Frightened To Discuss Size

25th July 2011

You can’t win.  “Hi Steve, how big is your cock”, so you tell them and then it’s either too big or it’s not big enough.  When it’s not big enough,  do you lie and say it’s an inch bigger than it really is, you can’t ever really win on this question.  It can be too big, “Oh I wanted something about 6 inches for my first time” or “I really wanted to feel it and need 9 inches”  In reality though most guys who have occasional sex with other men are not capable of taking nine inches up them.  I can, but I know what I am doing and I’ve been able to train my arse to be able to take a big thick cock.

I’ve never ever had any complaints about the size of my cock, I will admit though it’s bigger than 90% of the guys I see, that’s mainly because I am above average and most guys are impressed with it’s shape and how hard it gets very quickly.

I am the first to admit, if I guy drops his pants and it’s a fair size I am going to worship it but I would worship  it if it was 3 inches too, its doesnt really matter, it’s what he does with it that matters and it’s not all about the size of someone’s cock.  I love being snogged by rugby types, stocky hairy men and most guys that fall into that bracket tend to be the normal average size (some arn’t mind LOL), it tends to the IT Geek tall guys who seem to have the wongers.  I did meet one guy a few months back who was massive.  Really massive, he was probably the last person you’d expect on this earth to have sex with other men.  He booked escorts all over the UK, male and female and said he always got the best sex off the blokes because most female escorts don’t offer anal and a lot of them wouldn’t let him go anywhere near their vagina because it was so big.  Being Bi he decided that gay/bi passive male escorts were the answer to his problem because the rectum, with practice can take 9-10 inches balls deep up it.  That’s what he wants, deep penetration.   When he came to see me he booked two hours.  He was sensible.  He knew I’d never get that balls deep on a 30 minute session and i’ll admit it took a good 10 minutes of pushing it up an extra inch and pulling it out until I managed to take the whole lot.  Once he’s up there he wants to watch it going up and feel every inch of it’s journey.  He doesn’t want to get it up, do 6 thrusts and then shoot his load, he wants to enjoy it.  He found he could only do that with other men.

In all the years I have worked and all the years I have slept with blokes I don’t think I have ever refused any cock up my arse, yet it seems common practice with female escorts.  I’ve never gone “Oh that’s too big”, I’ve always just taken my time.  I want him to enjoy what’s on offer and I don’t want to hurt or bruise myself inside by rushing on top of it.

As many readers of the blog know, I like everyone to get what they want, I rarely say no to anything unless it involves me being in a pair of knickers or a PVC gimp mask LOL. That’s the essence of being a good escort.

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