Deja Vu

26th August 2011

Last night, I received a phonecall, early evening, asking if I was prepared to travel to the Northumberland market town of Alnwick. It’s about 25 miles away but from where I live it’s just one straight road, so yes I was quite happy to have a drive up. Once that was established, he asked if I was prepared to make it a 2 hour appointment. Two hours is fine with me

I arrived there, about 5 minutes early, parked up and fiddled about tidying my car up a little to waste some time. I recognised the village, hmmm, I’ve been here before. I am always apprehensive when I have been somewhere before and they’ve not realised it was me they’d booked again, if he didn’t like me the first time around, it makes it awkward a second time if he’s booked me without realising. It wasn’t recent visit and I couldn’t work out for the life of me when I had been here before, but I knew I had.

I noticed the curtains pull apart from an upstairs window, he’d obviously realised that I had discreetly parked up, so I left the car and wandered down the road. I arrived and was greeted at the door by a nice looking late 50’s guy. “Come on in Steve”, he said. I thought Hmmmm, I don’t recognise you. We sat down in his very plush living room, full of gorgeous antiques, tastefully decorated with his real log burning stove fired away and he poured me a glass of Sancerre. Hmm this was nice. He told me he’d lived here for 2 years and his wife was away in Edinburgh seeing to her mother who had taken a fall. This was an ideal opportunity to organise an illicit liaison. I told him he lived in a lovely village and had a beautiful home and they he proceeded to tell me about how they obtained the property. The previous owners, pub landlords, had bought a bar in Spain and moved abroad and needed a quick sale, so sold it at auction. Ahhhhhhh, that’s how I knew the house. A female friend of mine designs curtains and about 5 years ago she needed a hand at a property just outside Alnwick. It had particularly high ceilings and massive windows, she couldn’t manage on her own and so I went along for the ride to help out and she bought me dinner that night on the way home as a thank you. Yes, I had been inside this house in 2006 when it was the previous occupants. Phew……….

We proceeded upstairs and he took me into one of the spare rooms. He’d arranged a selection of massive bathsheets over the bedding and it wasn’t long until his pants were off and his cock was up. An hour of “illicit” fun, with me fucked once, him fucked twice, lots of oral, a double ender up both of our arses and it was back to chit chat. He was very proud of his home and asked me if I would like to see the rest. It was lovely but it wasn’t until he showed me the master suite that I recognise those curtains I helped hang. Yes, they’d kept the bedroom curtains. Deja Vu. Here I was stood looking at curtains I had hung with my own fair hands in March or April 2006 and just over 5 years later I am back servicing the owner.

It’s odd how things from the past have a habit of catching up with you LOL. Tonight I have another trucker booked in, another hot appointment to post about tomorrow. From country house to truck stop, a working boy does get about a bit.

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