6th January 2012

For many women, the idea of anal sex is something they shudder at the thought of, however I don’t think there are very many men who hold that same opinion. There is nothing unsavoury or dirty about anal sex, infact it can probably be one of the less messy forms of sexual intercourse if the bottom guy ( the one getting fucked ) keeps his arse in good working order !

I like nothing better than an appointment with a bloke who knows what he wants and knows where he wants to put it. Bent over on the bed with my arse on display waiting for that moment when his dick rubs up and down the crack of my arse is very intense, he slaps his cock off my arse cheeks and gives it a squeeze and a slap and then in goes a couple of inches of his cock until the whole length is all the way up my hole. The gasp of air he releases when he realises that he is balls deep up my arse with his manhood and his balls are resting below my arse cheeks.

I love it when he puts his hand across my waste and wanks my hard cock whilst slowly rocking back and forth inside my arse. He takes his cock all of the way out of my hole and inspects how clean my hole is and then pushes his cock deep inside again, this time without mercy. I love it when he’s shot his load, pulls off the rubber and dumps the contents of it all over my arse cheeks, watching it dribble down my cheeks and down my legs. It’s then that I usually turn over and put his cock in my mouth to clean up the remaining spunk, in the hope of getting it hard again for a second fuck.

The second fuck needs no lube. Just rubber it up and get it back inside. “Wow mate, you can take some amount of cock”. That’s been said to me one of two times over the years. I love the second load, I usually jump off his cock when he’s coming a second time and make sure all of that creamy load is dumped down my throat. These days you can’t have guys dumping their loads up your arse, even though we’d all love to be able to take every drop of spunk, but as it can’t be dumped inside there it’s sure as hell going to dumped in me my via my mouth.

My arse is there for the enjoyment of men who know what they want. I certainly know what I want !!!

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