Caught Out With A Hoax Call

Yes, I got caught out.  I can usually suss out most people and the guy sounded ok on the phone.  There was nothing about the call to be suspicious about and the property was nearby in Annitsford, a few miles away from where I live, therefore I wouldn’t normally take a deposit.

I quickly jumped in the shower and phoned him as I was leaving home.  Sat Nav said I should be there within 10 minutes and I arrived within the agreed time.  As I approached the house, it was obvious that something was wrong.  It was a bungalow and all of the lights were off.  This seemed very suspicious but over the years I have had the odd guy who has booked who does have the lights off at the front of the house.  As it was 10pm I called him again to ask him to come to the door as I dislike knocking on private homes at this time of the night.

When I phoned, a woman answered and laughed very loudly down the phone at me.  Yes, it was a hoax call.  I was quite annoyed at this because not only had I been inconvenienced but whoever lived at the property, should they have come to the door, would have had the fright of their life and it would have unsettled them for the rest of the evening.  I never answer my own door unless I know someone is visiting or a friend is popping over.

As I drove away I received two calls from their number.  I ignored both calls and then came the abusive texts and threats to inform the police about me.  Inform the police about me, blimey that’s a good one.  The police are there to protect sex workers in this country not arrest them.

I have filed a report on Ugly Mugs, report 18222 which should appear quite soon.  I reported this, not only for the abusive texts but because I could have very easily frightened an elderly person who themselves may have called the police on me.


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