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A Rise In Male / Female Couple Enquiries

January 12th, 2019

Is there something in the water because during November / December and already a couple of times this month, I have received enquiries to entertain a straight couple, one which I was nearly caught out with a few nights ago and would have been unaware of, had she not grabbed the phone during the conversation.

I seem to have a tough time telling them that I am gay, they seem to think that because I work in the sex industry then all forms of sex will be acceptable to me.  I have never had a sexual encounter with a woman but I have done a number of male / female appointments in the past.  All but one couple have been a disaster and the thought of such a liaison makes me shudder.

It’s fair to say that my twitter account is a broad mix of men and women.  Many women (and some men) are intrigued about this chosen career and remember, I didn’t just wake up and decide I would suck some cock for a living, I stumbled on this by accident and seen it as a way to get qualified in my other profession without racking up any kind of debt, plus the hours are flexible and it’s very well paid.  I also enjoy it.  I don’t do anyone any harm and it’s 100% consensual.

I still see one straight couple, they live in Northumberland but they visit me once every month or so for an hour.  They are here no longer than 20 minutes.  She never touches me.  I have to ejaculate into his mouth, he spits it on her arse and shags her up then bum with my semen.  I am completely clear of any sexually transmitted diseases and they can do what they want with it, it’s none of my business.  They do this as a fantasy thrill because they come to see me in a taxi (who waits around the corner for 20 minutes) then meet two of their friends for dinner and drinks.  The friends are Devout Christians and they get off on being thoroughly filthy, knowing that whilst their friends are having a perrier water with their meal, they’ve just used a sex workers jizz as lube up her other end.  It’s what they like to do and we’ve done this exact same appointment about eight times a year for about five years.  It’s not harming anyone and it spices up their sex life.  I don’t however see any other couples.

I stopped seeing couples after a bad experience in Consett.  I used to see a guy regularly at his home in a village called Ebchester.  He was nice enough but one night he asked for us to have some fun in the garden.  Their house isn’t overlooked and backs onto fields so I agreed.  During the encounter, the kitchen light was switched on and I noticed that a woman was washing her hands in the kitchen sink.  I got spooked and went inside when the coast was clear, only to find her in stockings sat on the sofa with one of my sex toys inserted into her unmentionable bits.  I was set up by them.  I collected my bag and asked her to keep the dildo.  I didn’t really want it anymore.  I returned the payment as I left.

Similarly, I don’t see transexuals, I have nothing against anyone transexual whatsoever, it just doesn’t do anything for me.  I don’t mind guys turning up in their wives stockings or panties but I have had a trans person turn up at my front door in full clothing and I didn’t find it discreet.  I wasn’t happy.

I have no idea what this rise in male / female couples is all about.  I certainly never used to get many enquiries of this nature as it would normally be one enquiry per year, but just to make it clear, I am happy to see straight guys, I am just not happy to see couples.


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The Journal Of A Newcastle Gay Escort

Steve – 07854 146783