Escort Friends With Benefits

What is It with escorts wanting personal relationships with clients. Isn’t the idea of visiting an escort, a paid service with intimate sexual benefits.

I’ve recently learned of an escort in Gateshead who has a number of clients, on the go, who are no longer paying clients but instead they’re now friends with a “special understanding”, they take her for meals, one or two pop in with a bottle of wine but none of these guys seem to pay anymore, she just sees them in this manner because she likes their company and the obvious sex that comes with it.  I’ve no problem with that but wonder where this will eventually lead.  It’s obvious from talking to this lady that she isn’t charging them any fees anymore and that the original escorting service has led to a sort of friends with benefits dating service and it’s even more obvious that Dave doesn’t know anything about Brian and Brian doesn’t know about Alan.  They all seem to think they’re the only one in this special arrangement.  I am all in favour of a Sugar Daddies but these are far removed from that type of arrangement. Hey I’m open to Sugar Daddy liaisons but not in a “friends with benefits” set up.
I’ve been escorting, as a lot if you know, for well on more than a decade and in all of that time, I’ve never been on a date with a guy in a “friends with benefits” arrangement.  I love all (well nearly all) of my clients and they all have my number, most know where I live and they all know that they can contact me whenever they want (within reason) but I have a private life and they have one too. 
My overnight appointments and longer appointments are very much like a date, I make sure they flow as much like a date as the client wishes, with good intelligent conversation, horny fun, hot sex and a thoroughly fulfilling time and yes I will even arrive earlier on the evening or leave a little bit later than the normal 12 hours without any fuss or request of additional fees.  I don’t mind arriving for an overnight at 5pm and leaving at 9am if I have seen the guy before and we get on really well and I don’t mind travelling 4 hours either side to London or Aberdeen or any European city for an overnight even though it means I’ve been on the go 24 hours but I certainly wouldn’t do it on a “friends with benefits” arrangement.
I started to wonder if she was lonely, if you’re a popular escort like myself, you don’t usually have time to be lonely. I work this career around another career and I’ve got cats and a home to take care of too plus a good network of very good friends that I see, chat to by phone and socialise with regularly,  I don’t have time to fit in ex-clients for a friends with benefits arrangement.  
We all like compliments and the best compliment is when a guy wants to return to you or wants to book you for another big appointment to their hotel. I always show my appreciation ten fold to clients when they return. If they thought that the first appointment was wonderful, the second is going to blow them away. I am always filthier on subsequent appointments because I know their bodies, I know their interests and I know how far I can push their boundaries.  
I also wonder if some clients are turned on by having an escort girlfriend or boyfriend.  The thought that he will get deep throat the minute he walks into the apartment is a reality with his favourite escort however the reality is this … if a client walked into my home and said “Suck my cock hard”, I would suck it without hesitation and be very good at it but if a boyfriend walked in and asked the same question, I would probably say “Later….. after you’ve taken me for dinner, cleaned out the litter tray and let me watch Homeland on TV without winging”.
I am not sure having “escort friends with benefits” is really the same as being an escort or booking an escort and I think it can lead to difficulties with both parties.  He could get jealous that he/she is seeing other men and being paid for it and the escort in this friendly relationship could have appointments booked in that they don’t want to reveal to their “benefit friend” and start lying to the very same person who was initially a client.
I prefer to keep going along the same path and not clouding the boundaries. That way no one gets hurt.

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