Cum In Mouth

I write this with a smirk on my face.  Not intentional but last night I went to see a regular client for the first time at his home, I have seen him on three previous occasions, always at my place but last night he couldn’t get away and sent me a text asking if I could come and visit him.  Yeah… that would be good.

On the way to the appointment I received a text message from him and it said “Looking forward to feeling ur load in my mouth”. I couldn’t ever recall that being on the agenda before and so I went along there quite happy to oblige.  A lot of clients progress and become more “open minded” the more they trust you.

I arrived, ahead of time, but he wanted me as soon as possible anyway, walked in and he was straight onto my cock.  It was like he’d never sucked cock before and I forced him to deep throat it.  He had asked me to be a bit dominant in his previous text and what could be more dominant than being told to take it right down your throat and choke.  That turned him on and he was being super attentive but suddenly wanted the attention switched to him.  I obliged but it was apparent, quite early on, that he was going to cum far too quickly.  When I could feel his cock pulsating, I pulled off and demanded…. yes demanded…. I was being dominant…. that he suck on my dick and “take the fucker right down… you filthy bitch”.  He obliged and I cum in his mouth.  He got the shock of his life and I did forewarn him it was about to happen.  He jumped up and errrmmmm, ran to the bathroom to vomit.  I felt awful, but I quickly got over it.  Anyway, after five minutes of him composing himself in the toilet.  He reappeared and it was back to business.  It didn’t take him long to cum and naturally I let him dump it in my mouth.  He did forewarn me, but to be honest, guys don’t need to let me know in advance, I am quite happy not knowing when it’s going to happen.  It’s all part of the excitement.

After we both composed ourselves I asked him if he was ok.  He was fine but it was the first time he had ever tasted spunk.  I said “But I’ve been told mine is nice because I am vegetarian and don’t smoke”.  I think the poor guy has been put off tasting it for life because if mine is supposed to taste nice, what do other guys taste like.

Personally, I don’t like or dislike spunk.  I do swallow with guys I know, I usually discreetly disperse of it with newer guys but I have no choice with dominant guys with big cocks because it just goes straight down your throat with no bitter after taste anyway.  It’s not that I don’t trust the cum of new guys, there’s very little I can catch from ingesting it, I just subconsciously decide that I will swallow the cum of regulars as an added treat for them… a sort of reward for coming back.

Anyway, I will see him again soon, he books every month or so, I think the next appointment however, will be more about the action and less about tasting the fruits of his labour.  At least he tried it hahahahahaha.  He’s a nice bloke too.

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