Bit Cheaper

27th July 2011

For the last 4 or 5 weeks, one particular guy had been phoning me, only once or twice a week but it’s the same question each time.  “Can you do it a bit cheaper”.  You know….. I am quite happy to be flexible to a degree but first time clients asking for a discount falls on deaf ears.

When I said no, the reply was “Well you see Steve, the thing is, I am married with two kids and don’t have loads of surplus cash but really need to see someone”.  Please………. can someone explain to me how that should be any of my concern.   You don’t walk into Currys and ask them to knock £40 off the washer because you’ve got a wife and two kids, or pop into a bar and ask for that pint at £1.89 because you’ve got overheads.

He put the phone down and then sent me a text “If I ring tomorrow and you’re quiet would you see me for a tenner, I only want a wank”  I said no, then came the reply “You must be fucking desperate being a fucking whore selling your arse, you cunt”.  My reply…. “Not that desperate deary, I wasn’t desperate enough to accept your appointment, if I was desperate I would take every penny offered to me”.  I didn’t get a reply LOL

I get sick of that other old chestnut “Well you know Steve, if you’ll do an hour for £50 I will make it a regular thing”.  I fell for that a long time ago and you know…………… they never do.

A few months ago a client phoned me after seeing an advert online, I’d said I was offering luxury 30 minute incalls for £40, which is my usual price.  Underneath my classified was an advert by another local gay male escort offering incalls for £30.  He phoned me and asked if I would undercut the other advertiser.  I said no but i’d match it this once.  He turned around and said “Nah I’ll just go and see the other bloke, I would have seen you if you’d do it for £25 but I am not really getting a deal at £30”. I was gobsmacked.  I don’t think he was going to the other appointment in a million years, he was just being awkward and trying it on.

I don’t mind knocking a tenner off for a regular.  If a regular booked an hour every month and then phoned me one month and said “Listen Steve, I’d love to see you but I’ve only got £60”, I’d still see him.  I am quite happy to be flexible but not when I feel someone is taking the piss.

I tailor my prices and services to suit everyone, I will listen to everyones requests and offer them the price and service that suits them best but in my experience guys asking for discounts who have never booked before are going to be a) hard work and b) want the full works for nowt.

At the end of the day, enjoy what’s on offer whether it be with me or any other male or female escort but don’t take the piss when it comes to fees, especially when it’s quite obvious that the escort isn’t being greedy in the first place.

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