Cock(ney) Fun

24th April 2012

I’ve just come back from a very, successful 2 day trip to London.  Lots of cock, lots of fun to be had and some very nice men.

Friday started a bit slow, I had advertised myself on sites for the best part of a month and I had an overnight booked for the Saturday and a few enquiries for during the day on Saturday which I didn’t think would come off, however they all did, but the Friday took me by surprise.

I had advertised myself from 3pm but I was late leaving Newcastle because a regular guy decided in the morning that he wanted my ass at 11am, well when does a boy say no when he’s a big hulk of a bloke who knows what he’s doing down below.  I was already packed and ready to leave anyway, so why not.

I got to Uxbridge at 4pm, it was almost 4 hours door to door, an hour later than scheduled.  A guy who had seen my advert phoned me half way down the M1 and wanted 4pm.  There was no way I could do it and somehow managed to convince him to take 4.30pm.  He eventually agreed and I rushed around like a maniac trying to get the room (and myself) ready for his arrival.

When he walked in he was wearing a London Transport coat, hmm yes, my first underground worker.   He took his clothes off in record time and within about 4 minutes I had swallowed a nice mouthfull of train guard cum.  Within another 2 minutes he had paid and left “I’m on a break mate and late”.

Oh, he had to get back to his own tunnel, I had hoped he was here to service mine.

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