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After the crazy weekend I had, it’s back to normal today, I am not complaining because it’s something to look forward to again hopefully in the near future.  I had so much sex, my legs are just starting to get back to normal today.  A consequence of getting older and performing bedroom Olympics.

I made a decision too about my weekend client and this blog, I’ve decided that this aspect of my life needs to be private from today and so anything that happens between me and this very special gentleman will become off limits,  I genuinely appreciate the time I spend with him and so I feel that anything we do in future isn’t really suitable for the blog.  I hope this doesn’t disappoint my avid readers who enjoy reading about my exploits and look forward to reading about the good appointments as much as the funny, strange and downright filthy appointments.  I just instinctively know when something has to become private and although I never reveal who I see, I never reveal specifics, I personally want my time with this man to be private to me.  I am not saying I won’t touch on aspects of my time with this gentleman, if and when I see him again, but I personally don’t wish to blog about it in general.  It’s my own personal preference.
An escort, whether gay or straight is a companion for the time you spend with them, whether it be as a fuck buddy or a something a but more social.  I escort on every level, from the fuck buddy appointments to being wined and dined and although the latter is where I prefer to be, I also like the fun and excitement of my other appointments. It’s my job at the end of the day to be perfect and I try my very best to make sure I am immaculate for every appointment, however some appointments are different to me than others and some are more special than others.  
I am very well educated and I left a very good job to move to escorting, I am reasonably well qualified and I would never go back to a 9 to 5 job, being on call as a companion or escort is where I really excel and is what I prefer to do.  I am not your typical escort type and for a lot of the gentlemen I have escorted over the years, this is the appeal I have with them.  I have always said on my website that I am the perfect companion if you’re 26 or 66 who doesn’t look out of place at the hotel bar. I’m just normal.  A normal person doing a job that is anything but normal.  From discussions with many clients over the years, the art of conversation is as much about an appointment as the sex is.  If you get on really well with an escort then the conversation should flow, whether you’re a daytime executive or a local plumber.  I always need advice on blocked drains as much as I need advice on exchange rates and currency conversions. 
I know instinctively, as I have blogged in the past, just how good an appointment will be within the first five minutes. I have a fair idea who will return and although there are some telephone numbers I wish to avoid, because the appointment hasn’t gone so well, there are many other gentlemen who I get excited about when they contact me again.  An escorts role should never ever be to contact the client and initiate conversation, it’s our job to be there when they want to spend time with us.  As I discussed at the weekend, in all of the years I have met up with guys for appointments, I have never contacted a single client out of the blue after we have met. I know some guys want that sort of correspondence and I am happy to text back and forth and chit chat with guys, I know, as long as they make the initial contact.  I totally appreciate that they have a private life and that private life needs to remain private as much as our time together is kept private.
Right… time to get my website updated and see whats happening this week

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  1. Steve, I hope you have not committed the cardinal sin of escorting and fallen in love with a client? Love is a delicious pain we all need to experience sum times in are lives, it lets us know we are alive !I fall for all my boys, because I’m a silly bastard, Its the daddy in me Lol.
    ” mad about the boy, I know it’s foolish to be mad about the boy, I’m so ashamed of it but must admit the ( filthy) dreams I’ve had about the boy” love from Noel….

  2. Noel what makes you think that.

    I’ve just had a couple of appointments with a guy who was happy for me to blog about him but who I wish to remain private now. Its nothing to do with that. It’s actually me that wishes future appointments to be private.

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