Brothers In Law

29th April 2012

It was about 7.30 on Saturday night when I got a phonecall from a guy in a hotel in Newcastle.  Wanted to know what I did during an appointment and said, “Listen mate, you don’t mind if it’s me and a mate do you, we’re both sound blokes in our 40’s and only do this now and again”.  Yes that’s fine but it’ll be a little bit more than just with one guy.  They sounded happy about it and I went along and arrived at their hotel about 40 minutes later.

I walked into the room and was immediately put at ease, they were just two normal late 40’s blokes, I couldn’t work out at first if they were together or what the set up was.  “You’re a bulk of a bloke” one of them said, “I can’t wait to get you up me arse” he added.

“Yeah he want’s bummed and I want me cock sucked, I might fuck him too and might fuck you if you don’t mind mate”, said the stocky guy who I now know as Paul.  “We’re on a stag trip, there’s 30 of us and me and Stu fooked off at 7 to come back for a rest, we always share a room because we like a bit of fun with ourselves and likeminded escorts like yourself whenever we’re away on a lads weekend, they just think we’re having a lie down until 9 when he hit the quayside”.

Asking how this came about, I was astonished to discover they were both uncles of the guy who’s stag trip they were attending.  “We’re not brothers, I married his sister” said Stu, “We were on a ferry once to Amsterdam and sharing a bunk and he walked into me having a wank and had one himself.  This was 10 years back and everytime we’d go away we’d end up doing a bit more until he started giving me a good fucking.  We never do it at home, but the minute I have a few drinks on a lads weekend, I don’t think about lasses, I just want Paul to give me a good fucking and dump a massive load of spunk in my mouth, then I am fine to carry on the evening knowing I’ve given my brother in law a good ride”.

Bizarre introduction and then it was straight into the action, it wasn’t long before Stu had my pants off and was bent over the bed, sucking on Paul’s cock. “Get that thick nob up my arse”.  How could I resist… Here I was with my dick up a good looking bearded late 40’s bloke whilst he was sucking off his own brother in law.  The brother in law was the better looking of the two.  Stocky, lovely cock about 42, the younger of the two of them.  After about 15 minutes Paul said “Steve pull out of his arse and suck my nob whilst he sucks yours”.

Bang bang bang on the door, then the phones went, then banging again “Who is it”, Paul shouted.  “Uncle Paul, where’s me Uncle Stu”, “Jamie, fook off I’ve got a bird in here and I am about the spunk in her mouth”, he replied.  “Nice one…. I’ll see if I can track Stu down”, came the reply from the nephew outside the door.  No sooner had he gone then I felt a nice big mouthfull of spunk release itself from his cock.  “Don’t swallow it” said Paul, “Keep it in your mouth and transfer it to Stu’s mouth”.  I did exactly as I was told and Stu swallowed the lot, then went down on me and took a huge mouthfull off me.  “Steve, mate” said Paul “Now finish off Stu in your mouth”.  Stu started to wank his cock hard whilst leaving the head of his cock in my mouth.  Out came another big mouthfull.  “Now give that to Stu mate” said Paul again and Stu swallowed his third load.

As soon as that was over they went back to being thoroughly heterosexual men.  “Off down the Quay now mate, if I can get the balls tanked up I might pick up a bird later, they’re no good at sucking cock though mate, you’re fucking better at that than any lass”.

Thanks for the compliment :)

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