A Bad Experience

I am always excited on Bank Holiday Weekends, they’re always a busy little time for me.  This weekend is no exception, however on Saturday I was a little upset and annoyed with myself.  I had a Bad Experience.

99.999% of the guys are wonderful.  Some more wonderful than others and some I may not be so keen on but wouldn’t turn down if they phoned me again.  Generally everyone is nice and respecful of the service I provide, however my experience on Saturday reminded me that not everyone has impeccable manners.
The guy, in question, sounded nice on the phone, he wanted 3pm, then 2pm and then decided he needed it now and so arrived at approximately 12.45pm.  I seen him alight from his taxi outside my door and my first thought was “Geordie Shore”.  Yes he was the type.  The tight tee shirt, tats, tan, in other words, a bit of a tit.
In he walks, takes off his shoes and I showed him into the bedroom.  He asked if he could have a shower first, so I ran the shower, sorted out a towel and hovered around making small talk.  I briefly walked into the bathroom to get a small hand towel for the bedroom and he said “Sorry mate, can I have a bit of privacy here”.  I thought that was very odd, especially as I am likely to be sucking his cock in a few minutes.  What was the privacy bit all about.  I hadn’t asked for the money up front, at this stage, my own fault….. I know…. but I tend to trust most gentlemen, because they usually are gentlemen.
He came through to the bedroom and wanted a bit of a back massage, he told me he was here on a stag trip, he was 35 and this was his first time with a bloke.  He was full of his own self importance and I am used to that attitude so nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  He then said he wanted to rim me and suck cock for the first time.  Not a problem, I love being rimmed, it’s one of the most wonderful things a guy can do to me.  Bit of brief fun and he jumped up all of a sudden and made his way to the bathroom and ran the shower.  He asked for hair product, moisturiser, a hair dryer etc and got himself dressed.  He asked me to book him a taxi, so I grabbed my phone and rang a local cab company and asked for a taxi from my home address to the Quayside.  At this stage he bolted past me and made a beeline for the door, thinking I had booked him a taxi.  “Not so fast” I said, “Firstly the door is locked and secondly we’ve not sorted the money side out yet”.  
He paused in his tracks.  “I am not paying you, this was just fun, in fact, you should be paying me, I am gorgeous” he replied.  “Really”, I said, “I am sure the police might have something to say about that when I call them”.  “You wouldn’t ring the police you fucking twat” he shrieked……….  “Watch me” I replied.
He threw the money on the floor (classy), I opened the door and he scarpered.  He thought I’d booked the taxi but when I had phoned them, they said it would be at least twenty minutes before a cab would be available and so he never got the cab booked for him, he kicked off mid conversation and I never got around to booking one.  He left, in the middle of a city he didn’t know, without the cab he thought was booked.  This was my first bad bad experience in a long time and it’s a lesson to us all to be vigilant about the money.  This guy had no intentions of paying me but he got a shock when I said I would phone the police.
I have some lovely guys who visit me and this sort of thing happens once in a blue moon but its upsetting all the same.  You invite strangers into your home and they act like arseholes, for no apparent reason.  If they can be like this with me, what are they like with their wives and girlfriends.  He wasn’t a young guy either, you’d expect this from a cocky 22 year old not a 35 year old.
You’ve just got to keep your wits about you, this is one of the reasons why I keep to regular guys at night and don’t see new guys after 10pm, every bad experience I have had has been after 10pm but you don’t expect nonsense like this at 12.45pm during the day.
It’s a lesson I have learned.  I got paid but only by the skin of my teeth.

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