4 Men Then A Cummy Arse

30th December 2012

Almost a year ago I was invited to a private sex party (as an escort) with four older guys, all of whom took turns on my arse and mouth until they were all completely spent.  It was time for a rematch.  Two of the original four guys were there and they invited along another two like minded men.  Once again it happened at the same local hotel within walking distance of my home.  It had been a fantastic experience the first time and so once my fee was negotiated I went along as their cum slut.  One of the guys paid me as agreed and strangely enough it was the same guy who paid me last time and bought drinks for everyone.  I suspect he pays for the appointment as a treat for the other three blokes.  It’s none of my business anyway and if he wants to pay me to service him and three other friends then it’s fine by me.

I arrived, on Saturday afternoon, at the lodge type hotel and went straight to their room.  All four were there and they had champagne for me on arrival.  After the normal hello’s and small talk, I made a beeline for the hairy, goatee bearded daddy type.  He was sitting on the chair next to the work desk.  I sat on his knee, facing him, wearing only a jock strap whilst one of the other gentlemen fingered my arse.  Next thing you know, he’d guided “daddy type’s” cock into my arse and I was well onto my first ride of the afternoon.  One of the other guys licked his balls whilst I slid up and down on his thick shaft, deep kissing him.   The “boss man” who pays for the appointment came over and shoved his dick in my mouth and I greedily slurped up the already seeping pre-cum.

After about 20 rides of daddy dick I moved over to the bed.   The bloke who hadn’t had any attention yet bent me on all fours and fucked me doggy, my arse was open and wet from daddy dick and so he slid straight up without any effort.  I clamped my arse muscles on his cock and he punch fucked me (where you take your dick all the way out and then slam it back up to the balls).   He had a massive donkey dick, much bigger than average.  The boss guy then got behind him and started fucking him, he was now fucking me whilst being fucked himself.  The guy who was playing with daddy dick’s balls, earlier, then shoved his cock in my mouth, he had a nice fat dick, he was Iranian, very hairy and very well spoken when I arrived but now I was being told to “Suck that fucking seed out of my cock, you dirty fucking slut”.

The Bossman, pulled his dick out of the donkey dick guy, came over to me and dumped his spunk all over the dick of the Iranian guy I was sucking off, which was then pushed back into my mouth for me to clean off.  With boss man taking a rest, he sat on the side and watched the action, wanking himself hard again from all the cock, arse and mouth on display.

I flipped on to my back, with a raging hard on, the Iranian guy slurped on my fat dick then mounted me, I had him on top and daddy dick went straight back up my arse.  I still had room for more and the 4th guy with the donkey dick pushed his cock into my mouth and I performed deep throat on his cock.  It wasn’t long until he was spent and a couple of minutes into this session he released a huge load deep down my throat.

It was time for a rest and another glass of champagne.   The boss man led me into the bathroom and sat me in the bottom of the shower cubicle.  Him and daddy dick wanted to piss all over me.  I am not usually into watersports and can’t do it on demand myself but if the mood is horny then I can be open to most things    After waiting a moment or two, daddy dick kicked off and let a huge stream of hot piss release and drenched my chest and cock, the boss man wanted me on all fours and he covered my arse and back in his golden shower.  I then ran a shower.  Whilst running the shower, the Iranian guy joined me, he hadn’t cum yet and so he showered me down and I cleaned up his very hairy body in the shower.  I went down on him and it didn’t take long for him to dump a load of cum over my lips, nose and cheeks.  Nicely mopped up and showered I came back into the room for the finale.

On my back, the Iranian guy. now spent, pulled my legs apart whilst boss man fucked me, then donkey dick had a go and finally daddy dick did the final fuck.   All three guys finished off wanking over me and I was rewarded with three loads of cum over my back face and arse.

A quick shower and it was back to reality.  All four blokes were “fucked” and all very happy.  Quick shower and I made my way home.  It occurred to me that during that whole two hour session I hadn’t even cum.  Yes I have fucked the Iranian guy with him on top and been fucked by them all at some point, pissed on by two of them and swallowed a few loads of cum but I’d not been de-spunked.  But that was about the change.

I walked the short journey home, put on the Christmas Tree lights, poured myself a well deserved glass of wine and closed the blinds, it was just after 4.30pm, the phone rang and it was a regular client of mine.  ”Hi Steve, I was wondering if I could pop over in about 30 minutes, I am off out in town early tonight with my mates and thought I might call in on my way”.     I had a quick shower, heated up the bedroom and got the porn ready.  He arrived just after 5pm, practically ripped off my speedos that he’d asked me to wear, tongued my arse and shoved his lovely cock deep inside, no foreplay, just pure unadulterated sex.  He’s not a quickie either, this bloke can fuck.  I am always so turned on by him and having been fucked almost repeatedly for 2 hours earlier that afternoon I wasn’t far from cumming,  I was dripping in precum from each stroke of my arse, stimulating my prostate gland.  He kept scooping up the precum off my cock and applying it to his cock to use as lube on my hole.  That always turns me on when he’s just as filthy.  Next thing, I knew, he flipped me around and started fucking me really hard, doggy style from behind and I knew I was going to cum.  He pushed his hand around in front of my dick and told me to cum in the cup of his hand.  I did, he pulled out his dick and with my arse wide open he poured all my spunk into my wide open hole and then cum fucked me to oblivion.  My spunk was seeping out of my hole and down my balls and down the shaft of his cock.  He kept pulling out his dick and standing back, wanking it to keep it hard, telling me to push out the spunk, each time it came out, he pushed it back in with his cock, fucking me harder, getting me to push it out.  He was ready to cum and pulled out of my arse, flipped me on my back and dumped his load in mouth.  I was overdosing on spunk today.  I had been fucked stupid since 2pm by 5 different men, pissed on, made to swallow cum, had an arse full of my own juice and now here I was taking another.  It was time to call it a day, my 5pm guy was spent too, “I’ll be having a cracking night now mate, thoroughly filthy you are”.  Yes I am and my god did I work for it on Saturday.  It’s supposed to be Christmas and New Year and here I am working harder than ever.

I took the rest of Saturday night off and went out on Gosforth High Street for a drink with a friend.  No more cum for me until Sunday.

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