A Working Week

13th January 2013

I had quite a good week with reliable gentlemen.  Monday kicked off mid afternoon when a lovely stocky fun guy, I had seen before Christmas, returned for another visit.  This time to fuck me and shoot his load everywhere.  He’s such a nice pleasant guy, chatting, giggly and fun.  Later that day I had a guy who wanted to pop over for a quickie, he was nervous and had never been sucked off by a bloke before so I gave his eight inch cock the deepest deepest deep throat imaginable, no one deep throats like Steve.  He couldn’t believe how deep I could get it.
Tuesday started early with the return of my silver bearded guy, another one who loves my service but his kink is my deep rimming, he could lie there all week with my tongue up his arse, I can’t usually remember who most people are when they phone, email or text for a repeat appointment but I always remember what they like the minute I see them at the door.  I make a mental note of what everyone prefers to sample during their appointment with me.  Later on the Tuesday I had a rescheduled December appointment with a guy I have blogged about before who simply wants me to lie on the bed and fart for two hours.  That’s the entirety of the appointment.  He is so turned on by it and I just face forward and watch Midsomer Murders.  He gets such a negative reaction across the country with other gay escorts when he mentions his fetish.  For gods sake it’s just a natural function and it’s not harming anyone, it’s not messy but it does require me to have a stew on the afternoon with loads of sprouts in hahahahaha.
Wednesday seen me return to being a top.  My nice thick cock is always a pleasure to ride and my smart suited executive came back for his first appointment since last summer.  He got a right royal fucking off me, I am surprised his legs weren’t like jelly, I fucked him so hard and he loved it.  Another satisfied regular client.   I took the rest of Wednesday off as I was meeting a lovely female friend for drinks at tea time in the Five Swans at Haymarket in Newcastle for a drinkies or three.
Thursday was Timewaster Thursday.  A guy who hoax called me a few months back on an outcall to Annitsford, early one dark horrid rainy morning, decided to ask if I could do a 5.30am incall.  He text me at 5am and I was awake at the time, I had been woken up by my cat deciding that I had too much room in the bed and he didn’t have enough.  I ignored the text as he was stored in the phone as Hoax Annitsford but then came another and another.  I replied with a stern NO and reminded him of his hoax outcall.  To my astonishment he replied saying he had seen me before and yes I had seen his guy before in May/June last year and he was fine, so why did he hoax me in December.  He said he bottled out………. so why didn’t he at least text and cancel instead of making me get out of bed, get showered and get in the car.  I refused to see him.  Yes I may have seen him before but he works in a job where he travels around in a  van so I bet he doesn’t like having his time wasted as much I hate having my time wasted.
With a quiet Thursday over, I settled down to watch a bit of TV in bed with a glass of something 14% and white.  My phone rings…… it’s 10.50pm and I decided to answer it, just incase it was an appointment for Friday.  ”Hiya Steve can I come around now”.   Hmmm, I hummed and harred about it because it was late but said yes, as long as he gave me 20 minutes to get a quick shower and get the room ready.  I told him it was 40 pounds. “I didn’t want to pay that, I just wanted a blow job for maybe 20 quid and I am at the McDonalds/Marriott roundabout so really I wanted right now”.  You want to get me out of bed at 11pm, sort the room out, fart about for a quickie and knock at my door in the next 5 minutes.  No way not at that time of night.  If it had been a half hour appointment, I would have made the effort and I would have allowed a quickie (not at £20 I may add) if he’d rang me half an hour earlier but at that time of night it’s really taking the piss.  If he had been a regular, I probably would have said yes but he was new, it was late and I don’t like the activity at the door, late at night like that with people I don’t know.  I’d been available all day long and the only sniff of interest was a quickie in a few moments time.  I returned to watching Gimme Gimme Gimme on UK Gold and had another glass of wine with my kittens next to me.  That was a better idea.
Friday afternoon comes………. and so do the stag trip blokes, who all ring my directory enquiry listing thinking I am a female stripper.  Maybe after four Stella’s they can’t hear or read properly but Gay Newcastle Escort Steve in the phone book and on 118 is hardly going to be a stripper now is it ?  I had the usual weekly phone call on Friday from a straight guy asking how to break into this work and a lovely sounding gentleman who wants me to visit him in York in February.  A quiet yet productive day at the end.
I had Saturday off, I had a few things on and needed to do my household stuff, however after a quiet few days since Wednesday I am rampant as fuck and I think today I might just ride a blokes cock to within an inch of his life.  My arse is tingling for a fuck so I am hoping that by 1pm this afternoon, some nice well endowed guy will have given it a good shafting and enjoyed the pleasures it gives.

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