Formal Apology From A Hotel Group

Earlier this year, I was contacted by a national hotel chain but it was actually their branch manager who made the initial call.  She was quite uppity and very business like when she spoke to me.  She rang me to complain about a tweet I had made some 18 months earlier where I happened to mention a hotel group by it’s name.  The tweet was made in all innocence and I could understand their concern but she was downright nasty to me about it and spoke to me like I was a piece of sh*t on her shoe.  She had come across it when she took over the role and had been searching on twitter for any references to the hotel by its customers.

She informed me that

  • Escorts don’t frequent their hotel
  • I was not welcome to return to their hotel
  • They were considering legal action towards me by their solicitor
  • The tweet must be removed immediately

The tweet said “Fab appointment seeing a very horny hairy guy at the XXXX Hotel in Durham and nice drinks after

I was very annoyed at her attitude and general unpleasant tone.  I told her that there was absolutely no way that she could ban me from the hotel because she doesn’t know my full name, doesn’t know what I look like and has no idea who the client was or when the appointment took place.  I also informed her that I often change details to ensure that I do not identify anyone and although I understood her concerns about the tweet, she could quite simply have asked me to remove it instead of being a bitch about it, launching  accusations at me and threatening the use of legal action against me.  I agreed to remove the tweet, which I did so within a few hours after searching for it myself and trying to understand the issues around it.  After removing the tweet, I composed a strong email and made a formal complaint to their head office.

In my email I complained about the attitude of the manager, informed the company that had this been a tweet by any other member of the public then this phone call would never have happened.  If it had been an unpaid liaison between two men meeting on Grindr would there have been an intervention by the hotel manager in this manner.  The simple answer is no.  I also pointed the complaints department to the current law which surrounds this work and asked why the manager of this hotel ran the premises like a 1960’s boarding house in Blackpool.  Hotel guests can invite anyone they want to their hotel room, it’s not a crime.  I didn’t go to the hotel and try to solicit customers at the hotel bar, this was a guy who telephoned me and asked me to visit him at his hotel room.  As for escorts not frequenting the premises, even the complaints department agreed that their hotels are visited every night by escorts, pizza delivery men, family and friends, in fact almost anyone is welcome to visit the premises.

The thing that concerned me the most was the threat of banning me from a hotel and legal action.  I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t harm anyone and I left as quietly and discreetly as when I arrived.  I wasn’t even using the hotel room myself for an incall or advertising their venue for men to visit me.  I visited someone who was their paying guest.  We even had a glass of wine in the bar afterwards.

In all of the years I have done this work, I have never encountered any issues with hotel staff and even if some employees did guess why I was there, no one has ever stopped me from visiting a hotel room either.

Since this incident, I signed up to a twitter app which automatically deletes my tweets after one week.  This stops anything like this from haunting me in years to come, however no one should ever have to go through this again and certainly not in a country where sex work is legal.

The company formally apologised about the conduct of the hotel manager and they said that matters like this, do come up from time to time but they are not usually dealt with in this manner.  They thanked me for quickly removing the tweet and that basically should have been the end of the matter.  As the tweet was not defamatory in any way it would never have been subject to legal action and they admitted that I would be a difficult person to trace should I have refused to remove the tweet.  The whole matter was basically a cosmetic exercise by the hotel to disassociate themselves from an escort visiting their premises even though they can’t stop any escort from visiting any of their hotels.  I understand that perfectly, however I didn’t understand, nor appreciate the snotty attitude from the hotel manager from the moment that I picked up the call.

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