Bad No Show

As you all know, when I post things on the blog, it’s because something has happened in my life.  I don’t just post on here for posting sake, you would all get bored of reading it for a start.  If you want to read and witness my daily life, we have twitter for you.  The blog started as my sexual exploits but developed into a journal and one that makes many of my readership think and question their own actions and motives.  I know from feedback on message boards that many clients have identified with my stories and changed the way they behave. Very few escort blogs actually tell you what it’s like from our side of the fence, the past few weeks have been quite difficult to say the least with one thing and another.  I am hoping this blog post will educate one or two people.  If it just makes one person question their actions then it’s all been worth it.  This is why……………

This week started promising.  Last week was absolutely chock-a-block with appointments.  I was completely run off my feet from Wednesday to Sunday and then it all went a bit wrong on Monday.  A very well spoken, genuine sounding gentleman from Alnwick phoned me on Sunday asking for an hour, just after lunch time on Monday.  I had a personal meeting scheduled for the afternoon but I managed to move the meeting to an 11am flexible appointment, just incase things changed again.   The guy telephoned in, as discussed, about 10am, I went along to my meeting and he was due for 1pm.  One of my very very regular guys sent me a text message at 12 noon asking for 12.45/1pm for an hour and I had to turn him down.  I returned home, had another shower to freshen up and at 12.50pm the client called my phone to inform me that he was at the designated arrival point.  There is a specific landmark on my street, so I asked him if it was to the right hand side of his car, “No”, he said “It’s to my left”.  This was quite odd because it wouldn’t naturally be to his left unless he was facing completely the wrong way.  I told him what he needed to do to get to my house, considering he was on the wrong side of the road and I expected him to arrive within a couple of minutes.  It got to 1pm, no sign, so I phoned him and it rang out.  Tried again at 1.05pm and it was switched off.  Yes this older man, who did sound in his 70’s did a nasty no show.  It wasn’t a no show where they don’t turn up to the landmark, he allegedly arrived there (I am not so sure now that he was there in the first place) and got my complete address and disappeared.  I sent him a text message thanking him for wasting my time and above all costing me money from turning down a genuine appointment with someone I know.  Before sending the message I selected that I wanted a delivery report on it.  The horrid man left his phone off until 9.09am on Tuesday morning. It was then that I received a delivery notification, the minute he switched on his phone.

This really upset me.  I don’t get upset very often but no showing after being trusted with my full address makes me unhappy, uneasy and feeling vulnerable.  Why do these people have to timewaste you to such an extreme.  Why do they want to go as far as getting the full address.  It’s an awful trick to pull on an escort who has trusted you with personal details.  I expect this behaviour from the cockey 21 year olds that you know won’t turn up, not from someone 70 years old.

New clients ask me time and time again, “Why did you make me jump through hoops to get the address and make me ring from a designated area before getting the door number”.  Why……that’s why.  I get about two no shows a month, who don’t arrive at the designated area, not loads and maybe three a year who get the full address and don’t show.  When they have the full address and no show you, it unnerves you.  How would clients like it, if they furnished me with their home address and I didn’t turn up.  They wouldn’t like it at all.   Another client asked me if I did the designated area thing so I would have notice in case I “slotted in another guy” before him.  No, I wouldn’t do that.  I don’t ask regular clients to do this, they can just knock at the door because they know where I live and I have asked a couple of guys, in the past, to arrive at the end of my street and ring to then find them knocking at the door because I haven’t realised they have seen me before.

I do honestly believe that some men think that because they’re being asked to pay for a service they can behave appallingly and feel like it’s no skin off their nose if they don’t turn up.  It might not be any skin off your nose if you turn up or not but by no showing, the way this guy did, you’ve caused upset and distress to someone who didn’t deserve it and whose sole intention was to make you feel good about yourself when you arrived.  Instead….you made them feel like shit.

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