A Look At 2014

It’s that time of the year again when I re-count and re-live the stuff I blogged about and reflect on what I posted.  It was another year of distinct change in my life, one where I feel I have bettered myself and one where I have met a lot of absolutely fabulous gentlemen.  I have travelled all over Europe and the UK this year, met a few famous names and confirmed my status as one of the most sought after gay escorts in the country.  Yes I may live in Newcastle Upon Tyne, away from the glitz and glamour of London but the quality of the gentlemen who visit this city on business and live in and around the region, never fails to amaze me.

I’ve gained a number of new, regular gentlemen this year, some who have enlisted my service on multiple occasions and who I hope to see a lot more of in 2015.  I have had a few disastrous meetings, been harassed by a few guys and banned countless others but on the whole, over 95% of the men I have seen in 2014 have been very kind, courteous guys and appreciate my attention to detail and of course, my 100% commitment to them.

I made a total of 27 blog posts during the course of the year and the blog changed it’s name from The Exploits of a Gay Newcastle Escort to The Journal of a Newcastle Gay Escort.  It was a new sense of maturity in both myself and my writing.  I am always congratulated and praised on my writing skills. Thank you for continuing to read and support the blog.

I started 2014 talking about 2014 itself and my hopes and aspirations for the year ahead, moving swiftly on a few days later about my attention to detail, which can not be matched or surpassed and I ended my posts for the month talking about feedback and how important it is, stating, once again, that return appointments are the best feedback any escort can receive.

I apologised in February for my lack of blog updates.  I had a lot going on in January, not least with the man I visit abroad, travelling back to Newcastle Upon Tyne on a special visit to see me at my home.

March started with a discussion about seeing clients “off the clock”, a big fanfare about my new website, which I may add has been well received during 2014, a post about seeing a client who was horrified at me ejaculating in his mouth (even though he asked me to) and I ended the month discussing what the executive clients expect, highlighting the pitfalls they encounter when hiring an escort.

In April, I discussed the client known as Animalistic, who I have literally just seen a few days ago, as it happens.  I touched on the types of guys that I see on a day to day basis, a discussion about how bloody busy I was over the Easter Weekend and I ended the month winging on about guys who ring me asking for advice about how to become a gay escort.

May came and I had one of my bad experiences, a Geordie Shore, cock sure type of guy who had no intention of paying for his appointment.  It was my only post that month and it was one that shocked and surprised many people.  I received a lot of positive feedback about that post, mostly from guys who were concerned about how I was feeling, following that experience.

I didn’t post anything in June but I came back in July discussing about why I stay in the sex industry and why this lifestyle appeals to me, I discussed a very good appointment I had with a Yorkshireman in a Washington hotel, mused over being left handed and discussed those stupid silly requests we are asked on a daily basis.

One of my finest posts came in August when I reiterated that my gentlemen friends are not gay.   It’s a general misconception that gay escorts see gay clients.  We don’t !!!!  My final post in August was about those hard to answer questions that clients put to you that have no right or wrong answer.

September arrived and I discussed the book Male Sex Work and Society, a publication which I was kindly asked to review by New York publishing house, Harrington Park Press and I also discussed how apparently I do this work so well.

I went on holiday in October and therefore took a short hiatus from the blog but I was back full force in November telling you all about another bad experience with a huffy man, a fabulous post about a wonderful appointment I had with a man from the South West of the country who originally started booking phone sex chat sessions with me, subsequently leading to a full on extended appointment, a discussion about the death of my cat and the insensitivities of some clients during that time, I continued by discussing my role in the sex industry and in the lives of my gentleman and I ended with another fine moment, discussing my fabulous overnight incall appointments.

The year 2014 was, on the whole, good to me and I look forward to 2015 with an open heart and an open mind, meeting clients old and new and hopefully bringing some enjoyment and pleasure into many lives along the way.

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