Early Start

16th August 2011

I’ve been up since 6.30am.

Just got into bed last night and decided to watch Bad Girls, it’s just started from scratch on CBS Drama. Text ….. “Hi Steve any chance of early morning, setting off for Leeds for a work meeting and wondered if I could see you on the way there”. It was one of my regulars who lives in Northumberland and was “passing” so to speak.

7.10am he arrived, a few minutes later than we’d arranged but that didn’t matter, it gave me an extra 10 minutes to get myself composed. I am not often awake that early. I stopped doing early mornings when I packed in my job at the Council, 12 years ago. He arrived in a cab, a cab booked by his office to take him to Central Station but which he got to terminate here instead. He’s often early morning, it’s a good excuse for him and I drop him at Regent Centre metro station after the appointment so he can finish off his journey to the station.

He’s a nice bloke, very amenable, easy going. He’s the perfect gentleman when he walks through, very much your mid 40′s executive type, sharp suit, nice cuff links, clean shaven, nice teeth and well spoken. However………. once the suit is off he’s like an animal. Do this, suck my balls, legs up here, suck it bitch, take that cock… all words he likes to use whilst on the job. Then as soon as he’s cum, it’s chit chat about work and back to his executive bloke persona.

Today’s tumble on the bed was no exception. He smelt gorgeous, really masculine and his cock and arse were ultra clean. I started with little bit of oral then moved on to some deep rimming. He has a lovely hairy hole, perfect for getting lost in on a summers day. It wasn’t long before it was my turn on the bed, he licked out my hole and rubbed his cock end on my arse crack, telling me how many days worth of spunk he had ready to explode. His cock is about 7 inches, maybe a little bigger, it’s thinnish at the top and gets fatter as you work down to the balls, ideal for fucking because you get the easy bit in first. His cock started the enter my hole and it wasn’t long before he pulled it out and stuffed it in my mouth. He doesn’t like me to swallow, he likes to see it running down my chin as he’s still dumping more cum in my mouth.

After the act was over, he got himself smartened back up, borrowed a bit of hair gel and it was off to Leeds. “I feel like it’s going to be a successful meeting today and after that morning session I am raring to go and I will get what I want from it”.

Early morning shags do give you confidence !!

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