A Busy February

What a busy little month February has been.  Firstly my new pictures and website launched.  The feedback about the website has been phenomenal.  Everyone seems to have absolutely loved it and I have received a number of new appointments from far and wide, just from the new design, layout and persona that it gives out.

I have been abroad again.  I’ve been to Berlin to see my very special gentleman.  He got me a little tipsy on Sake and Champagne cocktails but it was another lovely visit to Germany to visit someone very dear to me.   You’re supposed to sip Sake in shot glasses…… no he had other ideas and insisted we drank it out of wine glasses.  Mr…… if you’re reading this, you had me wobbly hahahahaha.

I have continued to see my lovely incall overnight client from my blog post a few months.  He’s been coming to see me every 10 days or so, whenever he can.  He’s very kind and considerate and really wants the best for me.  Hopefully he will be back for one of my fun packed overnights too.  I’ve developed one or two fabulous, mouth watering recipies and there’s the sex too :)

What else did I get up to this month.  I bought some new sexy underwear and a few new toys, for those gentlemen who like things a bit different.  I had a couple of bad experiences with late night men who obviously have no respect for the people they visit and I had a had a very poorly kitten.  My boy cat developed a serious chest infection and I was so scared that I was about to lose another of them.

My broken foot has continued to heal, to the point where it doesn’t hurt me so much and I can now get back to wearing my handmade shoes again.  That was such an awful time over Christmas and it knocked me for six.  Luckily I didn’t lose any appointments but getting about has been very difficult at times.  I couldn’t drive for three weeks and it took 5 minutes to be able to walk to the front door.  I hope I never break my foot again.

There’s not a lot more to add today, I just wanted to bring you up to date with developments.  I have moved the blog to my own server, after Blogger sent me an email telling me that I was about to be pulled from the internet for sexually explicit content.  For heavens sake……….

I’ll be back later in the week with a proper official blog discussion.  There’s bound to be something I need to get off my chest.

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