Blind Date

18th July 2011

I had a very odd phone call yesterday afternoon from a gentleman asking me if I offered blind dates.  To be honest, every new guy I meet is technically a blind date but we tend to skip the courtship side and get straight down to the action LOL.

I said yes, I sort of did blind dates.  He was thrilled and asked if we could arrange a blind date and meal sometime later in the week.  Yes I said “How long for”.  He was looking for a few hours, minimum 2-3 hours and maybe all night if we got on.  He asked if I could accommodate, which I found a little perculiar, why would he arrange a blind date with some fun if there was no where to go and I said yes of course I can.  I then discovered he’s found my number in the local rag and didn’t know any details about me.  I gave him a brief run down and then went on to discuss prices.    “Whoa”, he said “I was looking for a date not to pay”.   I was quite taken aback by this and said “Why on earth would a gay male escort spend £100 a month advertising in the local paper to offer free sex to all and sundry, you really need to look up crusing sites or swinging sites if that’s what you want”, to which I got the reply “I am not online mate and I am looking for someone to have an affair with on the side because I am married and have no surplus cash, can you just see me the once for drinks and fun, you might end up liking me and want to spend time with me”.  No I most certainly can not.

If I fancy a bit of recreational sex, I will find myself some recreational sex but if you ring my escorting phone number and want to hook up it’s fair to say that I am going to charge for my time.    I thought it was a damn cheek but I will give him 10 out of 10 for having the balls to ask.

I do get it from time to time.  I seen a guy a few months back who had one of the biggest cocks I’d had this year and I really bigged him up about it.  A few days later I got a text asking me if I liked his cock.  Being nice and pleasant I said yes it was lovely.  I then got a text asking if I wanted it up me regularly.  Yes of course I did.  Then came the reply “Ok but as I am so big and you love my juicy cock can we just waive the fee and hook up just for fun”.  I didn’t reply.

I really don’t like to offend anyone so when you’re put in that situation what do you do, I’d rather not be confrontational and rude but its a lose lose situation.  If you offend him you’ve lost a client but because he’s asked for recreational sex and I’ve said no I’ve lost the client anyway.  I wish the guys would just look at it the way it’s meant to be.  They contact me, I see to their needs, they pay me, they go home to their wives and we all get on with our own separate lives without ever having contact with me again until they wish to do so themselves.

Another client asked last week if he could watch me with the next bloke.  He booked early evening and I had already told him I had a 9pm booked in.  I knew I could easily see both because both guys are active and want to fuck me.  So I seen client 1 at 8pm and he hung about and hung about and in the end I said “Dave you’re gonna have to get a move on I have my 9pm knocking in 15 mins and he’s often early”.   I then got the reply “Can I stay and watch and I’ll give you a bit more money”.  No you bloody well can’t LOL.  He could if it was prearranged with the three of us in advance but I can’t have Paul at 9pm walking in to see Dave from 8pm still loitering about with his tongue on the floor..  I just don’t know where it comes from sometimes.

Anyway I’d better get tidying up my working room incase any of my quickies want to pop over at lunch time for non-recreational sex.

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