Dirty Bastard

23rd August 2012

I had a nice appointment yesterday with a very sexy, hairy 20’s guy who called me a “Dirty Bastard” throughout the appointment.  Thick set and hairy, he’s just the sort of guy who is always welcome at my door.

 He was quite nervous to begin with, a little bit shy when telling me what he liked but it didn’t take him long to lose his inhibitions when a dribble of pre-cum spurted out in the first few minutes and I greedily licked off all the juice, that was when the first “Dirty Bastard” comment was made.  I wasn’t long into the appointment before I had two fingers and a dildo up his arse, darting in and out, my arse fucked and the first dump of cum.

He’d already told me, in advance, that he wanted to cum twice and that’s always fine by me, so it was on with round two.  He was in awe of my rock hard thick cock and tugged on it like his life depended on it.  “Can we use some toys on your arse”, oh yes please and so I eagerly chose the nine inch purple dildo for my pleasure.  He pushed the dildo in a little and then, stood over me, with my legs in the air, he forced the other eight inches inside and proceeded to fuck the living daylights out of my hole, the dildo was being rammed into me with such force, back and forth, right out to the tip and then all the way back up that I didn’t know if I was coming or going.  He pulled out the dildo and inserted 4 fingers into my gaping arse, stretching my hole to the point there half of his hand could get inside.  Out came his fingers and in went the dildo again, fucking my hole with stamina and strength.  He lay back on the bed and I moved opposite him to get good access to his arse, I stuck two fingers inside his hole, whilst on the other side of the bed he with one hand he put 3 or 4 fingers up my hole whilst the other hand was tugging on his rock hard cock and then he suddenly shot such an intense load that the spunk landed all over his face.

A truly spectacular session, well drained and well satisfied.

 He can come back anytime.  I think he’s more of “Dirty Bastard” than I am.

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