Female Privilege

Oh dear me, my Misogynistic post went down well didn’t it ?  Proof that they’re misogynistic themselves.

The fight for sex workers is an exclusively female one, it seems.  They don’t want men in the camp, not even out gay men because that would mean they’re no longer a militant lefty female only clique.  I was dismayed at being attacked by one person who I sort of considered to be a friend.  I’ve never met her but she was always lovely to me online, until last night and whereas her comments were somehow supportive she didn’t have the decency to tell me how she was going to dissect my argument, she did tell me, however, that I wasn’t going to like it.  Yes I seen red with her and I was very annoyed.

I have to admit, I said some things maybe I shouldn’t but these sex workers do themselves no favours.  They go on twitter, a public arena, viewable by just about anyone with a computer or smart phone and brag about how to get around the bedroom tax system (whilst working as escorts), brag about being in cells overnight because they had some pills in their pocket, brag about how many clients they’ve seen, informing others that they’re been told off for being untidy and then think they’re pillars of the sex worker community.  You might as well go out to the nearest bus stop and tell all the locals your business whilst you’re on.  If I can read and pick up on this stuff then I am sure the anti-brigade can too.

The average man in the street thinks sex workers do this work for cash in their pocket.  Yes we all do it for money but they also think it’s women trafficked, women defrauding the state, drug users, sex workers being controlled by evil Albanian pimps etc and this trivial day to day chatter, viewable by anyone, gives them enough ammunition to fire back at these people.  Hey it took me no time to recite what I had read in recent weeks.

I’ve called this post Female Privilege because I was told I had male privilege last night, by the same clique who think it’s only women allowed to fight for sex worker rights.  I only have a quarter of a voice apparently, there’s no side by side with them, it’s just them and I can sit at the back of the class whilst they make their point.  I can be a token sex worker for their cause but not a real one because I am not an oppressed sex worker living on benefits and worrying because I am being asked to pay £7.99 a week bedroom tax whilst earning £400 a week.  That’s just how pathetic these people are.

If they want to do something positive for the sex worker movement, they should stop picking on other sex workers because they don’t conform to their standard and they should stop going on public forums and arenas and pleading poverty whilst at the same time commenting on the last 5 clients they seen that week.

I have as much of an equal voice as any other sex worker but I’ve been told I am not worthy because the percentage of male to female sex workers is 25/75 so Steve should just sit back down and let the ladies do the talking, there are more of them afterall.  A community, striving for equality and legal recognition does itself no favours by deciding that women form the hierarchy of the movement and that male sex workers don’t have a worthy cause of their own. This is a community that needs men for their income and lifestyles yet many members of the community come across as men haters in the process.  If they hate men so much and men are misogynistic then stop being a sex worker.  No one’s forcing you to do it.

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