Delivery Man’s Just Knocked

11th August 2011

Not for a delivery for me, just a deposit.

Yes, my lovely little delivery man has just text me and knocked.  He’s been back down my street delivering mobile phones and the like.  It’s nice that he thinks of me each time he sees my postcode on his delivery schedule.

It’s a bit like the milkman knocking for a bit of nookie in the 60’s isn’t it, but with a more 21st century feel about it.

He even turns up with his electronic device and a parcel (which is not for me LOL).  Strangely, he leaves with the exact same parcel, so I never worked out why he uses it as a cover.

Anyway, he came in, pants down, cock sucked, cum in mouth, zipped up and fucked off back to work.

My sort of gentleman caller.

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