Coronavirus Back To Work Statement and Disclaimer

Following a lengthy discussion with clients, friends and a rather friendly solicitor, I have decided to return back to work from 10am to 10pm each day. I have investigated the current government guidelines extensively and my solicitor investigated the law in relation to this and so I wish to make the following points clear to anyone who makes an appointment …..

• Being within 2 metres of another person is not illegal and cannot be enforced

• I am allowed to have visitors to my home, there is no law restricting it

• I do not run a commercial premises and therefore I was never obliged to close

To put your mind at ease, the following procedures are in place

• All Bedding and Towels are washed at 90 Degrees after every appointment

• The bathroom, bedroom and massage table are sprayed with Dettol after every use

• All sex toys are submerged in a Dettol and Water solution after each use

• The apartment flooring is sanitised every morning and evening with Zoflora Disinfectant

• I will only see one client per day maximum during this crisis

• You can park at the rear of my property, in my own private parking if required

I can’t be any clearer than than. Please note, there are no Corona Discounts, that will just get you blocked

Disclaimer ………. If you wish to visit me for an appointment, it’s at entirely your own risk and I accept no responsibility for anything that happens during the appointment, nor do I accept any responsibility for anything you may develop once you have left my home. As I do not initiate any initial contact, it is you that is the responsible person for your own actions.

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