Been Doing Sex Chat But It’s Getting Back To Normal

Rain is due tonight and hopefully that will shift the show and maybe some of my delicious men can come and visit.

It’s been a bit of a lonely week, sitting her on my tod with no cock.  I did get quite a bit of work done with my day job.  Been doing quite a bit of sex chat via Adultwork.  It ticks it along nicely and covers my phone number being displayed however I find some of the requests to be distasteful.  When I do my own private sex chat by credit or debit card I tend to get nice horny respectful guys who just want to get their rocks off and get those balls drained.  The adultwork ones often want rape chat (and much worse stuff) which I always decline.  They’ll usually ask you in advance by email, it’s rare they just ring wanting really heavy stuff.

I suppose it’s kept me ticking over in this bad weather.


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