Discount…. Free…. It’s Not For Me

It’s bad enough that we have to suffer no shows, guys who don’t pay and text timewasters but the latest trend seems to be to troll escort adverts, adultwork profiles and online listings and to ask a sex worker for a free appointment.

In the last 24 hours I have had two wonderful examples of their sheer, unadulterated, damn face cheek.  The first being yesterday when I received an email from adultwork, informing me that an email was waiting to be collected.  I hurriedly logged into my account, expecting an email from someone dashingly gorgeous with the promise of an overnight stay at a luxury hotel and was disappointedly greeted by this :-

Curious Guy – 18/04/2015 13:54

I’m in a long term relationship but want to know what it’s like to suck a guy and be fucked and vice versa not paying for my first time and for me to do what I’m willing. Thoughts ?

Well quite honestly “Fuck off” sprung to mind.  Not paying for my first time.  Oh right, so when I pop over to Sainsburys later I will say to the lady on the checkout “I’ve not had this cider before so I won’t be paying for my first time”.

This morning, I awoke to the following text message :-

Hi Steve, I am looking for my first bi experience, what turns me on is a huge cock that can be milked 2/3 times, I also would like to have your cock forced down my throat before you gently slide him in and out of my tight arse.  Can I ask if it would be possible to experience this for free as I feel paying for it is giving my virginity a price.  I would like to become a regular if you can satisfy my desires.  I’m 28, hung, clean, discreet, trimmed and relatively hair free.

The sentence that immediately stood out and got my back up was “Can I ask if it would be possible to experience this for free as I feel paying for it is giving my virginity a price”.  I replied with the following :-

Next time you book a taxi or eat in a restaurant you’ll find that they want you to pay for their service too.  Try craigslist if you want to experience stuff for free.

Now fair game to him, he had the balls to ask outright, however my reply didn’t go down too well and he ended up texting a threat to me that if I replied again he wouldn’t be so nice and it wouldn’t be by text.  I instinctively replied.  I do not bow down to bullies and he said that when he purchased prosciutto ham from the deli he always has a sample for free because “producers make crap products”.  I am not a product, I am a sentient being, not a commodity, or a slice of meat and yes he might get a free sample, but it’s a sample, not the whole bloody ham, which is what he wanted with me.  He also informed me that I had lost a “potential regular customer”.  No, I didn’t lose anything because he’s not a customer until money changes hands and that wasn’t in his original remit.  Once he had obtained his free appointment with me, he would start trolling the adverts to find another mug to play this “virginity” game with.  Unfortunately I do put a price on his virginity and it’s around £100, that’s why myself and all of my male and female colleagues run adverts, listings and websites with a list of fees.  We don’t pay for our adverts and websites to attract men who want a free appointment, we do it to attract men who want a discreet paid liaison with a professional person.  I am sure no one has ever said to him, well “Dave” why don’t you produce me a months worth of your product so I can see what the quality is like because “producers make crap products” and you never know I might become a “potential regular customer”.  I am sure he would be horrified if they did.  Yes produce a sample like the delicatessen but don’t take the piss.  My sample is my website, feedback and online personality.  If you don’t like it, don’t book.

The other one we’re all harassed with is the guys who say “Is it possible to get a discount as it’s my first time and I am not sure if I will like it”.  I get this one at least once or twice a month. It’s always greeted with “No, but if you like the experience then I will offer a discount on your second appointment as a kind gesture for your loyalty being rewarded“.  Funnily enough, they never seen to take me up on the offer.  One recent email said the following :-

Hi Steve, I am a disabled gentleman in Durham and I wondered if you were available at the weekend.  I also wondered if you had a discount offering for disabled gentlemen as that would sway my choice to book you over the other lads that are listed on this site.

I have a number of good, honest, loyal disabled gentlemen and this guy was told that I didn’t discriminate against anyone and therefore my fee applies to everyone regardless of race, nationality, religion or disability.  What entitles him to a discount, doesn’t he strive to be treated the same as everyone else in society.

When contacting a sex worker, please take the word “worker” as a hint.  The hint that a fee will apply.  Good quality, reliable escorts and masseurs will have a list of fees and they’re there for a reason. I don’t do recreational sex, nor do I offer free appointments in the hope that they will become paid liaisons in the future.  We all know they won’t.  To avoid disappointment and rejection please contact a sex worker if you are willing to pay their fee.  They feel they are worth that fee.  To offer less and expect 100% is bad form and not a great way to conduct yourself.


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