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4th July 2011

There’s always something exciting about visting guys at work, I find it quite a thrill, especially if it’s to an office and I am greeted at reception by my client.   There’s something dirty and naughty about it.
Last Friday, I received a call from a guy who had a used car business, he asked if I did office visits.  Yes, not a problem.  He told me the address and the location of the business, as it was a bit futher than I would normally travel I asked for the telephone number of his business so I could call him back.  I wasn’t driving all that way to be messed about.  Call made, everything checked out fine and so I set off.
I arrived a little ahead of time and so drove past and parked up for 5-6 minutes.  I noticed that his office looked like one of those portakabin things, not that it bothered me.
My client, lets call him Frank (as in Butcher because he had a car lot), was smartly dressed and was still seeing to a customer when I arrived.  He asked me to wait in the office for a few moments whilst he sorted out the customer.  All done and dusted he walked into the portakabin and locked the door behind him.  The blinds were already tilted.
Sorted out the fee and then he asked me to drop my pants and get over the desk.  No sooner was I over the desk and I felt his cock prodding against my arse.  He was looking for action and quick.  In went his cock, I couldn’t at this stage work out how big it was because I’d not yet seen it, I was over the desk with his cock stuffed up me to the hilt.  The fucking didn’t last that long and then he pulled out and sat down on his office chair.  “Can you get under the desk Steve and suck me off”.  Gladly.
I sucked him off for about 5 or 6 minutes, there was no sign of any spunk so then he bent over the desk and  said “Fuck me so hard I won’t be able to sit down”, naturally I obliged and got straight up his arse without too much bother.  I fucked him for about 10 minutes, his arse was wet and moist and he was just loving it.  He asked me to pull out and get over the desk again, he whipped off the belt on his trousers, and started whipping my bare arse with his strap (not hard I may add LOL, I am not into pain) and kept telling me what a filthy fucking bum boy I was, whilst fingering my arse crack and rubbing his cock up and down my hole.
I could hear people milling about outside.  “It’s ok I’ve put a note on the door”.  So we carried on as normal with him back up my arse.  It was quite odd hearing people talking and chatting about cars within about 7 ft of where you were getting fucked.  Anyway, job done, he’d cum (loads I may add), I smartened myself up and he walked out of the door with me.  In front of customers he said “Cheers Steve, I’ll get you a valuation for your car in the post”, then turned around and chatted onto customers like nothing had happened.
See……… you never know what goes on behind closed doors.

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