Can You Get Me A Scally

1st September 2011

No I certainly can’t

“I’m A 35 Year Old Asian Male – Would You Charge Me”

Hmm yes, what’s so special about being a 35 year old Asian male ?

Just a couple of the bizarre emails I received yesterday. The scally email was from a guy who wanted me to procure a young scally for him, he wanted to be shagged by the scally but he would have been kind enough to let me watch. Let me think about that one…….yes I have thought about it and the answer is still no. What planet are these people on. Why would a 35 year old Asian guy expect me to shag him for nothing. Is he so magical that us working boys wouldn’t dream of charging him for our time. Is he such a pleasure to do ? I don’t think I will have the opportunity to find out.

Last week I was asked if I wouldn’t mind hiring out my home to a working girl and I was asked if I could find a female escort for a stag trip.

This morning I have received a text asking me how much half an hour was. I replied “it’s £40″ to which I got a reply “Is it £40 just for oral”. Yes if you want half an hour mate it’s £40. I offered him the £20 quick blow job but he wants half an hour, well if you want half an hour it’s £40.

It’s going to be one of those weeks, I can feel it.

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