Farting Fetish

8th May 2012

I was contacted a few weeks back by a guy who wanted an alternative type of appointment. No sex, I didn’t have to touch him, he just wanted an appointment after I had consumed a vast array of beans, soup and other foods that make you fart a lot. He wanted a 2 hour appointment to his hotel and all I had to do was lie flat, facing the TV whilst he prodded, sniffed and licked my arse.

The guy had a farting fetish. He was sexually turned on by the smell of farts. He had been since he was a teenager and it was very difficult to meet someone who would partake in his kink. Things like this really don’t bother me to be perfectly honest.

I lay down on the bed with my legs apart and let out fart number one, it was a little one, I wasn’t relaxed enough to let him get on with it and wanted so much to start farting on a regular basis for him, this was afterall what I was here for.

He sat behind me, fingering my hole when it was released and within seconds he was inhaling as much of the gas as possible then licking around my arse. “Come on Steve give me a little bit more”. I felt a rumbling in my stomach and then came an almighty fart, it was warm too, so I knew it was going to stink. “Fucking hell, wonderful”, he screeched. It did help enormously, that earlier in the afternoon I was fucked stupid by a guy with a substantial cock. That itself pumped a lot of air into that region that needed to be released at some point.

For the best part of 2 hours, all I needed to do was fart, whilst he amused himself and wanked his cock over my arse. I would possibly say, it was the easiest appointment this year and one I wouldn’t hesitate to repeat, should he, or other bum gas guys want to make an appointment.

Everyone in life is different, they have different things that turn them on and he found it hard to play out his fetish with a regular partner, so it was easier to hire someone who would oblige. Since this appointment, when passing wind, I’ve found myself thinking “I wonder if he would have liked that one”.

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