A Look At 2013

What did 2013 bring my way, what were the highlights from the blog and what happened that annoyed me.

I started the year off by talking about “A Working Week” which was a general post about my silver daddy type guy, Mr Farting Fetish’s return and a week laden with timewasters.
In February I touched on my Sunday morning footballer in “Horny, Married and a Good Fuck”.  He never returned again, which was quite sad because he was absolutely fantastic and had told me he would come back and see me.  Never mind.
In March I touched on my straight guys who think having sex with other men makes them dirty bastards and seemed genuinely surprised that almost everyone I have sex with is married.
April started with a filthy post about my Newcastle United football supporter guy and a serious, biographical post about the changing face of escorting, detailing how I got into the work and where I intended to go from here.   I then had a break from writing the blog.  It was a very busy time for me and to be perfectly honest I had a bit of writers block going on. 
I ended May with a couple of quite political posts about the overuse of mysogynistic, which went down like a lead balloon but I opened June discussing my client from Spain who books me on the same day every year and mused over who these regular clients really are.  I carried on placing regular blog posts on about barring an overnight client because he was a pain in the arse, to find him back at my door wanting a second chance. I’ve ended 2013 with him being barred once more.   June carried on with political posts about Police Scotland, various ramblings at 3am about the loneliness of the job at times and another blog about why I preferred married men.
July got off to a reasonable start on the blog with a post about Texters and how much I hate them,  don’t get me wrong I love texts from my known clients, even just ones saying hello and asking how I am, it let’s me know they’re still thinking about me, I just discussed why I hated texts from random numbers.  I discussed sticky sex and publicised a review I had been given.  
August seen me take a hiatus from the blog. I go through stages when I don’t know what to write, if nothing exciting has happened, then I don’t really have much to say, but I did come back briefly in September with a post and another one at the beginning of November about how people come across on the phone and how different they can be in real life.
I ended November with the very popular “From Russia With Love” post about a very nice appointment with a gentleman I’ve continued to see.
December started with me talking about how every client is different and I gave a run down of how good appointments happen, flow and how clients and escorts can make an appointment perfect in every way, in the “Is it ?” post
December ended on a high with semi filthy and semi appreciative post about the overnight appointment I had recently in London.  It was written specifically for my client to let him know how much I appreciated his kindness and friendship and to let others see how good escort appointments can really be.   My last post in December discussed how I had decided that a client wouldn’t be discussed in the blog anymore because some things really are private, this client loves my blog and is very supportive of it but I discussed how sometimes I need to keep things private for me.
I’m sort of running out of ideas now for the remainder of the month and we have the Christmas season ahead of us and so it’s maybe now time to take a little break from the blog for a few weeks and concentrate on appointments and doing what I do best and that’s me trying to be one of the best gay escorts in the country.   I am not saying I am the best, because I am not but I do try ever so hard and I hope the blog in 2013 has given everyone who read it (Over 3000 unique reads a month) an insight into what I do for a living and why I enjoy it so much, even when I am being picked on my some and have my time wasted by others.  I hope you all continue to support the blog and I like to think its one of the best gay sex worker blogs in the country.   I would appreciate more comments please.  It’s really helps me a lot.
I may post again in December, depending on what happens, but I’ve a few things happening in January which should be bloggable.   Don’t forget that I am always around and I will travel anywhere in the UK for longer appointments, so don’t be afraid to ask. I can’t guarantee anything in life but I can guarantee that an appointment with me will be perfect in everyway imaginable or as near perfect as I can manage.

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  1. Well Steve judging by the change of Avatar ( Mr tweed jacket) you have gone from ” can a fook ya befor the match and divent tell wor lass”. TO ” may my PA pencil in are meeting for early next week please” you have gone UP in more ways than one this year. I like it ! You would look fab in my Bentley lol.

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    • No it’s not that. That’s how I dress for Outcalls. I am always immaculately dressed for any client. I am unlike any other escort and I have been doing this work for a long time. I love every aspect of this work and I want people to realise sometimes that I’m not just a jockstrap in Newcastle.

      I started this work a long time ago when there was no escorting scene and I have so much experience in it and tend to know how people tick. I am a reasonably intelligent man with professional qualifications and I have a vast wardrobe of items, in fact I have 6 wardrobes of suits, jackets, shoes, trousers and a jeans, all designed to dress to impress. My job is to make the guy feel wanted and feel good about himself and his job is to do the same to me. The best appointments are when he takes care of my needs and makes me feel good about myself.

  2. Steve

    It’s been a pleasure to meet you, I read the comment made in the overnight blog post and can confirm you are unique in escorting circles. You’re possibly the most approachable genuine man who does this work and I fear you’ll not be around for long because you just get better and better and someone is going to snatch you.

    Your blog certainly is a highlight in the escorting community, I am sure I’m not the only guy to have told you just how well written it is. You highlight stuff from your perspective in a discreet and emotional way and its obvious from the posts that you genuinely like the men you meet and this is a lifestyle choice you have made. I suppose you’re single and able to meet men for fun with no ties.

    I hope to see you again in 2014 if finances permit. I am not a rich bloke but you’ve seen me a couple of times and always been perfect each time, it’s not just about the sex with you, it’s also about the personality. I can’t afford to see you very often like other men can but the blog has always been here when you’re not so busy, to let us taste what goes on in your life.

    Cheers mate you’re a top bloke and I look forward to reading about you in 2014

  3. Thank you Adam

    That’s is very kind and thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate that.

    I’m unlikely to be going anywhere, anytime soon, how long have I been here lol.

    2013 was a strange year, I’ve been popular as always and I started the year off good and I ended it better. I’ve had the timewasters and stuff in between and maybe I’ll discover a new side to me in 2014, I just don’t know. No one knows what the future holds.

    I don’t think anyone is going to snatch me, yes I have no ties and no one to answer to but how is anyone going to snatch me. Thank you for saying I was unique too. I am not, I am just normal. I’ve not got a six pack, or bottle blonde hair with a 26 inch waist, I am just a normal real guy. I love doing this work and yes, the blog has highlighted that the end of this year, ended on a high.

    I hope to see you again in 2014, I’ve no idea who you are sorry but thanks for the lovely comments

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