A Rise In Male / Female Couple Enquiries

Is there something in the water because during November / December and already a couple of times this month, I have received enquiries to entertain a straight couple, one which I was nearly caught out with a few nights ago and would have been unaware of, had she not grabbed the phone during the conversation.

I seem to have a tough time telling them that I am gay, they seem to think that because I work in the sex industry then all forms of sex will be acceptable to me.  I have never had a sexual encounter with a woman but I have done a number of male / female appointments in the past.  All but one couple have been a disaster and the thought of such a liaison makes me shudder.

It’s fair to say that my twitter account is a broad mix of men and women.  Many women (and some men) are intrigued about this chosen career and remember, I didn’t just wake up and decide I would suck some cock for a living, I stumbled on this by accident and seen it as a way to get qualified in my other profession without racking up any kind of debt, plus the hours are flexible and it’s very well paid.  I also enjoy it.  I don’t do anyone any harm and it’s 100% consensual.

I still see one straight couple, they live in Northumberland but they visit me once every month or so for an hour.  They are here no longer than 20 minutes.  She never touches me.  I have to ejaculate into his mouth, he spits it on her arse and shags her up then bum with my semen.  I am completely clear of any sexually transmitted diseases and they can do what they want with it, it’s none of my business.  They do this as a fantasy thrill because they come to see me in a taxi (who waits around the corner for 20 minutes) then meet two of their friends for dinner and drinks.  The friends are Devout Christians and they get off on being thoroughly filthy, knowing that whilst their friends are having a perrier water with their meal, they’ve just used a sex workers jizz as lube up her other end.  It’s what they like to do and we’ve done this exact same appointment about eight times a year for about five years.  It’s not harming anyone and it spices up their sex life.  I don’t however see any other couples.

I stopped seeing couples after a bad experience in Consett.  I used to see a guy regularly at his home in a village called Ebchester.  He was nice enough but one night he asked for us to have some fun in the garden.  Their house isn’t overlooked and backs onto fields so I agreed.  During the encounter, the kitchen light was switched on and I noticed that a woman was washing her hands in the kitchen sink.  I got spooked and went inside when the coast was clear, only to find her in stockings sat on the sofa with one of my sex toys inserted into her unmentionable bits.  I was set up by them.  I collected my bag and asked her to keep the dildo.  I didn’t really want it anymore.  I returned the payment as I left.

Similarly, I don’t see transexuals, I have nothing against anyone transexual whatsoever, it just doesn’t do anything for me.  I don’t mind guys turning up in their wives stockings or panties but I have had a trans person turn up at my front door in full clothing and I didn’t find it discreet.  I wasn’t happy.

I have no idea what this rise in male / female couples is all about.  I certainly never used to get many enquiries of this nature as it would normally be one enquiry per year, but just to make it clear, I am happy to see straight guys, I am just not happy to see couples.


Glad To Be Back To Normal

I was so pleased to open my emails to find a few advanced appointments in.  It looks like guys were sitting at their desktop last night planning their schedules for the next couple of weeks.

It was a very quiet Christmas.  From 24th to the 31st December, I only seen a few guys, nothing like I have had in recent years, however December itself was the busiest I have ever had in all of the years I have been involved in sex work.  I was run off my feet in the two weeks before Santa came to visit.

Things are settling down now and getting back to normal.  The roadworks are back on Great North Road, the queues of traffic are building up from 7.30am and I am hoping that my daytime Mr White Van Man crowd will be back as normal from today, now that everyone is getting back into their routine.

Here’s to a sexy January.


Happy New Year

Happy New year Everyone.

I am around most days for the next few months with a more or less clear calendar until Mid- March so don’t hesitate to call me if you wish to make advance plans to visit me.


How To Make An Appointment – A Bit Of New Year Fun

Let’s start 2019 with a blog about how make an escorting appointment, a really good successful one that won’t disappoint.  I’ve tried to make it humorous whilst keeping it factual and yes the last section is what guys say to us and how we interpret them.

The Research

Read the profile, a good escort will give you as much information about themselves and what they expect of you.  None of us wish for you to waste your hard earned money on an appointment that will disappoint.

If it says outcalls only, it means they will have to visit you.  It doesn’t mean outdoors and it doesn’t mean car sex.  If it says no gentlemen under 25, it means no gentlemen under 25, it doesn’t mean you’ll see gentlemen under 25.

If an escort profile states that they don’t smoke, it is not usually an indicator that you can visit them and then ask to smoke.  Believe me, they ask !!!!

The Initial Contact

If the profile states “No text messages or withheld calls” it doesn’t mean send me 15 texts, drip fed with one word questions expecting an immediate reply, nor does it mean I will answer the phone on the eighth repeated withheld call for a laugh.  Don’t send texts with lots of “???????????” at the end when we don’t reply within a millisecond.  Somehow or other, it tends to lead to a phone number block.  We’ve no idea why.

Try not to start your opening sentence with “Details” or “Do you do cheap appointments” as it tends to annoy the recipient of the call.  It’s not a great start to an intimate liaison if the guy telephoning you expects 100% of your commitment and time for just 75% of the published rates.

If an escort asks you where you are coming from, when visiting them, it’s not a request for your home address, it’s so they can tell you, or text you more accurate directions, especially if they live on a one way system or major road network.  If you call at the very last minute and require a short notice appointment, we usually ask this question to judge how much time we have left to get prepared.  There’s nothing sinister in it.  Guys often ask “Why do you need to know this”, it’s simple, because in my case, a guy coming from Darlington will be 40 minutes away, a guy coming from Morpeth will be 15 minutes away so as I said, there’s nothing sinister in it.

Don’t ask if you can have a discount as a first time client.  Many escorts reward discounts for loyalty, not to entice you off the street.

When discussing their incall location, the words “Is it discreet” usually amuse most sex workers and masseurs.  Yes………. it’s discreet, none of us have a neon sign in the living room window and remember, it’s you that needs to be discreet, especially if you are visiting us, we have to live here or maintain an apartment in relative secrecy to ensure that our neighbours don’t suspect anything or have concerns in the community.

If you text half dozen different times but never make an appointment, it’s likely that your text messages will be ignored.   I am sure that our phones get just as fed up with the same numbers asking the same questions that they asked a fortnight ago.  If you make an advanced appointment for a week on Tuesday at 11am, need to cancel and forget to tell us, you’ll be most likely ignored in future as we may have turned down other guys who would have attended.

You may be asked to supply a deposit for an outcall as a first time client. It’s not intended as a means of entrapment, it’s sole intention is to determine who is and who is not a genuine client.  I offer a deposit scheme using a business bank account that doesn’t mention me or my name, a paypal account, the offer of purchasing me an amazon gift voucher or a totally anonymous cash payment at a paypoint outlet for a mobile phone top up, which has no trace to anyone whatsoever, all for a nominal fee of £10, which is deducted from the final price.

The Appointment

Most sex work professionals will supply everything needed for the appointment, this includes massage oil, lubricant, condoms, shower gel, towels and almost anything else that their service advertises.  All you usually need to do is turn up or answer the hotel or your front door.

Personally, I never ask clients any personal details, not even their name.  I have never ever asked a client for his first name never mind his surname.  I have no physical need to know your name, therefore you don’t need to know our personal details unless you were booking airline tickets or a hotel reservation for us.

No ….. we don’t have another number, well we do, we might have another two numbers but one might be for family or for work and friends.  Do we need a second number for you.  No, so you don’t need ours.

Words You Use & What They Mean To Us

The last escort I seen never stopped clockwatching = I regularly go over time and don’t expect to pay more

The last guy I seen was £20 cheaper = Best check the payment at the end as it could be short

Can I bring along another escort = Can I bring along someone I met on a sex site and us both have an appointment with you for the same price

I’ve left my wallet in the car = I am about to leave without paying

Have you been in any porn = Can I suggest filming this on my phone for me to wank over later

How many guys do you see a week = If you’re not busy I can ask for cheaper next time

Have you got a partner or looking for one = A couple of drinks sometime and free sex would be nice

You are really hot and I have fantasised about this for month = As soon as I have cum I need to get back to work

Hope you enjoyed the blog and I hope to see lots of you in 2019

Happy New Year




The Blog of 2018

I am a bit posh you know, I am not what you think a gay male sex worker would be and don’t be afraid to call me “a bit of rent” because I do hire myself out to anyone with the cash, who is respectful and pleasant on the phone, in their email exchanges or in their personal chit chat with me on social media.

I am very pro-brexit, I don’t worry about it insulting remain voters who may wish to book an appointment with me because I am not unpleasant about remainers, I stand up for my principles and many remain clients that I have met in 2018 have said that my belief in Brexit is an endearing quality because I have stood by what I believe in and never faultered.  I am never rude to the public on twitter over Brexit.  Celebrities and Politicians are fair game.

The year 2018 has been my most difficult yet.  I nearly died on one occasion, last January and I had to have an operation in the summer with a 75% chance of survival.  I had to make a decision to have an operation under full anaesthetic with the risk that I would not wake up at the other end of it.  I was given 24 hours to think about it.  It was that serious.  I hope that most you never have to make that decision.  I also had to put my financial affairs in order, make a new will, I had to speak to friends and relatives about my four cats and my dog and I had to basically decide where I was in life, where I needed to be right at that moment and what life changing decisions I would have to make, should I wake up and realise it had not gone according to plan.

I had a 45% chance of having to have a stoma bag and it was not temporarily, it was for life.  I had to have discussions with the stoma nurse about how this would change my life from that moment onwards and that probability was high and would have meant that I would have had to retire from escort work indefinitely.  I signed my operation consent form in July when the operation was originally supposed to be scheduled however my bowel was so heavily diseased that I was sent home on strong drugs to see if they could save the remainder of my bowel which was healthy.  I had two perforations and six small tumours which had not turned to cancer at this stage.  We didn’t know any of this until 2018 and the tumours were discovered by chance.

I semi-retired from escort work in July 2018 after learning about the tumours.  I was told on Thursday 19th July about them after a camera examination a fortnight earlier.  On the 20th July at 5pm I was admitted into hospital for further tests and an operation on Tuesday 24th July.  They wanted to do the further tests over the weekend when the hospital was quiet and had very few out patients. I was assigned a side cubicle so I could not be contaminated by any other patients over that weekend. On Monday 23rd July they decided that they couldn’t operate as my chance of death had gone to over 50%, I was at a 35% risk of a full blood transfusion and it was all a bit of a mess.  My bowel was so heavily inflamed and diseased that an operation would run the risk of me losing the entire bowel itself.  On that Monday I was given a re-admittance letter for Monday 20th August 2018 at 7am.

I didn’t see any guys in those four weeks, I had already told everyone I was going to be taking a break anyway and it complicated matters, I had only told a very small group of people who I have known for a lot of years and I had taken sick leave in my other job.

To finish this little chapter, I woke up at 7pm on Monday 20th August and they’d managed to sew my two healthy bits of bowel together.  I’d had ONE inch to play with but I was warned that I would never be as lucky again and that the tumours had also been removed.  I would be under observation for a number of years to come but they caught this before I had developed bowel cancer.

After six weeks off I started to get back to normal.  I was in hospital for 10 days after my operation and I needed to try and get back into the swing of things.  I had saved, saved and saved for months before the operation.  What had started as a hospital admittance with stomach pains last January ended up being a life changing operation.

My first appointment back was a nightmare.  I was so upset.  He was a regular client, lovely to speak to, lovely to see, good looking about 55 years old and when he phoned one evening, I agreed to see him but I explained that I had a wound that was difficult to heal, 4 puncture wounds and a large wound that was fully healed (where they chucked it all out of).  I said that everything worked fine however he was not allowed to bounce up and down on my cock and there was a chance that I could not get hard but that I had many many toys available and he was fine about it.  The appointment went great and I did get hard but then at the end he asked for a discount in light of my operation wounds.  My confidence fell dramatically.  He did pay the full fee in the end and he did apologise by text later that night but I seen him on that basis and he used it as an opportunity to try and save £20.  Had he not ejaculated in the appointment then I could have been more open to this request but if you were happy to attend, we did everything as discussed and you cum ………… then there’s no need to be a dick !!!!!

I decided not to see anyone else for another month.

In November, I returned to escort work full time.  I am not fully recovered, I have temperatures once every few days because things get stuck and I am on loads of medication which successfully controls everything.  I take the medication at 10pm hence my self imposed 10pm cut off that I mention, every bloody day.  It’s because I have to take morphine, tramadol, ciprofloxacin and a laxative.  I have to schedule my toilet times ……. and without going into too much detail it’s because the nerves and veins can’t currently communicate.  I take them at 8am (or when I wake up) and I take my second at 10pm to be timed for 11pm.  Now you know why I am 10am to 10pm.  I can take it later but once I have, well you don’t want to be worshipping my bum hahahahahahahaha.  I need specific medication to function.  You all now know.  When I say I am available until Midnight, I am but if I have an appointment after 10pm I need to prepare after that and that means I am up until 2am which I don’t mind but 10pm is my normal cut off point.  It means that if nothing is coming in, I can have a reasonably good nights sleep.

Over the last two months, I have found terrific support from my loyal clients, my friends on twitter, personal friends where I live and work colleagues.  I have also found a core of remoaners who see “Sex Worker” and decide to demean and insult me.  They’re usually well educated people but they don’t seem to understand that sex work is legal.  I did this work to get my accountancy qualifications and I stuck at it.  I like it, it supplements my income, I don’t harm anyone, I only see men over 21 and everything is nicely settled for me.  When they see my colourful profession online, they like to take the piss out of it.  I am usually more highly qualified than them and what makes me laugh is that they’re probably the same people who go out there and pay for a male / female or trans escort and think that they are respectable people, which they are, but they fail to remember that we are too and not every sex worker is a trafficked, or an abused sex worker from the People’s Republic of Lesbania (as Linda La Hughes would say).

Just because I am a sex worker, it does not make your opinion worth more than mine.  We all have an equal say in our democracy.  In my other professional career, about 80% of my colleagues are brexit too.  Financial services are not a remain type industry, we lead this field in the UK and the EU would love to get their grubby hands on it.  The remain voters that I have come across are often public sector university employees, who rely on EU funding, cyclists, council workers and civil servants, yes ………. people in jobs that are relatively secure.  They’re not joiners, welders, chambermaids or shopworkers, they are people with nice little stable lives.  Life isn’t like that unfortunately.  These people are not the normal joe public, driving a white van and wondering how to keep his family fed for the next six months in an unsecured job.  That’s the person I meet for an intimate encounter and who tells me about his struggles and that’s why I am very much Brexit.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good Christmas Break and here’s to an interesting 2019.  Let’s hope it’s a no-deal Brexit.



Helping Out A Client

One of the things that I am most proud of in 2018 was my ability to help a disabled client with a Personal Independent Payment claim.  I had seen him in January and he had been telling me that he’d been for an assessment in December and was awaiting the results of the ATOS medical examination.  He was confident that he would continue with his PIP award that he’d had for five years.

He was one of the first people to be awarded this new benefit in 2013 and it was re-awarded in 2015 but in 2017 he was called in for an assessment at their local office on Newburn Riverside in Newcastle.

He’d arrived with his sister, in his wheelchair and presented his driving licence as ID on arrival and everything seemed fine.  It was on 22nd December 2017, a year and a day ago.

On the 5th January he received a letter from the DWP that he had lost his benefit and they had dropped his Daily Living allowance to zero and his Mobility to zero.  This was a loss of £581.40 a month. His sister also lost her carers allowance of £64.60 a week (£258.40 a month) as it’s intrinsically linked to that benefit.  Total loss £839.80 a month.  He also lost his disabled bus pass and blue badge.  His sister used the carers allowance money to take him out once a week, it covered the petrol, lunch, a few things for the house when he was out and made his life worth living.  In a stroke, it was gone.

He appealed and they said that the award stood.  I had seen him again in February when he told me about this predicament he was in and he said it was probably his last appointment because he couldn’t afford my fee to visit him any longer.  He was solely dependent on Employment and Support Allowance of £174  a fortnight (£87 a week) until a reconsideration was decided upon.

Many of you know that I am a fully qualified accountant, I am actually an auditor and I specialise in seeing things that others can’t see, so I offered, free of charge to take a look at his claim and he phoned the DWP and gave me power of attorney over the claim, it meant that they had to deal with me directly from this moment onwards. He had nothing to lose and so I started this task the following day when I  asked for a copy of his medical report from ATOS.

Four days later, one damp February morning, the report arrived.  There was nothing untoward in the report.  It was well put together but I noticed on four occasions the word “she”.  I didn’t think much of it at first but my meticulous training made it bug me.  I sent my client a text and asked him if both him and his sister would meet with me, all he had to do was tell her that I was someone he had appointed on a “no win no fee basis” to look at his claim, they both agreed and this then became very interesting.

He had arrived at the assessment centre with his sister, they held the door open and she wheeled him in and he presented his driving licence as proof of identification.  His sister got him a cup of water and he drank it and then he was called into the assessment room.  The report clearly said that during the entire 45 minute assessment he never took off his coat or jumper or moved from his wheelchair.  I have embolden these three things because they are significant and anything hereon put in bold is significant too.

Their version of events was that she was “lovely, friendly and very concerned for his health and the assessor acknowledged that PIP had given him independence”.  They thought the claim would be successful.  The assessor wheeled him to the car and wished them a Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!

The report I was sent by ATOS stated that he never moved forward from his chair and spoke slowly in it’s opening paragraph and stated “He arrived here with his sister as he doesn’t have a driving licence

This is where things started to REALLY bug me !!!!

On four occasions over a two week period I phoned ATOS in Stockton on Tees and asked for proof of identification.  On three occasions they were sending it in the first class post that day.  On three occasions it never arrived.  On the fourth occasion I asked for it to be sent special delivery at which point they said “We destroy POI after the client has left for data protection rules” to which I replied “Nope…… you don’t because two years down the line the DWP might want to see who arrived claiming to be someone else“.  It was at this point that ATOS would no longer deal with me.  I then went back to the DWP.  It’s not unknown of people to cheat the system by turning up pretending to be someone else.

The DWP, in light of this requested proof of identification to be sent to them and they sent me a copy.  It confirmed that the driving licence had been used, including the licence number.  This was the first victory in this very sorry state of affairs.

After confirming that their information about the driving licence was incorrect the DWP said it did not constitute this a re-consideration and stated that the claimant had already asked for a mandatory re-consideration in January before I was involved and therefore they could not do a re-consideration of a mandatory re-consideration.  I directed them to the blatant lie in the opening paragraph about the driving licence and they agreed to re-consider it again.  Four weeks then passed

We were now into April 2018, the re-consideration was successful (sort of).  He needed 12 points for higher mobility and they awarded him 11 and they awarded him one point under the threshold for the daily living allowance, so he got nothing for that but he did get a small backdated amount of money.  The award was so small (£20 a week) that it was not enough to re-instate his bus pass or blue badge as they are only awarded on receipt of the higher element of the mobility compenent.   I decided to take a fresh look at the report again and under my power of attorney with the DWP, I phoned Employment and Support Allowance who did a medical on him in 2o17 at Arden House in Gosforth.  Their report was sent to me by special delivery and arrived the following day (thank you, you were lovely people to deal with).  The report stated “his debilitating condition means that he should no longer be subject to a medical examination, he is near pensionable age and I am satisfied that he no longer needs to be assessed by the Department for Work and Pensions“.  This was written by a registered doctor, not an ATOS assessor, the DWP use doctors for ESA assessments, however they use ATOS for PIP who are usually jobbing nurses, his assessor at PIP was a nurse and was clearly stated in the report…..yes a nurse, not a qualified doctor.  He had already told me, prior to this, that his ESA had no end date and this was confirmed in the medical report.

I spoke to the DWP in late April and under my authority we elected to go to tribunal.  In between my other commitments I went through his medical report time and time again and those “she” bugged me (as I said earlier) and so did the driving licence.  It was then that I discovered something on my third reading of the report.  IT WAS IN TWO FONTS.  I had not noticed it before but pages 1-8 were in one font, 9-12 in another font and 13-18 in the original font.  I kept this to myself.

I photocopied the report and circled words I didn’t like then I went onto “Word” and put the entire sentence which contained each word I didn’t like into a bullet point, much the same as I do with audit investigations.  I was shocked at what I discovered.

The driving licence was in the original font, we had agreed it was incorrect and they were very blaise about it, saying it was just an oversight but I discovered that the “she” references were in font number two.  Every she reference was in that font and it was in that font that the ATOS lady claimed she did a spinal column examination.  What when he NEVER removed his coat.  She then said she lent forward with the drinking cup and placed it on the table, yet previous she said he never moved in his wheelchair.  What was it to be……….. she or he.

I wrote to his GP after he had taken a letter in giving me (once again) power of attorney over this. His GP agreed to meet me for 10 minutes at 8pm after surgery closed on a Thursday.  She was very nice and I asked her to read their claim about the spinal column examination and she said “in my 35 years as a GP I can’t remember the last time I examined someone with their winter clothes on”.  I asked her if she would put this in writing to me and she said she would do.  The following morning the surgery phoned me and asked me to collect a letter.  She confirmed it.

As we had elected to go to tribunal, I had received the court documents.  I completed them, signed them as his legal representative and supplied the additional information from his GP.  In my bundle was my own report about the medical examination, every flaw in it.  The he/she, the examination that didn’t happen, the cup that was never put down, the two fonts and the opinion of his GP.  I asked them to pay particular attention to pages 9-12 which seemed to be the medical report of a woman, copied and pasted into his examination report.  I sent it on Monday 2nd July by special delivery.  The Courts and Tribunal Service wrote back and gave us a date for 25th July 2018 at court which I received on Friday 6th July.

On Monday 16th July, upon reciept of my evidence, the DWP wrote to both me and my client and cancelled the court date and awarded him HIGHER Daily Living and HIGHER Mobility for 4 years and backdated his money and they re-instated his sisters carers and backdated that too.  The carers allowance can only be backdated for three months but in light of this evidence they backdated it for a full six and a half months.

I might be a sex worker, but a sex worker did all of that for a client ……………. for nothing




Why Do They Do It – Two Strange Instances

There are two stories here, both things involving local people, they are not connected but this will give you an idea of what I have to put up with at times.

A month or so ago, I seen a client who said he had phoned me for an appointment and when I answered I sounded completely different.  The guy told him Steve wasn’t around today and he was offered someone else.  He thought he must have telephoned the wrong number and tried me again from the number on my website, found me and came along that evening.  I never thought much of this until last weekend.  I thought that maybe he had simply seen my details and rang the number underneath by accident.  Things like this do happen.

Last Saturday, a regular, trusted client came to visit me and he said “Someone in Newcastle is advertising as you with a different number”.  He showed me the advert and blimey yes, they were my details, my pictures but a completely different number.  He told me he had called the number out of curiosity as it’s not the number he’s dialled for the past six years and not one I advertise with on twitter or on my website.  He was told that this guy was indeed Steve and was based in the city centre, not Gosforth.  He wondered if I had moved or if I had decided to work at a massage studio in town.   I explained I had not done either and he could clearly see that as he was here visiting my apartment, where he had visited ever since his first appointment.

Last Sunday I started searching online.  Because I am so well known there are not many escorts in the UK called Steve.  Most escorts are respectful enough not to use the name of someone established and they don’t want a mix up between themselves and someone else anyway as it’s of no benefit to the client.  I found the advert once again and sent a text message to the number to find out why they were advertising as me.  There’s enough room for two Steve’s in Newcastle but there’s no room for guys pretending to be me to get clients.

Within five minutes of my enquiry, I got a reply, this quite surprised me.  It was his friends phone apparently and he had just obtained the sim card back and didn’t realise that this person had been advertising as me.  If you believe that then you believe that Theresa May has the best interests of Brexit at heart.  They had apparently swapped sims with each other (for some unknown reason) and he now had his sim back after they had fallen out.  Twenty minutes later another text message came through from a new number.  Someone claiming to be the mother of this escort (yes it’s that bizarre) telling me that she would get this “sorted”.  I told her that I wanted the adverts removed by Friday or I would seek legal advice.  The adverts were removed two days later on Tuesday.

Why would someone want to do this and why all of the lies and drama about swapped sims and texts from his alleged mother.  It all worked out ok in the end  but had a client not told me about it, this guy would still be advertising as me.  If you want to work as an escort, please give it a whirl, just don’t pretend to be someone who has a very good reputation in the area or claim that I am not around and push yourself instead.

This gets me onto my second local issue……….

Again, about a month ago, I received an email from a client telling me that I was being discussed on a local facebook notice board.  The post had been removed but before it was removed he had obtained a screen grab of it.  It wasn’t anything nasty about me.  I advertise on the internet and many people know I live in Gosforth but they used me to poke fun at a group of local residents and mentioned “Gosforth Gay Escort Steve” on the post.  I had the guys name from the screen grab and once again, like the guy last weekend, I did a search online for him.  A quick look on Companies House at Directors Reports found the gentleman who made the post.  I found his company website and on the key people page was this guy, same guy who had a number of pictures on his facebook open for all to see.  Bingo.

Over the course of an evening I @ this guy in a number of twitter posts, using their company twitter account, asking why he was attempting to out me.  As a sex worker this puts me in a vulnerable position and although I live quite close to this person, we have never met each other, nor do we know each other but he thought it was acceptable to use my name, my profession and my business to cause ridicule to others. He was making me look indiscreet to possible customers who live in the community.  I also live in that community and do not actively advertise myself to local people. By @ his business into my posts on twitter I was alerting his customers to the fact that he did this and this didn’t go down well.  I also emailed him that evening to his company email address laying down what I had been told, what I had a copy of and what had been subsequently removed by the forum members of the group page, before my client screen grabbed it.

After many emails, we decided to part on neutral terms, I agreed to remove the tweets and he agreed not to mention me.  I do not market myself on local facebook groups, I keep my business and myself discreet and under the radar and when this was put on the other foot, the response was as I expected…….he didn’t like it.

I have agreed not to name this gentleman, his company or what he did provided he keeps his end of the deal and does not mention me in public again.  I have had no further cause for concern but if I do see it again, I will involve my police liaison officers from Northumbria Police.  I have called on them on two occasions before, once over malicious phone calls where a guy was making these calls from his office phone at All Saints Business Park in Newcastle (they can trace withheld calls) and once over a guy who was sending me text messages telling me which lights were on in my home, which really spooked me and without hesitation I will gladly do it again.  Both gentlemen were visited by police officers, one at his work place in front of colleagues.

Money For Nothing

It amuses me at at times and I know it amuses many of my friends who also work in the sex and massage industry when clients say to me and to them “It’s Money for nothing this job”Money For Nothing – Oh you don’t know the half of it !!!

Let’s take last week.  Four drunks on voicemail during the night, a varied selection of text messages from men at 1.11am, 2.05am, 4.17am on various nights, all expecting me to be awake and two of them expecting an outcall, I also had a silent caller and a heavy breather.  Yes it’s dead easy this job.

I do like this job but it’s certainly not money for nothing.  Last week I had a client in who has a few personal difficulties, which I won’t discuss on here, but this one hour appointment is a lot of hard work and one hell of a lot of effort to ensure that the time, that he pays for, is perfect for him.  I even put up with a small bit of personal, verbal abuse during it, but it’s not his fault, it’s just the way he is and his disability means that he doesn’t consider that his behaviour is unreasonable.  Luckily I know he’s coming to visit me about four days in advance so I can ensure that I don’t book anyone else in an hour before or an hour after his scheduled arrival time as he can turn up early without thinking and he can arrive late without thinking too and an hour isn’t an hour.  His hour last week took up two hours of my time because he had got himself lost coming to visit me and I had to jump in the car and try to find him.  Thankfully I did find him and everything was good.  He then said at the end of the appointment, “Can I have some money back as I am sure that was just half an hour“.  His appointment was for 2pm, I collected him just after 2pm, shortly after he had phoned me and told me he was lost in Gosforth and it was already 3.15pm when he said this to me and my time with him still wasn’t done, I still needed to drop him at Regent Centre Metro Station, in 3pm traffic with the schools coming out with bumper to bumber traffic so I had to be stern and refuse his request because that was basically just taking the piss a little and abusing my generosity.  In addition to this, his mother phoned four times during the appointment.  He’s 22 but she obviously checks on him constantly during the day.  That’s most certainly NOT money for nothing.  His 2pm for one hour had me jump in the car at 1.45pm to find him and get back home at 3.50pm after dropping him off.  Yes, a little over two hours, for a one hour fee, so once again, this was most certainly not Money for Nothing.

Quite often, we’re more than just a paid sexual encounter, we’re someone who often listens to their inner most feelings and we’re someone who may be the only other person in the world who knows that they have a sexual need to have physical contact with another man.  I see a lot of men who tell me that I am the only gay escort that they have ever seen and quite often you can just roll your eyes and think “yeah of course” but there are a small few who I completely believe.  Those men are paying Money for Something and I happen to be that something and so I try and tailor the appointment to their needs and desires.

I’ve taken appointments from guys at 10am, who have booked for 8pm and who turn up at my home coked off their nut, sometimes drunk and the nicest man on the phone can be a pig of an ignoramus when he arrives.  That’s not money for nothing.

I often go through phases where I see 20 lovely men in a row and then my luck changes and I get five or six tossers one after the other and you go to bed at night and wonder what you did to deserve that.  I suppose it’s like working in a supermarket, most people are nice and then you get an awkward twunt who makes your life a misery.

You do see good looking men, respectful gentlemen and chatty, funny, friendly guys and sometimes they can be “Money for Nothing” but when you’re in any type of job that deals directly with the public, the job is rarely money for nothing.  You have to treat every client with the same respect.  Sometimes I have to allow a little bit of extra time for some clients but then you get others who book an hour and are gone in 40 minutes, thank you personally for the experience and return again the following month.

Whenever I hear Money for Nothing I think to myself ………… I’d love to see you do this and witness just what a difficult job this can be at times.


Maybe It Is Time For A Re-Invention

I am a bit like Madonna ……. over the years I have had to re-invent myself a few times.  When I first started escorting I was about 10 stone, early 20’s and went by the name of Lee.  This was great at the time and 90% of my clients were older Daddy types.  Most guys I would see were businessmen in their 50’s, always top and their dicks were always on the hunt for a fine piece of booty.  Straight men are obsessed by anal sex and I worked this out very quickly and if the wife isn’t interested, there’s always some male ass to be found.  Men have a physical need to explore the pleasures of the bum, whether they are giving it, receiving it or exploring both sides of the spectrum.  Most of my clients are married men or men in a heterosexual relationship.

In those days, most of my escort work came via contact ads, free listings in top shelf magazines and the free rags you’d get on the gay scene like Boyz and Scotsgay as well as paid adverts in the adult sections of Loot and Quick Ads, those green and yellow free ads papers that came out on a Thursday at the newsagents.  I was very popular in Edinburgh and would tour there once a month for three or four days, staying in a serviced apartment near to the Grassmarket.

Fast forward about eight years and the contact magazines were drying up and the internet was taking over.  Trinity Mirror banned all adverts in their local papers like Loot and Quick Ads following pressure from MP’s and so my bouncing around the bed days looked to be over.  However I found a way to re-invent myself.

I hunted around for a web company that were ok with escorting websites.  It’s more difficult than it sounds.  A lot of hosting providers have clauses, in the small print, which forbid escort sites or the marketing of what they consider to be immoral services and it also matters where the hosting company are based because local laws can determine whether they can host your site on their servers, no matter where in the world you may be.  I found one, phoned them, discussed it with customer services and was assured that they had no policy on adult sites as long as the site did not include blatant pornography.  On 24th March 2011, almost 8 years ago, I created www.steveeescort.co.uk and took the internet by the horns.  Six months later I joined twitter.  I have had two websites hosted on my webspace, both of which I designed myself, did all of the coding myself and all of the marketing too.  My website hosting costs me a paltry £10 a month.  My blog, that you are reading now, is also owned by me, sits on my server and is independent of WordPress, therefore avoiding any conflict that WordPress may have over sex work.  I use their software, not their servers.

Most people know that I fell into escort work completely by accident.  I didn’t wake up once day and think “Gee I think I will suck some cock today for money”.  I liked it, I stuck at it, it got me through university debt free and I see more men today than I did when I was Twinkette Lee, all those years ago, however I am a realist and I now think that maybe another incarnation of Steve is the order of the day.

When I re-invented myself in 2011, I went along the gentleman escort route.  I am very well educated, have an extensive wardrobe, I can talk about almost any subject imaginable, I am cultured and I have travelled extensively around the world.  I have a beautiful home, I am reliable and I know what men want and so I appealed to a CEO, senior management type and I needed to retain the loyalty of this market and so I went from bounce around the bed bunny to someone you could wine and dine and still bounce around the bed.  The small talk changed from Kylie’s new tour to what was front page of The Times.  I still regularly see the Mr White Van Man types, some of whom I have seen for a number of years alongside a huge number of local guys who live within a five to ten mile radius because I rarely turn anyone down. Although I market myself to an executive client base, I realise that I can’t turn down regular local appointments and I treat everyone with the same respect.

I excel in the executive market and I have hundreds of senior management clients who are regular in their own way, some I see every month, some once every six months and some once a year.  Most of my regular loyal clients don’t live in Newcastle but I am their first choice when they are in the area and many clients fly me abroad, to luxury hotels in the UK and come to visit me when they’re passing through Newcastle.  The review that I published yesterday showed the type of client that I attract and it was something that this client said that made me think about the possibility of another re-invention.

Nobody books an appointment with me to see a 19 year old guy, that’s quite obvious and a quick glance on local advertising sites will show you an array of 19 to 23 year old lads just aching to be fucked.  I am not that market, I am something completely different.  The client who sent me the review that I published yesterday (well it was Monday when I got it) also sent a second email and he’s given me permission to publish an extract from it.

One of the things I was most impressed with was your size and stature, you’re a big bloke and I didn’t get that from the pictures.  I got (from twitter) that you are very opinionated and very true to yourself and you stand by your principles.  I do not agree with you on things like Brexit but the fact that you sit there and stand by what you believe in is a very attractive proposal to a man like me who has had to be independently minded my entire working career and stand by what I believe is right.

Going back to size and stature Steve, please don’t be insulted by that observation.  Men who like Men, who want real men don’t want a 25 year old himbo and from what I have read and understand about you, you were once that 25 year old.  We discussed this briefly on Friday and you need to think more about marketing yourself on the fact that you’re a big lad, you’re tall, well built, bearded and have a hairy chest and back, men like me like that and when I met you I was “wow” because I didn’t expect that.  To put this into one sentence I would say. If you decide to go down a different road with this work, you need to market and push yourself as a “Real Man“.  It’s a crowd puller and if I had realised this a lot earlier, I would have made a special exception to visit you.  Keep the executive market, I am also that market but think about your strong personal qualities.  Men like a real man.  Think about how TS and TV escorts market themselves at men wanting a fem escort with male body parts, your strength is marketing yourself as the exact opposite.  The horniest bit of our encounter was that I was shagging a real man, yes a real man was allowing me to enter him and was thanking me for it throughout intercourse.  What a bloody turn on.

This was a very interesting and refreshing email and since my operation earlier this year, where I lost a lot of regular clients, I wondered how I should kick start my career.  I have been here for around 18 years and never regretted this work once however I am a realist and I do know that in order to survive in what is a very competitive market then I have to consider re-inventing myself.

I have no plans to retire however in the summer it looked very likely that I would have to retire.  I ran the risk of having a permanent stoma bag but my operation was a complete success and I avoided that fate.  I went into that operation not knowing what the future held.

I have said to clients for many years that I will “Carry on escorting until the phone stops ringing and regular clients stop visiting”.  Over the summer, before my operation I would only see regular clients and I was still very busy, not as busy as before but I still ticked along nicely.  I have lost a few along the way because taking almost three months off work does affect bookings but I am sure that most will eventually return.

Maybe it is time to market my masculine qualities.  Maybe it is time for a Re-Invention.




New Review 4th December 2018

This was sent to me by email and therefore I have copied it over to the blog as it’s the best place to keep my reviews.  It’s very detailed and I must have impressed him, he’s given me permission to publish it.

Dear Steve

Please add the following review to your website, I have written it in the style of an Adultwork review but as I did not book you via Adultwork I have written it in the same vein as I think a detailed review would be a good asset for marketing your superb service.  I will send another email by separate cover just to explain why I wrote it.

Appointment – 5pm – 30th November 2018

The Initial Enquiry

Visited Steve at his apartment.  I was planning to arrive at his home by Metro as I was arriving into Newcastle on a flight from Heathrow and was staying in Morpeth for a family wedding for the weekend but as soon as he realised I was flying in, he offered to collect me from the airport entrance.  I had phoned Steve a few days before and it was all conducted in a professional and courteous manner.  He asked if I would text or call once I was through airport security at Heathrow to confirm that I was on my way and he said that he would arrive at Newcastle Airport about 10 minutes after my arrival time.  That attention to detail made me feel very confident that I had made the correct choice.

Arrival & First Impressions

Arrived at Steve’s apartment, which is very tasteful, Classic FM playing on the radio, huge king sized bed, massage table, walk in rain shower which was warm and inviting on this very cold rainy afternoon.

I felt a bit guilty about only booking an hour when he’d gone to so much trouble.  Had a shower to freshen up, if you go to visit him you must use the shower, it’s a huge rain shower which falls from what I can only describe as a huge shower head about 8 to 9 foot high.  Steve also jumped in at my request.  Expensive Ralph Lauren fluffy towels available and this might sound like a silly thing to comment on but I stay in some fine hotels around the world and his “client room” as he calls it is just that, a luxury boutique boudoir.  You couldn’t miss the Ralph Lauren motif on the towels.

Steve is a bearded hairy guy and what you could only describe as a well built bloke.  Steve is not what you would expect from an escort and I was quite surprised because he’s very much like someone you’d work with or have a few drinks with in the pub.  You can tell that he’s very well educated and knows exactly what he’s doing.  Steve was wearing a pair of black speedos which I requested in advance for our shower experience as I didn’t want to see what was on offer straight away, I wanted a bit of tease beforehand.

The Appointment

I am top and this was discussed beforehand.  Steve was immaculately clean both in his presentation and inside for anal sex.  He is fully shaven with a fantastic arse that you can get lost in forever.  At my request Steve didn’t wear any deodorant or scent as I like the smell of a guy when I get an opportunity like this.  Sex was great, it wasn’t timed or mechanical and he has some stamina.  I have been with many male escorts who expect the fucking to be the end performance and who seem to think it should be over within a few minutes, Steve encourages this at the beginning, in the middle and at the end.  I certainly got my fill of fucking, to last me a few months before I get another chance at a same sex encounter again.

The End

Quick shower and Steve ordered me a taxi from his home to go to my follow on location, which turned up about ten minutes later.

Would I Return

Most certainly but the last time I was in Newcastle was in 1992 and this encounter could only happen as my partner had already arrived in the North East a few days before and I had a good excuse to visit Steve on the way.  If you are considering an appointment with Steve, it’s makes a huge difference to the appointment if he knows in advance what you want from it.  I was quite up front, I like to be top and two or three times in an appointment would be great but I stressed that I could only cum once so therefore a bit of edging is something that would most certainly be needed in our encounter.  I was impressed that he picked me up at the Airport and knowing this I rewarded him with a bottle of something 40% proof from the airport, which I gave him as I left.   As for Steve himself, he’s a very smart, friendly, confident man.  I stress MAN because if you’re visiting him expecting a limp wristed fem guy, he’s not going to impress you.  He’s a man, built like a man, speaks like a man and dresses like a man.  I am bisexual and if I want to have sex with a man, I want a man.  This is what I got.

Recommended – Yes

Score – 10/10