Feedback And How Important It Is

How do you find an escort that suits your needs ?

Personal Recommendation –  Unlikely
Suck and See – Maybe
Online Presence – Extremely Likely
Feedback – Most Certainly
Feedback is great, it helps me and it helps you.  It makes me feel good about myself and it helps you to make your decision. 99% of guys don’t leave feedback, many more though tell you to your face but the best feedback is when a guy books you a second, third, fourth time and its wonderful when you end up seeing someone for years.  That makes me feel wonderful and it makes you feel wonderful too because it becomes more personal because we know each other.
I am always in a loop of new guys, guys who are becoming regular, regular guys and truly loyal guys.  The truly loyal guys are the gentlemen I know don’t see anyone else and I know they don’t because the sex is wonderful and it’s all about us, not about me and not about them, it’s about us.  They enjoy their time with me as much as I do with them.
I get a nice turnover of guys who come and see me for the first time,  I would say that I have repeat appointments from 1 in every 3 guys a second time.  That’s about the norm, whether you’re a gay male or female escort.  Approximately 1 in every 3 are guys who won’t book again, they are guys in, or visiting, Newcastle who may never return, guys who had gay feelings, acted on it and didn’t feel the need to take it further, guys whose idea of the experience didn’t live up to expectations and guys who felt I wasn’t their type.
Being honest and realistic, I have guys who will visit me periodically.  This is maybe, once every 3 months, once every 6 months or once a year.  They’re in a loop and I totally respect the fact that they may see other guys.  This doesn’t bother me at all.  The fact they come back, when they can, makes me feel good.  These guys fill up my week,  every week,  quite nicely.  You rarely and I mean rarely get the guys who exclusively see you and see you regularly.  I’m lucky in this respect.  Obviously I can’t be as exclusive to them as they would like me to be, but there’s very little I can do about that.  Being a gay escort, in what is a somewhat specialist market, I am very lucky to be able to have such lovely gentlemen and I am lucky to have more exclusivity than many female escorts have.  They may have a few more clients than me but I do seem to have a lot more repeat appointments than they have from the same guys, time and time again.  
Feedback helps me enormously.  My rare, exclusive clients never leave feedback, my first time clients, love to leave feedback or text me with compliments.  I don’t need feedback from the rare guys, but the feedback from the newbies brings in a whole wealth of new interest from guys that can sometimes turn into one of those rare gentleman who becomes exclusive to myself. Without that trust and recommendation I can’t be the perfect escort that is expected of me.
Like with every escort, I am not everyone’s cup of tea but the feedback helps guys make an informed decision and maybe make a decision that can make us all feel good.

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