A Few Interesting Days

21st September 2011

Yesterday seen the return of one of my regular clients who always arrives in a basque, panties and stockings. It doesn’t bother me what anyone wears and I knew in advance how he’d be dressed. I didn’t the first time mind. I was quite a surprise when he first visited me, to take off his stay press trousers and be wearing the full regalia underneath.

I suppose it’s easier to play out your fantasies with someone unshockable, it’s not exactly the sort of thing you can open up to your wife about. A professional escort should be unfazed about how someone is dressed, it’s not my particular concern what any bloke is comfortable in.

Monday night was interesting, I swallowed the biggest load of spunk this side of 2011, a very horny bloke in a plush local hotel who got very carried away with my deep throat technique. He was amazed at just how deep he could shove it (yes balls deep) and he had a substantial package. I was rewarded for my labours with a massive throat full of cum which went straight down, yes I swallowed the lot, I am such a dirty slut at times. It was nice, I’ve no idea what he has in his diet but his spunk was tasty. Men’s jizz can be a bit rank at times but this was quite nice.

Yesterday morning also seen me back on the roads. My favourite client in Northumberland. He’d not seen me for a couple of weeks (it’s usually every Tuesday or Wednesday) and so he was proper horny. Full on from the moment I arrived until the moment I left. All in all a good few days. I am just looking forward to what my weekend in Nottingham brings. Judging by the phone calls I could be in for a treat or two. Horny men are always welcome through my door.

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