Better Sex With Men

13th August 2012

A client I seen last week said, “Straight men who don’t have sex with other blokes don’t know what they’re missing out on”.   This coming from a guy who hadn’t had sex with other men until he was in his late 30’s.  He’s divorced and has a sort of on off relationship going on with a woman but likes the excitement of sex with men.

I think it’s well known that men give the best blow jobs. We do know our way around a cock in a way that women don’t seem to understand at times.  Saying that I’ve never had a blow job off a woman so I couldn’t compare it but I am told time and time again, when sucking away on their cocks, that “blokes do blow jobs better”.

I think part of it is the excitement of doing something they think they shouldn’t be doing.  With so many wives making anal sex a no go area, this is one activity that a lot of men visit me for.  Whether they class themselves as straight, bisexual or open minded they love the idea of putting their hard dick inside a warm, clean, moist arse, partly because it’s forbidden fruit and partly to see whether it’s a myth that fucking arse is all it’s cracked up to be.  The amount of well endowed men I have met who have been amazed at how they can go balls deep inside me when it’s impossible at home to get it that far up, is something I see all the time.  ”Does it not hurt having cock that far inside” and “Fuck…. that deep” are just a couple of the regular comments I get when they’re all the way up inside.

On an average appointment, I will usually have had my cock sucked, had a few fingers pushed up inside, had my nipples chewed, been fucked, deep throated him, rimmed him, usually had a few fingers up too and sometimes my cock.  A few, but not many appointments have kissing involved and it’s rare I get rimmed but hey I don’t complain, even though I am immaculately clean in that area with no nasties in sight.  On almost every appointment I get a mouthfull of spunk in my mouth and the usual comment of “Are you sure you want me to cum in your mouth” tells me a lot about what’s not on the menu for them.

Most guys I see are 40 years old and upwards.  I see the odd guy in his 20’s and a few guys in their 30’s but, on the whole, most of the people who walk through my door are 40 years plus…..  These are the guys who have probably been exclusively heterosexual for their teens, twenties and part of their thirties, but when they’ve matured a little, so has their sexual outlook on life.  Whereas in their teens they probably took the piss out of gay men and made “bum bandit” jokes with their mates, as they got older they too have seen it in a whole new light, good sex, no fuss, brilliant blow jobs and a fuck to blow their brains out.

Maybe it’s just a myth that you get better sex with men.  Those of you who have thought about it should give it a try, you might agree.

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