Back To Normal

It’s the end of the month and it’s back to normal after another bank holiday weekend.  I often find the bank holidays to be quite slow and tedious and well it’s not something I particularly enjoy.  Being self employed and working in a job that means you’re on call on at anti social times means you never get to feel the advantage of time off in this way, It’s also a relatively quiet time for escorts, the dad types tend to spend the weekend with their families, setting fire to meat in the garden and having a few beers, especially when the weather is as glorious as it is, so it’s no surprise when the phone doesn’t ring as much.  I was fortunate to get a couple of appointments in so that seen me ok for the weekend.

I had a return visit from a stocky early 20’s guy.  I have seen him a number of times, in and out in a flash, this time in approximately 7 minutes.  That’s quite some whirlwind appointment.  Another was a bit more subdued, an outcall to Sunderland, which is unusual in itself because it’s rare for me to get an outcall to Sunderland in the first place.  It’s not one of those towns you tend to visit often in escorting circles.

A typical Tuesday, after a bank holiday tends to be busy, it tends to be a fun day where the men need some sort of release from their schedule :-)  I had two emails on my phone this morning when I switched it on, both wanting to know if I was available today or not.  Yes, I certainly am and hopefully they will come to fruition. It’s school holiday time again and it also tends to stifle enquiries a bit too.  Many companies refrain from attending conferences etc when there is a school holiday break.

What ever happens today, it will no doubt be fun filled and full of sun by the looks of it.

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