I think everyone knows, I love big fat cock, the bigger the better and I get very greedy when I see it stood to attention in front of me.  After deep throating fat cock, you can guarantee I will want to ride it.

Dave, a regular of mine, takes no time in getting his cock inside me.  Married bloke, he’s stocky, fit, goatee beard and has a nice horny hairy chest. I’ve been seeing him for a couple of years now and he always knows what he wants.  He was my first fuck when I arrived back from my holiday this week.

Dave booked for 1pm but was running a little late, walked in and stuck two fingers straight up my arse crack, he likes me to be pre-lubed, there’s no messing about with him.  His cock is an impressive 8 inches and he likes to fuck hard with it.  He knows that when fucking an arse, the best sensations, for both men, happen when you pull your cock right out and fuck it straight back up to the hilt, until you’re balls deep inside.

Dave is always immaculately clean, his cock tastes like nectar and there’s always a dribble of precum on the tip of his shaft from the excitement of visiting me.  On Tuesday’s visit, he came into the bedroom, after fingering me and proceeded to lick out my hole, sticking the two fingers he’d had in me, into my mouth, calling me a dirty fuck slut.  Sex with him is always animalistic, he knows what he wants.   Dave stood at the side of the bed, shirt still on with only his suit trousers unzipped and I positioned myself so I could suck his cock and have it slide nicely down my throat, getting him super wet for the fuck.  I only have to suck it for a minute or so before he taps me on the chest, signalling that he’s ready for some arse.  It’s always doggy and its always deep and he doesn’t even take his time, he just positions the head of his dick on my tight hole and slides the fucker right up there.  No apology…. he just gets on and does it.  He then tells me to slide back onto him and work his cock, work for my spunk.  He takes his whole cock out, wanks it for a couple of strokes and then rams it right back up my fuck hole, pulling on my thighs to get as deep inside as possible, then it’s back out again, few more hand strokes and back inside until he can take no more and then he pulls out and shoots all of his muck over my back.  He spoons up the cum on his fingers and puts it all into my mouth and I greedily turn over and clean off his cock with my mouth savouring every last drop.

I nicknamed him Animalistic because basically he is.  He is built like an ape and fucks like one but more importantly, he knows what he wants.  Great start to the week.

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