Every Client Is Different

Every client is different, some are easy going, some are damn hard work, some smell great as they walk through the door, some arn’t so fresh but that’s not really what I want to touch on today.  Every client is different and the role you play as an escort is different.

A lot of escorts have a attitude when it comes to what they will do and what they won’t do with clients and I agree that each and every escort needs to set their own limits and boundaries, but they also have to be adaptable and have to be able to tailor the escorting experience to each and every client they see.
I have very very few limits, hardly any to be honest.  I don’t complain if his cock is massive, I will still be able to take it, I don’t complain if he wants to dress up in female underwear for the appointment, none of that bothers me but I know it bothers other escorts at times.  From chatting to clients it’s quite obvious that other experiences have not lived up to what it said on the side of the packet, especially with the younger twinky type escorts.  Maybe they’re just not worldly wise enough or have enough about them to be able to think outside of their little bubble.  Websites and online presence is usually a first point of contact these days and so if you have a website littered with don’ts, you’re quickly going to be passed over for someone who is a bit more open minded.  I read recently about one male escort who is happy to be fucked but who needs lots of notice for it. I would never attend a single appointment without being prepared for it.  Its part of my routine and takes approximately 6 minutes.  No real preparation is required.  I even do this if he wants fucked, just in case half way through the appointment he decides he wants to tag some arse.  It happens all too often and so I’m ready for that eventuality from the moment he walks in the door.
I put my popularity down to the fact I’m just a regular highly sexed bloke who likes it a bit filthy at times.  Let’s face it, most of the clients can get bog standard vanilla sex at home.  A lot of my married type guys come to me because they’ve always had urges to to have sex with other men, a lot of my bisexual clients come to me for similar reasons but also because they have a need to fuck ass or being fucked themselves and to ask their wives or girlfriends to do either is usually a big no no.  I have a few professional gay guys sprinkled in along the way who just like the idea of good sex when it suits them.
What brings clients back time and time again is the fact I rarely say no.  Sometimes a guy will walk in and want something I am not keen on but I don’t ever turn down the request I just see how things go.  If he’s super filthy and responsive then that thing is most likely to happen, if he just lies there and doesn’t speak its unlikely it will happen because although it’s my job to be the professional and try and make him feel good about himself, there is very little I can do with a corpse.
What works for one client, can work for many but doesn’t work for them all.  Some guys arn’t interested in seeing my puckered hole in a jockstrap, some guys arn’t interested in touching my cock, some guys don’t want their bum touched (most do mind) and some guys don’t want nipples or kissing.  On a subsequent appointment I know exactly what makes them tick which is, following on from my last blog post, the reason why it can be a fabulous experience the first time but a mind blowing experience the second time.  By the second appointment I know exactly what they want and how quickly they want it or how paced out it should be.
Some appointments run like a story book, before he arrives you already know he wants a shower with you, he wants sucked off in the shower, he wants to rub his cock on your arse crack.  He wants to retire to the bed, be sucked, rimmed and then fuck your throat.  You know he will wet your arse crack then want you, first on your back then to fuck you like an animal on all fours, from behind.  You know exactly how this appointment will pan out and at which stage the next move is made.  This however doesn’t work for all clients.
Escorts need to be in control of the appointment, we need to be able to work out which part of the appointment fits where without it looking like or being an act.  We also need to be completely flexible and assess each guy and each appointment in an instant. I always try to give more yes nods than no frowns and we, as escorts should maybe experiment ourselves and push our own boundaries.  Personally I was never into watersports, but over time I pushed my own boundaries and now I am quite happy to be pissed on if its what the client wants.  I still can’t perform watersports mind unless I have been prewarned, drank lots of liquids and taken a couple of water tablets.  
There are times I have performed a filthy act with one client and dreaded the thought of it with another, again it’s about the responsiveness of the client at the time.  If he’s game and up for really dirty fun, the options are endless but if he just sits there all quiet and cold then its unlikely to happen.  Every client is different and that’s something only a really professional escort can cope with.

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