Bored and In Need of a Bloke

15th August 2011

I’ve had one of those quiet days. I woke up with a raging hard on too after my trucker last night. I thought….surely by 1pm someone will have phoned and yes I’ve taken some enquiries for later this week, an appointment for Tuesday, one for Friday but nothing for today.
I’ve had a few silly ones on the phone today too. One wanting to watch me with a female escort ???? and could I arrange that for him – Hmmmm, no I am gay LOL and another one asking if I was in Gosforth (which I said yes I am) and then said Oh that’s too far for him. Why phone and ask something he already knew. Oh and one asking if I did sex chat and when I said no he said he’d gladly pay me in the bank for my time hahahaha. I’m an escort not a mug, I think we all know I would never ever see the money.
I might crack open a glass of wine and sit down and catch up with a bit of TV. I have Get Carter recorded from last week, it was on ITV4 and I love that movie, it must be 20 years since I last seen it.

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