much more money to offer incalls from home” and this is where they are very wrong. Should I not be entertaining then there will be one shower run the entire day but if I am entertaining and it’s a busy day, three clients can generate ten showers, from their use, my use and sometimes our joint use of the facilities. That’s an increase of 1000% resulting in more water being used, more electricity and gas being used for heating the water and house, more toiletries being used, more towels being used and the washing machine and tumble dryer being used afterwards. My washing machine and tumble dryer is on every day but if I didn’t do sex work, my washing machine would be on a maximum of twice a week and the tumble dryer on once a fortnight for towels, however as I am washing top sheets, bedding and towels every day (the bedding not so much, no one ever gets under the top sheet) the laundry is never ending. Sex workers and laundry go hand in hand.

Every month I scour sites online, I buy new jockstraps and thongs, sexy new shorts and tee shirts for daytime appointments, I go into town and get new shirts for more formal evening appointments at hotels. I have over 300 formal and casual shirts in seven wardrobes. I have over ten formal and tweed jackets and I even have a tuxedo. I have hand made shoes, casual shoes and canvas shoes. I have over ten pairs of swimming shorts for hotels. I have four dressing gowns for overnight clients. I have drawers and drawers of underwear. I have an armoire wardrobe in the client room that’s full of sex toys, paddles, handcuffs, whips and a box of womens underwear in there for men who like to dress up. I buy stockings and tights for clients to wear (I don’t cross dress) and this all has to be bought in and ready for any eventuality. I have actually lost a one hour appointment because I didn’t have any American tan tights in the house for a guy to wear during an appointment. I have never been caught short since.  Last week I had a client ask if I had a very thin thong that I could wear.  I asked him what colour he would like.  He asked what colours I had.  I had to text him back with a list of what he could have.  He text back “Blimey Steve,  I will choose the black please”. I had three different black thongs so had to make a corporate decision myself on which one to choose  rather than confuse him even more.

Most clients will use one or two condoms in an appointment, some don’t use any if it’s just oral sex but some clients will use six or seven. I get most of mine for free but I do have to buy them too, my bottles of lube cost £10 for three 250ml bottles. I can go through half a bottle in one appointment, some guys seem to slap on as much as they possibly can in very generous quantities. The client en-suite bathroom has a selection of shower gels, two different hand washes, alcohol hand cleanser, mouth wash, two types of deodorant, hair gel and even a cologne for them to use. I have a jug of infused lemon water on the side of the dressing area with two glasses, always filled to the brim with ice cubes so it’s chilled to perfection.

If I offer an incall overnight, I charge the same as I do for an outcall overnight. I only offer incall overnights to men I have seen before and I ask for 24 hours notice. On an incall overnight I am very much in charge and I cook a meal, I supply wine, prosecco and spirits and if it’s a fine night I offer drinks on the patio outside. I can easily spend £50 to £60 preparing for an incall overnight and so they cost me more than turning up to your hotel for an outcall overnight where I have a taxi or parking cost and where you treat me to dinner. I put freshly laundered, expensive, crisp bedding on, make sure the house is at a perfect temperature and buy scented candles and fragrance sticks. I make it a perfect experience but as you can see, that costs money too.

I won’t beat about the bush, if you are good looking, well groomed, highly sexually active, people friendly and have a good personality then you can make a lot of money being an escort but if you don’t invest in yourself you won’t get the clients to come back. You need them to come back because after a year of doing sex work about 75% of your clients should be returning customers and you need to let them see that you are investing in yourself and putting the effort in to make their time enjoyable. Yes they come for the sex but they don’t want to see messy rooms with clothes on the radiator or a bathroom with underwear lying all over the place. Some guys aren’t fussy but many are and they do take notice.

I invest in myself and I have found that I have reaped dividends and rewards for doing so. I love it when a client compliments my home and feels safe being here, I love it when they compliment me personally and say it’s been a pleasure to visit. Investment is always the way forward in any line of business, especially sex work.

Why UK Sex Workers, Allies & Clients Should Vote Brexit

Yes, we’re presently involved in a referendum on membership of the EU (European Union). It is probably one of the most important decisions that the people of the United Kingdom will have to make because the result genuinely influences what sort of Britain we want not just for our future but for our children and for future generations.

For those outside of the United Kingdom, a sovereign country made up of the three constituent countries of England, Scotland and Wales along with the province of Northern Ireland, here is a brief history of our relationship with the EU. Approximately forty years ago the British people had a referendum on whether it should join in what was then described as a Common market, allowing free trade and travel within a small group of European countries, mainly Northern Europe, all sharing a fairly similar culture and who were economically compatable. Over this time the Common Market has become the European Union, incorporating far more countries, often with very diverse cultures and very different economies. What was once a free trading block of independent nations has become a project to create a new country called Europe with it’s own government which creates laws and issues edicts that member states have to accept even though their citizens have no democratic recourse to hold those bureaucrats accountable. These directives cover trade deals, business legislation, workers rights as well as family and civil rights. The EU has also created a single currency called the Euro which means that fiscal policy for the Eurozone is dictated by the EU bureaucracy in Brussels as well as Strasbourg and an essential component of the ideology which drives the EU is the open borders and free movement of people, which has raised the sphectre of right and left wing nationalism, just as poorer Southern Europeans have migrated in huge numbers to the wealthier north, most notibly the UK. The UK government, fortunately, refused to join the Euro when it was created and retained the British Pound and subsequently, despite the warning of many leading economic forecasters and theorists who had wanted the UK to join the euro, the UK has prospered while the Eurozone had lurched from financial crisis to crisis.

The EU referendum has consequences for British sex workers, our allies and our clients. The main reason, directly reated to sex work, is that the EU bureaucracy has adopted aspects of radical feminist ideology as a basis for much of its rhetoric on women’s rights and equality. The powerful EWL (European Womens Lobby) has, under the emotionalised heading of “Violence Against Women”, influenced policies adopted by the EU in its response to human trafficking and slavery and of course prostitution, which is discussed using the emotionalised term “Prostituted Women”.

This EWL had successfully pushed for the EU Parliament to adopt a resolution in favour of the Nordic Model which criminalises the purchase of sex. The resolution was passed 343 votes for, 139 against and 105 abstentions.

The EU Parliament, at present, can only recommend policy on prostitution to its members states. This recommendation and more importantly the politics behind it however, is influencing member states in their polices toward sex work. Germany has adopted a more aggressive attitude toward sex workers under the guise of stopping exploitation and trafficking, similarly in Amsterdam the authorities have increased restrictions on sex workers, increasing the age at which a sex worker can legally work and closing down windows, thus taking a much more aggressive stance toward brothels. In England and Wales the pressure is growing for the Nordic Model to be adopted, it has already been adopted in Northern Ireland and at the moment Scotland is, once again, looking at either the Nordic Model or alternatively decriminalisation. The problem for UK sex workers is the ideology which has motivated the EU from its incepton, which has been to push for ever greater integration and to create a new United States of Europe, that is in reality a new country. The intention is that this new country be governed from Brussels and Strasbourg. There are already plans for the EU bureaucracy to collect NI (national insurance) contributions and tax, to create and run a EU army and to slowly work toward ever greater union, to create a more centralised and powerful government for all of Europe. This push for ever greater integration is a serious threat to British sex workers, our clients and allies because an increasingly powerful and centralised EU, heavily influenced by the EWL, may soon assume the power to legislate on issues, like prostituion and….. not just advise.

Presently we have a democratically accountable government in the UK that retains for the moment a semblance of sovereignty. If the referendum results in the UK remaining within the EU there will be an increased pressure for ever greater integration which means that British sex workers could face the prospect of legislation from Europe being imposed with no redress throughout the member countries or member states as they may be in twenty years time. EU policies are not decided by a democratically accountable parliament but by an unelected and unaccountable committee, influenced by powerful pressure groups such as the EWL. The EU parliament simply exists to be a rubber-stamp for EU law.

Our democracy is not perfect, but decisions are made by elected politicians, in the interests of the UK and not a whole continent of diverse cultures, economies and politics. I understand that our parliament is frustrating at times to work with but we can change governments and laws created by one government can be amended and changed by another. We do this by directly lobbing our own MPs, by telling them to their face that they are wrong, but how can we do that with a secret committee based in Brussels? I urge sex workers to consider this very carefully when they decide on their vote in this referendum.

I would URGE British sex workers and allies to vote to leave the EU and to continue to lobby our own democratically elected and democratically accountable politicians for decriminalisation.


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Sorry I Have Not Posted In Months

I have just been very busy.  The first quarter of the year was my busiest first quarter on record which included a number of overnight appointments and a trip to Amsterdam.  I still get quiet days but I am busy nearly every single day of the week and some of these appointments go on for hours.

I found myself on a journey to North Yorkshire a few months ago.  Nice guy, first timer.  I explained that I wouldn’t travel that far without a deposit and a minimum appointment time of two hours.  He was very very understanding and immediately offered to send a deposit by PayPal.  I only asked for twenty pounds, with the rest paid in cash on arrival, it’s a token deposit designed to get a tiny little bit of commitment from the client.  I stopped travelling considerable distances to see new guys a long long time ago because I could get half way there and be cancelled on, worse still there has been occasions where I have turned up at the door to be told that his wife has arrived home unexpectedly and turned away.  It’s not only my wasted time but usually half a tank of wasted petrol and petrol isn’t cheap.

The guy in North Yorkshire was lovely with a gin and tonic ready on arrival and some of the best sex I have had in years.  He was top, so he wanted to be in control and do all of the fucking, I am fine with that :)

Being at home, with four cats, all day means my mind starts to wander.  I have taken on many new accountancy clients over the last few months but I didn’t feel like I was stretching myself.  A female twitter follower from London (one of my adoring married ladies that follow me) suggested that I join the Mass Observation Project at Sussex University.  It a project where I write down my thoughts and feelings, without identifying anyone and it’s stored in an archive and opened in 50 years time.  I applied to the University to become one of their official writers and didn’t think I would even be considered.  The project only enlists 500 official writers and new places become available when people leave the project.  I was contacted by them and asked to write an essay about myself, submitted it and I was accepted onto the project.  I am very proud of this achievement and it’s something I have taken seriously and I hope my contributions allow people in 2066 to understand what life was like in 2016.  I am on the project for life and so there will be plenty more to come from me in the coming years, especially if my life takes any unexpected changes in direction.  The University know that I am a sex worker and none of you are identified in the project.  It’s about me, not you.  I never identify any of you in the blog or on twitter so I am not going to change the style in which I write about my life.

I have a new kitten, yes a new baby.  I adopted her from Romania in February and she’s called Lily.  A friend of mine from Durham was helping to bring in a kitten for the friend of hers via the pet passport scheme.  She runs a cat charity and so knew how to sort out all of the paperwork.  The lady dropped out of the adoption and Lily was already on her way to England.  Payment was due on arrival so I stepped in after seeing a post about her.  Lily was 3 months old and had her back leg and hip amputated after someone ran over her on purpose.  She was rescued from the side of the street and taken to an animal hospital in Bucharest and operated on.  A few weeks later, her carer in Romania asked people on facebook if they would consider adopting her and giving her a new life abroad and four weeks later she was playing in my garden in Gosforth.  She’s adorable, she’s got some disability problems but she gets around just fine and I have had her tagged so I can find her if she goes missing a few gardens away.  She can climb up but can’t climb down very successfully so she gets herself into a few scrapes at times.  She will learn.

Having Lily has occupied my mind a lot, along with the Mass Observation Project so I went from being a little bored in between clients to having no time to myself but I prefer to be busy and hate sitting about waiting for things to happen.  Lily has also got me out of my routine of sitting in the study all day because she wants Daddy in the garden to play and watch her.  She’s a talker so she keeps calling for me to make sure I am paying attention to her.  She won’t eat cat food either because when she lived in Romania, the lady who rescued her gave Lily whatever they ate on an evening so she was used to fresh chicken and beef.  That’s a small price to pay for her happiness and she’s just the perfect little lady.  If you come to visit me you are bound to see her, she waits outside of the client room until Daddy has finished entertaining and says “Hello”.

I seem to have gained dozens and dozens of new clients, some of whom have been back to visit on multiple occasions.  A couple of clients have disappeared, most notibly an Oriental gentleman I used to see every 10 days for years and years.  He last visited me in September and has never been seen again.  I often wonder where they disappear to, especially when they booked so often. I am still seeing the lovely gentleman abroad, I have recently been abroad to see him and I am seeing him again in less than two weeks time.  Mr Darcy returned to see me after a long break and brought me an expensive bottle of gin.  I have only had a couple of them because it’s not the sort of gin you can just knock back on a sunny afternoon in the garden.

I had a little writers block over the last few months, hence why I have not blogged and nothing significant happened that I felt was worth posting about but a month of so ago I received a gift in the post from a guy.  It was an electric tin opener from my Amazon wish list and inside was a note saying that he really enjoyed my blog and twitter feed and so I felt guilty that I had let the blog slide a little in recent months.  I will try and post more often.  At least you got me back on the blog, even if it is just for an update as to what has been happening.

I post more actively on twitter, feel free to follow me there, my user name is @stevegayescort

Use What You Have

I am not a skinny rentboy type escort.  I am a big bloke.  I am 6ft tall with a broad chest, runners legs and a rugby build.  I have tried to make the best of what I have got and it doesn’t appeal to everyone.  Last night, a guy phoned me asking for a 9.30pm incall appointment, let me talk about myself for five minutes then said “I was looking for someone 20”.  I run dozens of classified adverts, I have my own website and twitter account and it’s glaringly obvious that I am not 20.  I also mentioned my age within the first twenty seconds.

Over the years I have looked after myself.  I don’t suffer from hair loss, I don’t have any lines on my face or brow, my hands arn’t wrinkled, my bum is absolutely perfect but it’s come at a price.  Everyday I ensure I use a variety of cosmetic potions to try and keep my skin in immaculate condition.  These treatments include day and night cream, eye gel to remove dark circles, intimate shaving and once a month a back wax.  I also dye my hair back to my natural colour every week.  I went grey at 26 which was young and worse because I have a full head of hair.  If you are a stocky baldy type it doesn’t really show but it does when you’re 26 with no receding patches.  I trim my beard every other day. I do charcoal face masks and I generally look after myself to the best of my ability.

You have to be immaculately clean for clients inside and out so I have to use a douche (internal shower) to ensure I am perfect for every appointment, as I said earlier, I shave my bits and pieces and my bum every morning with an original bic razor as I find them to be the only razor that can successfully shave coarse hair in an instant.  I answer my phone at all times, unless you have been a timewaster in the past or I am busy, I return all calls, texts and I answer all emails within about 15 to 30 minutes.  I don’t ever ring or text clients after an appointment or tout for work.  I have my website, classified adverts and twitter to tout for work.  My attitude to the work, coupled with my persona and physical attributes seem to attract the men folk and it all seems to work very well indeed.

I am not porn star material, I am not thin and I am not fat.  I am just a normal size and I think that’s mostly the appeal that I have to the gentlemen that visit me.  I don’t intimidate them by having a six pack, I don’t have an all over tan and I don’t religiously talk about my time in the Gym.  I have a Home Gym with a cross trainer and treadmill and do about 20 miles a week on it to keep trim and keep my heart healthy.

I use what I have, a nice personality, nice house, nice bum and nice lunch box (I am reasonably well endowed as any man who has visited can verify).  If I can’t win them over with those qualities then it’s their loss.  I never cry over spilt clients.

When I first started escort work, I was told by a friend (who was a female escort) that I was sat on a goldmine.  She said that I was sat on a fortune and to never ever doubt my potential.  I do know that guys really do like me and I know this because they come back to see me time and time again.  If I wasn’t good, in their eyes, they wouldn’t come back.  I don’t like Heinz Beans so I don’t ever buy them and so it’s the same with escort/sexwork, if you didn’t like the experience you would hardly pay for a second innings.

I am very fortunate that I am one of very few gay male escorts that has been successful enough to make a career out of what I have got.  I am unassuming too.  If you met me in the street in an accountancy fashion, you would never in a million years think that this bearded stocky bloke also entertained men on various occasions during the day and had them come back time and time again.  I am not a jobbing escort, doing odd appointments here and there once or twice a month, it’s my main occupation and I am damn good at it.  I have another job but I only do that on a very part time basis, mainly as a front for family and friends, however it also provides me with a guaranteed income should I break my leg or have an accident which would mean I couldn’t entertain for a while.  I let that career slide for years but three years ago I reignited that string to my bow after finishing my qualifications.

In the sex industry, you have to use what you have to the best advantage.  Some will be successful at it, some won’t.  Some escorts are better looking, have better bodies and bigger cocks than me, they don’t always have the commitment and understanding of the industry to be a success though.  You can’t be an independent escort and switch your phone off for days on end because the guys get bored trying your number and will just simply ring the next number that they see online. This could have been someone that seen you once and visited another ten times over the next two years.  Having your phone off as an independent escort can cost you thousands of pounds.

I feel that I have the balance right, or as right as I can make it and I have learned to use what I have and try to be myself. I don’t always get it right but at least you can all see that I put the commitment into what I do.  Like with everything in life, you have to get out there and grab the opportunities because life doesn’t come to you.  Use what you have and work hard at it.

I Just Want A Bit Of Respect

It’s been a funny old couple of weeks.  I’ve had a high number of timewasters recently.  I can always spot them and I will humour them for a bit but I quickly tire of them and get bored, however I didn’t see these three coming.

I will start with an appointment I had booked in for Monday.  I had a gentleman contact me a few months ago who was moving into the area, did a number of texts via whatsapp and then suddenly, out of the blue, he’d moved nearby.  An appointment was quickly set up but the barrage of questions and scenarios made me feel like this wasn’t a genuine enquiry.  The questions were fine at first but they became more and more intrusive, stuff like how many clients I see a day, how did I get into the work.  These are things, if asked, I would normally discuss with guys when they come to visit me, not someone on an anonymous number who I have never met before.  The appointment was simply a normal run of the mill appointment to begin with, he asked if he could cum twice, which I am always ok with but then it developed into a re-enactment of Hamlet.  There were lists of stuff he wanted on that first appointment. He wanted sex in “crazy positions”, role play, the texts were so specific that I declined the appointment.  I am not a mechanical robot which is pre-programmed with a set of instructions and as I said to him “I am not scared of hard work”…….this however was going to be hard work.  He used to see another gay escort in another part of the country and these were all things he tried with him over a long period of time but he was expecting their level of intimacy, that they built up over time, to be the order of the day from the initial meet.  That was never going to happen.  I am fine with role play and I am fine with instruction but not like that.  He was a total top yet wanted me to be sub and “in control”, something anyone in my position would struggle with on a first appointment. I would have no idea how to develop and progress within an appointment whist fulfilling both roles.

After much discussion and an apology on his behalf, I relented and an appointment was set up.  He carried on texting.  One morning I had a two hour appointment in and he text a few times during it, then another text message saying maybe he shouldn’t be texting me.  It felt a bit sulky, all  because I didn’t reply.  I didn’t reply because I was entertaining someone and then had some lunch.  I hadn’t realised there was even a message for another 40 minutes after the appointment ended.  I check my missed calls and texts but often forget about whatsapp unless I hear the ringtone for it.  I apologised for not getting back to him, explaining why and reminded him that I couldn’t text on demand.  Anyway the appointment got back on track, we organised a date and a general time for his visit.  The evening before his arrival there was a problem, then a bigger problem on the day and it was re-arranged, which itself didn’t come to fruition and it’s all gone very quiet since.

I thought the guy was genuine and he probably was but I was not the escort he wanted and rather than take someone’s money for taking it sake (which a lot of escorts do) I would rather he spent the money elsewhere, getting the service he wanted.  Although I felt he was genuine, the level of texting, to someone you have never met before with intrusive questions was anything but genuine.  Maybe he was just very keen to know me before meeting me but there’s twitter and this blog to read, both of which show my true personality.

On Tuesday morning I received a phone call from a lovely man in London.  He was coming to Newcastle for a few days and was setting off from London early afternoon.  We discussed what he was “into” and it was arranged for early evening for “at least” a couple of hours.  I asked him to telephone me or text when he was as far as Darlington.  He did say that if it was looking a bit tight for this evening he would see me on Wednesday instead but he would keep in touch so I knew what was happening.  For the next five hours I didn’t dare eat anything (not a great idea when he wants to fuck you for two hours) and prepared a light dinner for 10pm, when I thought the appointment may end.  That was the one and only phone call from him.  He never arrived on the evening, called from Darlington or re-arranged for Wednesday.  The annoyance of this is that I could have turned down a regular client for Tuesday evening (thankfully that didn’t occur) and I didn’t eat until 9pm.  Why make a phone call, be ever so keen, then go completely silent.  Yes ….. it wasn’t guaranteed to happen that evening and obviously Wednesday was used as a way of dangling a stick and giving himself that get out clause, he needed, for the evening.  I just don’t understand why guys make enquiries like that.

I can quite understand why escorts double book clients.  I rarely do, I certainly don’t double book known or regular clients but when someone rings you for a first time appointment and they start making excuses before the appointment commences, you know it’s not a good idea to turn down regulars for their appointment.  They’re costing you money.

Wednesday got off to a swimmingly good start…… not.  I have been seeing an exceptionally good looking married lad.  He’s about 30, very good looking, little podgy married man belly, hairy and very attentive.  He’s a perfect client in many senses of the word.  He’s seen me about 4 times in the last few months.  Two months ago he sent me a text saying that he wanted to book me for an hour, later that day and added that he would also like to book for the following day as he would be in the area again.  I said yes……. of course.  Then came the thunderbolt, “Can I pay for both on the second appointment”.  No.

He argued back by text saying I obviously didn’t trust him.  I said it wasn’t that I didn’t trust him but should something happen the following day, he would have had a free appointment that I may never be paid for.  He didn’t come along that day but did come the following day, paid, apologised and said he would have genuinely paid for both days.  We will never know.   Anyway……….I had to pop to Blyth on Wednesday to drop some paperwork in for my other job.  He text whilst I was leaving Blyth and asked if he could see me in 30 minutes time.  I agreed….the bedroom was ready and I was freshly showered.  He turned up, about 10 minutes late, walked in and the appointment kicked off.  Something told me to ask for the money, so as I was heading into the bathroom to run him a shower, I asked if we could sort out the “money bit”.  To my astonishment he didn’t have any money on him and asked if he could pay me “tomorrow”.  I turned off the shower and kindly asked him to leave.  He asked me not to do this and I said “Leave and please don’t return”.  This man would have gladly stayed an hour and then leave without paying.  He sent me a text when he got in the car and asked to come back saying “It would have been really good sex”.   Yep, it would have been even better if you had the money to pay for it.

The Wednesday client got the wrath of my tongue and it was quite simply because the timewasters this week have been spectacular. I won’t entertain him again and the other two gentlemen are unlikely to ever be in touch again.

All three guys this week wanted a lot.  The first man wanted the familiarity and sensual experience of a regular escort, with someone new and unfamiliar.  The second wanted me to be on call for ever for him, with no intention of booking and the third wanted credit terms.  I offer a personal sexual experience for a fee, sometimes guys want more than their moneys worth, they want the thrill of booking without ever making that appointment or want something they know they can’t have so try and cheat.  Me…………….I just want a bit of respect.