Another Day Another Trucker

15th August 2011

Another day, another truck stop, this time just off the A69 on the Newcastle to Hexham road.  I seem to get a fair few truckers who fancy a piece of ass once they’ve retired for the night.  The guy on Sunday night fell into my usual clientele box, 40-60 stocky, hairy, horny, married and looking for some ass.  He’s from East Anglia and was travelling down from the west coast of Scotland.  He gave me the name of his truck and registration and I met up with him a little after 8.30pm, just as it was starting to close in for the night.

I phoned him when parked nearby and walked down to the truck, the cab door was open and I stepped up and was greeted by a lovely stocky man, goatee beard, quite hairy and obviously very horny.  Sorted out the financial bit and then it was off with my pants.  This guy knew exactly what he wanted.  He dropped his pants and out popped a nice fat 6” cock, he wanted me on top sitting on his nice chunky knob and to kiss whilst it throbbed up my arsehole.  There wasn’t much pumping of my hole, he just wanted it inside whilst we snogged, with the occasional ride to keep it nice and hard.  He then asked me  could if he could lick out my wet hole, he’d just been riding.  Hey, that’s not a problem.

After a nice bit of foreplay on my arse, he shoved his lovely fat cock in my mouth, telling me what a dirty fuckslut I was, sucking mens cocks in layby’s, it was then time to get back up my arse whilst the verbal chat intensified and he told me how he was going to get 4 or 5 of his trucker mates to bend me over a park bench and dump their loads up my arse one after the other.  As he was describing the event, he himself shot a massive load of cum, pulling my cheeks apart to get deeper up my hole as his cock pulsated spunk out.  He pulled out and finished with me wanking my cock into his mouth, he took all the spunk in his mouth and swallowed the lot.

Had a little bit of chit chat afterwards whilst getting sorted out, he told me he used to park in “known” gay layby’s but he got sick of the activity in the early hours. “I didn’t mind fucking a guy, say 9pm but as late as 4am you’d still have blokes turning up in cars wanting sex with a trucker and at that time of night you just need to rest when you’ve got a 200 mile trip back home”.  He’d stopped pulling into known layby’s and now see’s either an escort or pre-arranged meet with a guy in advance.  I’d never realised trucking layby’s were so popular LOL.

Anyway, I’d better get myself organised incase someone else needs to explore the wonders of my arse for themselves.  I could do with a good fucking this morning.

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