Builders Mate

18th July 2012

I had a phonecall, yesterday, from a guy who had quite a broad, distinctive local accent.  He wanted to know prices and services.  Sounded quite cocky and sure of himself and that’s always something that turns me on.

He ended up booking then not showing. I was a bit annoyed.  I phoned him to see if he was lost but to no avail.  I turned off the porn and opened the curtains in my play room and settled down for a bit of lunch.  My little study overlooks the main road, so I can usually see who is turning up and not long after I sat down I seen a van from a local builders appear in the street.  I didn’t think anything of it and got back to my lunch in front of the laptop, updating my website.  I could see my neighbour opposite tidying her garden up, it was just a typical  Tuesday in my street.

Next thing I know, the door bell goes.   I went down to answer it and this fabulous bloke, about 38, blue collar in work gear was stood in front.  ”Errrm mate, you called us out to inspect some insurance damage”.  I replied that I didn’t and he said “I was supposed to be here at 1pm, I am sorry I am late, is it still convenient to inspect the damage”.  The penny dropped and facade was only for my neighbours attention, should she be looking over.

He came in and took off his heavy boots in the lobby and we proceeded into the bedroom.  All I had to do was close the curtains and stick the TV back on.  ”Nice set up here mate, now get your mouth around my fat nob”.  He dropped his pants to reveal a 6 inch fat piece of meat with a prince albert pierced though it.  I couldn’t wait to get started.

He put his hard working hands on my head and forced his dick down my throat.  His phone rang and it was his boss at the building company, he carried on forcing his cock down my throat, whilst telling his boss that he was parked up with fish and chips and would be onto the next job by 2pm, they then chatted about football and a few beers after work… still chatting he dumped his load down my throat without even making a gasp or noise and carried on chatting.  I pulled away from his cock and still chatting to the bloke at work he made a hand signal for me to turn over.  His cock was still rock hard.  He then bent me over, stuck on the rubber and put his phone on loud speaker and secured his phone under the strap of my jock.   The converasation turned to “some bird who works on a Wimpey site in the sales office who looks like she’s gagging for it”, the guy fucking me was agreeing to this and laughing about it, telling him that he’d love to do her up the arse, whilst actually doing me up the arse.  He then paused, with his dick inside and gave him some advice on pricing a job, said goodbye and then said “Sorry about that mate, I can fuck you properly now”.

Then with long long deep strokes he proceeded to fuck me for about 15 minutes, obviously the second load always takes longer.  His cock darting out and the sensation of a 1 inch prince albert scraping the inside of my hole was divine.  It was like pure heaven.  The bloke was a real fucking sex god and all he’d done was unbutton his pants, he was still fully dressed.

After he shot the load he said “Come on then, I want that second load inside you”, so I emptied the condom onto my tongue and finished off my cleaning his cock up, he zipped up, sorted out the money and went on his merry way.

There’s something very sleazy about builders with a fat dick and a prince albert.  I’ve just found out how sleazy they can be.

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