Dick Size

7th January 2012

Does it really matter how big a guys cock is and are bigger cocks harder work than smaller ones.

For me no, it doesn’t really matter, big ones are nice but I have met very few men over the years whose cock is bigger than mine. I am not overly big but I am above average in length and girth.

Long cocks are nice but if I am getting fucked I’d prefer a fatter cock, girth means everything when you have it stuffed up your arse. Small cocks can be harder work than bigger cocks but I’ve found that most men with smaller cocks preferred to be fucked silly rather than doing the fucking.

Most men, with practice, can take about 9 inches of cock up their arse before it reaches it’s limit and bangs off your insides. I can definitely take a whole 9 inches to the balls, I have had many a 9 incher in my time but when it’s bigger than that then you either take it and take horrific pain every time it reaches the limit of you colon or he gets as much in as possible before he runs out of space.

I once seen a guy a few years back who had 11 inches. He was massive but it wasn’t massive to begin with. The condom only covered about the first 8 inches of it. He needed to fuck me with a thick wide dildo first until my arse stayed open and then he stuffed his flaccid cock inside. It was the strangest sensation because as he rocked back and forth his cock grew bigger and bigger, it needed a lot of blood to stay hard and this was the only way he could get and maintain a strong hard erection. It was very strange feeling to have a cock grow inside you. He fucked me for about 30 minutes solid. It took the first 10 minutes to get hard and then he fucked away at me until he was ready to shoot. His cock was massive each time he pulled it out. At the end, he pulled out of my arse and finished off in my mouth, my god I nearly choked and I didn’t have very much of it in at the time.

I prefer about 6 inches to be perfectly honest. It’s a nice size for sucking and it’s a nice size for my arse to take. Men worry about the size of their cocks but honestly, if you took cock up your arse as much as I do you too would think yourself lucky to be getting 6 inches as opposed to 10 inches.

I like big cocks, don’t get me wrong. I love being stretched with cock so big it brings tears to my eyes whilst riding it but any cock is good with me as long as the guy knows how to find my g spot and give me a good fucking.

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