Attention To Detail

One of the regular compliments paid to me is my attention to detail.  Apparently it’s second to none.

Escort work is more than just sex.  Yes the shorter, fuckybuddy type appointments are just pure sex but the longer, more intimate appointments are more than just sex.  They’re about giving something personal to the guy you are with and when faced with a longer appointment I research, research and research a bit more.
It’s lovely to be wined and dined, have good sex and genuinely enjoy the time with a lovely man but if you are working as an escort you really need to take some time and prepare for an appointment.  If a gentleman asks to book me for an extended period of time, I always take the time to ask him, by email, text or phone, what sort of appointment he’s looking for.  Some guys question why I am asking that, I am asking it because I want to make the appointment perfect.  I want you to think, “Wow” as I arrive.   I always dress accordingly to any appointment.  Hotel appointments, 4 star and above, will find me dressed in an expensive pair of designer jeans, an expensive tweed or cord jacket, a nice crisp shirt and real proper shoes, the sort of shoes you have handmade, not a pair of sale shoes from TK Maxx.  Attention to detail, when you walk into a hotel room, pays off ten fold.  If you were in a Premier Inn I’d dress almost the same but probably wouldn’t wear the tweed jacket.  Nothing against guys in a Premier Inn but when I walk past reception I need to look like I am blending in, so I can get to the room without question.  The top end hotels are usually frequented by businessmen in suits, the mid range, by families, so I try and look like I belong there that evening as a resident.
If I visit a home address, the clicky shoes might be replaced with something that doesn’t make such a racket when you walk up the drive and I might wear a nice fleece instead of a coat.  On those occasions, I arrive looking like the friend from work or the nephew popping in for a beer.  You have to dress accordingly.  If its a workplace, well …. I take those as they come.  I am not going to dress in a tweed jacket for a workshop, but I would wear a nice brown cord jacket for an office block.
The attention to detail doesn’t stop there.  I will take toys, as requested.  If they’re for his use, it will be a buttplug, a medium toy and a larger one.  If they’re for him to use on me, the butt plug isn’t necessary hahahaha.  If he likes it both ways, the double ender will come along.    I will always bag up all wipes, condoms and tissues and I will take it home and place it in my own bin, it’s rare I leave any evidence behind.  I am always equipped with small bags, face cloths and baby wipes.  The amount of times I’ve been told by guys that escorts turn up with lube sachets, quite shocks me.  They’re messy and the guys don’t like them.  You always need to invest in a pump action bottle or four of lube.  Some guys want to use just a little bit of lube but sometimes half a bottle can go in one appointment.
If I see a guy a second time for an longer appointment, I will often take along a bottle of wine, it’s an ice breaker and I don’t do it all the time, I can’t do it when travelling via airports but I can if I am coming by car or train.  I try to remember what sort of wine he prefers, from the previous appointment and take it along as a nice gesture.  It’s my way of saying thank you and it lets him know that I appreciate his company.  
When I leave, I always say thank you for taking the time to find me online and invite me along. Depending on how well the appointment has gone and how intimate he’s prepared to be, the parting gesture will be a handshake, kiss, hug or extended hug.  It’s never a “pack up and see ya” departure.  I always take the time to say thank you. 
When I return for a second visit, I am told time and time again, how the attention to detail was one of the contributing factors to having me back, as well as the good sex, fun nature and intelligent conversation.  Sometimes the attention to detail is wasted on guys, they have a bad attitude and couldn’t really care less that you went to all of this trouble so his time would be perfect, but on the nice gentlemen, it’s very well appreciated and it goes a long way.
I don’t get everything right and sometimes I forget to take stuff along, it’s rare I do and I am mortified when I do but I usually get things right about 99.8% of the time.  When preparing for a longer advanced appointment, I start packing the bag 2 days before and I know that sounds silly and far fetched, but I don’t want to leave the house in a hurry and have to spend a fortune on lube in Boots because I forgot to pick up my pump action bottle.  
At the moment I’ve a few guys I see quite regular and so I have tailored my look into what they want.  My beard is back for a start and I buy new underwear, specifically for one guy, for every liaison because he likes that attention to detail and I like the excitement of buying it, knowing he will love it and he will appreciate the fact I have gone the extra mile to make our time together fabulous.  I tell him about it in advance, just so he can anticipate what I will look like in it, spread across the bed.  This attention to detail is specific to him and he knows it is and that why he likes me so much.  I give him everything he wants, way above what he expects and I enjoy every minute of doing that.  The attention to detail makes me feel good about myself and makes me enjoy our time together even more.
Attention to detail is about preparation and research and if you can take an hour out of your day to make sure that 3 hour appointment goes well then you will be rewarded for your efforts.

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