Compliments Then A Cummy Arse

27th July 2012

Isn’t it nice when a lovely guy comes and to see you and pays compliment after compliment.

I had a guy here yesterday who travelled about 30 odd miles to see me, arrived and immediately paid compliment about my street, my house and my bathroom.  He said it was a pleasure to meet a guy for fun in such nice surroundings.  I was really pleased.

He came through to the bedroom after his shower and loved the porn playing, the nice delicate lime infused water but most of all he loved my deep throat and couldn’t contain his excitement of being balls deep up my arse.  The look on his face as I sat on top riding his dick from the tip to the balls and just as he was at breaking point, I jumped off his cock and took a massive thick load of cum in my mouth.  It took him a good 5 or 6 minutes to compose himself after enjoying fantastic sex.

It was a really nice appointment, he went away very satisfied and I had a huge big grin on my face all afternoon because I knew he’d had a fantastic time.  His cock was so hard that a few hours later I could still feel where it had been up my arse.  Tremendous arse fucker !!!

The evening got even better when I turned up to a housecall outside Ponteland.  I wore a sports top and a pair of jeans with my football shorts on underneath.  The guy couldn’t contain himself and with the football shorts around my ankles I was fucked silly over the breakfast bar in the kitchen.  There was no foreplay, just pure unadulterated arse fucking.  He’d obviously been taking viagra because it’s only guys on viagra who can fuck repeatedly like that for almost an hour.  He was amazed that I could stay hard whilst being fucked repeatedly.  I love cock up my arse so much, it really turns me on to be fucked and filled with a nice thick cock.

Half way through the fuck me got me to wank off into a small glass as he wanted to fuck me with spunk.  He bent me over and inserted a kitchen funnel into my arse and poured my thick load of cum into my hole and then pushed his dick inside and fucked it all the way up my arse.  He was throughly filthy.  He then pulled out and watched the cum run down my balls, then he scooped up the cum with the head of his cock and fucked it back in.   I like it when men are adventurous.  Don’t be afraid to ask for this service if you want to use my cum as lube on my own arse I am always happy to oblige.  There’s nothing unsafe about being fucked with your own cum.  It’s a real turn on for most blokes to fuck a cummy arse and it’s a real turn on for me to hear and see the pleasure a bloke gets from fucking me.

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