Country Gent

9th January 2012

I had a little drive in the country yesterday.  I was asked to visit a guy at his Durham farmhouse just off the A68.  Quite secluded, I did at some point wonder what on earth I was doing driving down a dirt track at 8pm in the dark.

I knew I was quite close because I could hear dogs barking, the porch light was on, as he’d said it would be and his two dogs were just running about outside with him stood on his driveway looking out for my car.  I remember thinking to myself, he looks a very “married type”, I wonder where the wife is.

I was welcomed into his lovely home with a log burning open fire ablaze.  No sooner was I in the door and my pants were down and he sucked, my cock deep and hard in front of the fire place.  My arse cheeks were getting rather scorched from the heat. After a short while he bent me over the coffee table and started to deep rim my arsehole whilst playing with his cock and telling me he could taste other men on my arsehole, calling me a filthy slut, then I felt his cock go in and it went in with such force, he kept slapping my arse, pulling his cock out, spitting on my gaping hole, which he kept open by pulling apart my cheeks with force and then slamming it back up again.  He was rampant.

He lay down flat on the rug in front of the fire and said “Sit on my face and let me tongue out that well fucked hole again”.  Well how can a boy refuse such an invite.  I sat on his face and this was the first time I seen how fat his 6″ cock was.  It was as thick as my wrist.  No wonder I felt stretched when he fucked me earlier.  I made a beeline for his cock and sucked and deep throated it.  It sure was a mouthfull.  He bent me back over the coffee table again and up went his cock again, this time fucking me hard, he pulled it out and shot a massive dump of cum all over my back, he then dipped his fingers in the spunk and shoved the spunky fingers in my mouth, “Taste my seed you dirty gay slut”.  He was still rock hard, which I presume was viagra.  Within about 5 minutes he was back up my arse again, banging away like there was no tomorrow.  He kept telling my how sloppy my “cunt” was and how he was going to use it for his own gratification.  He was certainly doing that and I was enjoying the ride.  He fucked away at me, taking it out, wanking his cock to keep it hard and shoving it back up again, pulling out slapping it off my arse cheeks and then ramming it back up.  It’s a good job I love bottoming because this was one hell of a fuck.

Eventually we got the second cumming and it was time to relax for 5 minutes.  He showed me around the farm a little and introduced me to some of the sheep, he took me over to the cattle shed and once inside his hands were back on the prize.  “You’ve not cum yet, how about making an old farmer a very happy man and shooting that load down my throat”.  Well, yes i’d not come, so I dropped my pants, as soon as I did, he wrapped his mouth around my cock and up went two fingers up my very wet and sloppy hole, but he could help himself, no sooner were 3 fingers up then I was bent over and fucked again, up went his cock, in and out whilst wanking me off at the same time with his hands around the front.  I shot a massive load of cum in his hand, which he then poured over my arse cheeks and proceeded to fuck into me.  “I’d read on your blog you don’t mind being fucked with your own cum”.  Well no I don’t it probably the safest lube you can use LOL, so he proceeded to lube his own cock up with my cum and fuck it into me.  Third load was on it’s way and this went all over my face and goatee.

Apparently I fulfilled a lifetime of fantasies for him.  He’d never had such good filthy depraved sex.  I must admit…. I loved it too, absolutely fucking filthy.  I will go back and see him anyday.  He’ll be rock hard when he reads this blog post that I promised I would make for him.  He was 10/10 on the fuck scale.  They say that older men make better lovers.  This older guy knew exactly what to do with his cock.  Tremendous appointment and all in one hour.  Stamina !

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