Busy Couple Of Months


Sorry about the lack of updates, I have been so busy over the past few months, I have been back to Germany again and August was one of my busiest ever.  August is typically one of the quietest months of the year because a lot of the daddy types are away with Mrs Client and the kids however, this August proved to be a little different.

I have amassed a number of new gentlemen, ones that have never booked an appointment with me before and a high proportion of clients who have never booked a male escort before, plus a couple of excellent feedback posts that I have now integrated into the blog site.  This means that you can now leave feedback on an encounter with me by commenting on the latest feedback post.  No personal details are made public from your review.

I’ve seen a number of unusual clients over the last few months, notably an Asian gentleman who visited me for an hour, very early, one Sunday morning.  I didn’t think he was going to turn up but he did and he returned for three hours later that afternoon.  Both appointments were bizarre to say the least and involved him doing shows on himself.  He could twist his cock and balls 180 degrees and push his own cock inside his arsehole.  It was a very unusual appointment to say the least.  He has said he will visit me again, we will see.

I have found myself getting less and less tolerant of timewasters.  I have had a lot over the last few months including a number of strange telephone calls, nothing to worry about but the odd abusive caller, two of which were very abusive down the telephone, one a woman, who claimed I was scum and she was reporting me to the police and one a week later from a teenage boy, sat in a pub beer garden by the sounds of it, on a sunny Sunday afternoon with his friends all finding the whole episode to be highly amusing, both stupidly had the telephone number, they used, registered on facebook so they were both very easy to trace.  I text messaged both of them  with details of who they were and it quickly shut them up.  The teenage lad apologised and the woman, someone who stood as a local councillor in Gateshead in the spring elections (but didn’t win), didn’t realise I had text her and picked up the message the following morning.  Upon reading my text, she falsely claimed that her phone had been stolen late the previous evening and therefore it wasn’t her that made the abusive call.  She got that sim card replaced shit hot, last time I got something like that stolen, I never heard another thing but maybe the culprit felt sorry for her losing her iPhone and returned it.  Righto sweetie.  Needless to say, neither have called me again.  I think they got the shock of their lives when I text them, but all you need to do is put a phone number into google or facebook and you can often see who the nasty individual is.  Some would say that I should just let sleeping dogs lie but I want to nip it in the bud and stop them from thinking it’s cool to make abusive calls to others, especially when they suddenly realise how traceable they are.

I’ve been back over to Germany, to see the Gentleman Abroad.  Another lovely five star trip with lovely flights, lovely hotel and a lovely restaurant.  I even returned with a lovely gift for my birthday which I will open next month.

I have noticed a significant drop in enquiries from Adultwork since the Ashley Madison and Rentboy.com scandals hit the press.  Adultwork enquiries have gone down by as much as 90%, most gentlemen switching to contacting me direct via my excellent website.  A number of clients have told me recently that they’re staying away from third party sites because if they release personal details to an escort via those sites, those details sit on a third party server, which in the case of Ashley Madison became hacked and in the case of Rentboy.com, became the property of the federal government.  I can reassure all clients that your details, name, work, home address, anything given to me is not recorded or kept in a file, it’s kept in my head and my phone is passworded and can easily be remotely wiped.  It’s much safer to contact an escort direct via their own phone number and website but don’t forget, no matter how anonymous you want to be, we don’t like blocked numbers.

I will blog again soon and my sincerest apologies for not updating the page but I have been extremely busy.

Steve x

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