Football Weekend

22nd August 2011

Yes, I’ve had another horny weekend with some lovely blokes.

Quieter than usual (it’s the school holidays), I still managed to fit in a couple of horny men.

First was on Saturday morning, when a headmaster type made a short 30 minute appointment, he wanted to know if I would be prepared to take the strap of his belt when he arrived and if he could fuck me. Yes I am good with both as long as the strap isn’t hard and doesn’t leave marks. It was a gym shower scene after Sunday morning football, where he would come in and fuck me in the showers, he was to come in and find me fucking myself with a dildo under the hot steamy shower, thinking about all the other footballers on the field and he would take out the dildo and push his own cock in my open hole. It was quite an exciting role play. I am not usually keen on role play but I like it when it’s a bit more imaginative. I was to get a good fucking in the shower, the strap and then be made to suck his cock and take every drop of his spunk in my mouth as a punishment.

Saturday, late afternoon, brought in a different type of client, again with a football theme, a very masculine mid 30’s type obsessed with having a bloke suck his cock. Dressed in his football top after the local derby match, he arrived, nervous as fuck. I obliged by giving him deep throat on his impressive fat 7″ cock but once he got over the initial shock of what he was doing (he was a gay virgin and on this occasion I actually believed it) he relaxed and decided that he might as well have a piece of my ass. He’d been married 10 years and his wife was never too keen on sucking it and he’d never had anal sex. He loved both, well I think he did judging my the massive fuck load of spunk he shot whilst fucking my arse. My arse was very happy on Saturday afternoon. It’s always nice when a very masculine fit married bloke gives you a good seeing to.

After a couple of odd requests on Saturday evening, one being a very drunk stag trip who couldn’t get a female escort and asked me to sort them one……. eh ???? and the other being a guy who wanted to visit me at 4am. Errm no. If I don’t know you there’s no chance after 10pm. I decided to meet up with a friend for a well deserved glass of wine.

I started and ended Sunday with a quickie. Nice late 50’s bloke I have seen before. Passing through, on his way to Edinburgh. He lives somewhere obscure like Boston and pops in quite often to see me on his way to visit his elderly father. They recommend you stop off and have regular breaks LOL, I wonder if I should get a motorway sign put up on the A1 !!

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