Alpha Male

4th August 2011

I had an unusal experience on Wednesday, a guy who didn’t want sucked, didn’t want rimming and didn’t really want me to do anything to him.  Well…. what did you do, you may ask.  He just wanted me to lie face down on the bed whilst he spent 45 minutes fucking my arse with various toys.

He had a bit of an obesession about having an arsehole for his own personal use.  He was a big stocky bloke, about 6ft 8, massive, big full brown beard and ‘tache, a sort of mans man who you’d expect to have hollow legs at the bar on a Sunday afternoon drinking session.

He’d asked in advance if I had any toys and yes I have dozens, long ones, fat ones, butt plug ones, vibrating ones, almost every type you can imagine really.  He arrived at about 2pm and I was immediately turned on by his sheer stature and bulk,  Here’s a proper bloke at my door.  WOW.

He asked me to lie down on the bed whilst he slapped my arse, then he pulled my cheeks apart and started pushing two lubed fingers inside.  Next thing I know the small butt plug is inside and the toys got bigger and wider until he ended up with my big 9” blue vibrator stuffed all the way up.    This went on for 45 mins whilst he fucked my arse slow, then fast and then hard, pulling out the toys and wanking himself over my hole, slapping his fat cock off my arse then, waiting for it to close back up before pushing another toy back up there.  It wasn’t until 45 minutes into the 1 hour session that he asked for a rubber so he could push his own cock inside and feel how warm and moist by hole was.  This sent him over the edge and he didn’t last long once inside.

It was an unusual experience, there was no real effort to be made on  my part, except lie there and take everything that was pushed inside LOL, which I took like a man !!!!

He left and said he’d had a fab time, it was his first ever anal experience with anyone and one he’d like to repeat in a few weeks time.  I suppose everyone has a fantasy they’d like to play out and his was to watch an arse take cock and toys up it and watch the contractions it makes when closing up.  Each to their own I suppose.  I had an fab time and he was one bulk of a guy.  No one in a million years would guess what he gets up to on a Wednesday afternoon when his sheer size and personality comes across as one of life’s alphamales.

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