Football Shorts

26th July 2012

There was no specific request for them yesterday, I received a phonecall about 12 noon from a guy wanting an hour of my time from about 12.30 and he asked me to dress fun and sexy but masculine.  I asked if he meant smart and suited and he said no sexy and fun.  What’s more sexy and fun than a bloke in an umbro football top, adidas shorts with thick white adidas socks.

He arrived, on time at 12.30 and I stood behind the door, so as not to reveal my attire to any passing neighbours.  ”Fuck” he said as I closed the door, “That’s fun and sexy”.

We went through to my playroom and he grabbed a bit of the prize.  His hands were all over me, deep kissing and touching my arse and rock hard cock.  He wanted me on all fours on the bed in my full kit whilst he prodded, rubbed and felt every part of my rugby cub body.  He was still fully dressed in his suit, he’d undone his tie and showed a bit of his very hairy chest off to make me wet and excited.  He got me back on all fours and asked me to shake my arse whilst he undressed, at which point he pulled off his trouser belt and gave my arse a few whacks of his strap, telling me what a dirty fucking slut I was hanging back after Sunday morning football so a rival football manager could try me out for his team.  Oh he was well into the scenario.  One we hadn’t even discussed.

Completely naked, he jumped on the bed behind me and pulled down the shorts a little to reveal my arse crack.  His tongue slobbered on the crack of my arse and his hands made a beeline for my cock, tugging it hard within my shorts.  I turned onto my back and he ripped off the shorts, to reveal my jock strap underneath.  ”Fuck you are in a fun mood” he said with a glint in his eye.

His hands started exploring my hairy chest and pecks, “Fuck it” he said “You’re gonna have to get some cock in you”.  He tongued out my super clean arse crack and then stood to the side of the bed, with my head leaning back off the bed he now was in a perfect position to force his cock down my throat, which he soon did…….  fucking my mouth stupid.

“Bend over and give this horny older dad a piece of that arse”.  I bent over and in went his lovely juicy cock.  Nice and slow, he fucked me up to his balls and with his hands up my football top he twisted my nipples until they were sore.  With his balls banging off my arse with every stoke I knew it  wasn’t going to be long and within a few minutes he was de-spunked.

“Fuck that’s just what I needed”.  We both lay on the bed with a glass of iced lemon water, still with twenty minutes to go.  He started deep kissing me again with his hands on my chest and then his hand slid down the front of my jock strap and he started wanking my cock, he took the thick black dildo I have on the side of the bed and without much force, he pushed it inside my open arse crack and proceeded to fuck me with the toy.  After about 10 minutes of being fucked my an 8 inch dildo, I could feel the spunk rising and just as I was about to shoot, with one hand on the dildo and one on my cock, he directed the spunk to his face and I shot a massive load of cum all over his beard.

“I think that’s been one hell of a session”, he said with a huge smile.  ”All of that from wearing a pair of football shorts, god that was horny”.

I kept the football shorts on all day.  It wasn’t the only action they encountered.

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