Do You Working With Another Female Escort

8th January 2012

Why do bisexual guys ask this all the time. Just because they’re bi and like a bit of both it doesn’t mean that I do.

I must get asked this question about 2-3 times a month, usually by email, I don’t understand why guys ask it when it’s blatantly obvious from my website that I am gay and prefer cock. It’s even been suggested to me that “well what’s the harm, it’s only a job”. I went into sex work to have lots of great sex with men for a fee, I didn’t go into it to have sex with a woman or to have a woman go down on me. I’ve never ever really seen a naked woman and when I’ve seen it on porn it just doesn’t interest me. I like cocks and I like my cock to be placed inside an arse not a vagina.

I was asked a few weeks ago if I would visit a couple at a Newcastle Hotel and have him suck me off whilst his wife watched. I was promised that she wouldn’t intervene. Just before I set off I received a text saying “Jacqueline is in her sussies and I am fingering her, would love you to lick that juice off my fingers whilst I am sucking you”. So much for not intervening, I was faced with the prospect of licking her DNA off his fingers. I declined the appointment, she was obviously always going to joining in, they said that last minute thinking I wouldn’t back out.

I don’t mind talking about women during sex, stuff like “I bet my arse is tigher than your wifes fadge”. That gets them going but I’ve managed to avoid having sexual intercourse with a woman for 37 years and so I plan to carry on that way for another 37 years.

I’ve got a few female escort friends and they too get asked if they have any male friends who would join in the fun, luckily I am never asked but they know not to anyway. It’s the perfect appointment for a bisexual escort, he gets to have fun with a guy and another female escort at the same time but why on earth do bisexual clients think I would entertain such thoughts.

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