A Bit Of Yorkshire Loving

I met a guy a few weeks ago at a hotel, mid way between Newcastle and Durham, just off the A1.  He was a professional guy from Yorkshire, up here on business, the first of many such trips this year and he booked me for an hour, to arrive at 7pm, with specific requests on underwear and saucy items to pass the time away.

I dressed to please with my new smart casual, yet formal jacket, a Thomas Pink crisp white shirt, brand new jeans which showed off my bum, with handmade shoes and underneath I wore my olive green jock.

I arrived bang on time, right on cue at exactly 7pm and knocked on the hotel room door.  As I walked in he said “Blimey, you’re very punctual”.  Yes…. it’s one of my qualities.  I am always on time and I know that this is something that impresses clients time and time again.  I am forever told about how late some escorts can be at times, if they ever turn up in the first place.

He led me into the room and we sat down and chatted for a bit.  He was super friendly, nice, amenable and seemed to genuinely like me.  I couldn’t fulfill his request for hipsters…well I could, I have some but they were a couple of years old.  Most guys want me to wear a jock or thong and so hipsters arn’t something at the top of my list to buy.  We had agreed on the jockstrap in the end but even that wasn’t on for long.

After our initial chat he started to undress me.  He made a beeline for my nipples and his hands were down my pants within seconds.  He kissed passionately, he had a full beard of heavy stubble and made his way down my body with the rough beard tickling and rubbing against me as he moved down, kissing every part of my chest and naval.  He pulled my legs up and gave me what can only be described as the best rimming I have ever had.  He spent forever down there and we kept laughing as the two single beds kept moving apart in the middle.  He was extremely passionate and attentive throughout.

We moved into stage two which was a toy show from me and then I sucked him off to completion but it didn’t end there.  He was so into me that he needed for me to enjoy the experience, so for the next twenty minutes he went back down on my arse and licked me out until I shot a massive cum load all over his hands.

I always walk into hotels not knowing what to expect and this was a very pleasant experience that left me wanting more.  He said he will be back and that I was one of the nicest gay escorts he’s ever met.  I turned up on time for a start 😉

Five minutes after leaving I received a text message from him, telling me how much he enjoyed the time we spent together and that he would see me again soon.  That’s always a nice touch.  It lets you know that you were appreciated.

This was an appointment that left a smile on my face, never mind his and one I would like to repeat again soon.

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